Friday, June 11, 2010

Spotlight: Butterfly EffectZ!

4 looks--1 store....

Wow it's been such a l-0-n-g time since I last wrote about Butterfly EffectZ (see blog post here)--that was way back in 2009 (seems like such a long time ago even though it was only last year!) when I was waxing lyrical about this lovely Aqua Sweater Dress, and now the brand (under the creative leadership of the equally lovely LadyCatherine Fairey) is simply growing from strength to strength and blazing a trail in the SL fashion scene! In fact, BE (for short) today has expanded, selling not just women's clothing but some cute footwear as well, and the designs range from casual to formal, girl-next-door innocence to yummy sexilicious vamp!

Here's another look:

Diva Gold (necklace and bracelet not included) with Cutie Boot Brown (sold separately)

Summertime (includes wedges; bracelets not included)

Spangled (boots included, jewellery not included)

Mystic (accessories and shoes not included)

Hurry down to Butterfly EffectZ now! (Thank you LadyCatherine! xxxx)

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