Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Under the Moonlit Sky


Bali Dress (bracelet included) from HL Fashion--group gift (to celebrate the opening of the new shop)!
Anastasia Hair from Ali&Ali--MM gift
Piege Choker from N@N@
Diamond Tears Earrings from NCparis--group gift
Elena Skin Peach from Skintimate at 75L Skin Sale Store--75L
Angel Dust Eyeshadow from Skintimate--new! (75L each or 450L for fatpack)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fish Hunt!

These lovely gowns are just some of the gifts you can get at Elisabeth's Fish Hunt from now till end of September! Just look for fishes (of course) and they are all free!

fish hunt 1

fish hunt 2

All gowns from Elisabeth's Store

Silhouette of Flowers

My look today is this pretty pastel pink dress with flower motifs and a plunging neckline which I matched with this lovely jewellery set (with texture hud) by Michiko Avon (welcome back Michiko!!!) and amazing eye makeup from elymode!

silhouette of flowers


Silhouette of Flowers from White Linen Clothing--subscriber gift
Felicia Hair from Ali&Ali at CCD Plaza
Titan Jewellery Set (with texture hud) from +M's Avon Jewelry Shop--group gift
A Little Drama Eye-shadow Pink/Green from elymode--55L for Moody Mondays (2 sets)

Monday, August 29, 2011



Just lovin' this sweet pink (my favourite!) floral dress from Ayla's which is going for a song at only 55L for Moody Mondays, so hurry and grab yours today! 

Flora Dress Pink from Ayla's--55L (Moody Mondays)
Mayu Hair from Nodoka

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gathering Storm

the gathering storm

Eolande Gown and Delta Hair from House of Beningborough--both free this week

Friday, August 26, 2011

New from EMO-tions this Saturday!

Check out these amazing new releases from EMO-tions which will be available this Saturday! 

lynette dress
Lynette Dress (includes sculpted collar, socks and two skirt versions-with or without lace) and Rick Hair (Naturals) from EMO-tions--dress and hair sold separately
Ooh La La Lips from Glamorize
Eye Make-up from Bounce

gianna dress
Gianna Dress (includes sculpted collar and optional bra top) with Aaron Hair (Platinum-left) and Martin Hair (Dark Brown-right) from EMO-tions--dress and hair sold separately
Retro Dreams Eyeshadow from [a.e.meth]--new!
Disco Earrings and Bangle from N@N@
Pouch from A M K R.--free


Just a quick post to show you my look of the evening...


Bolero Tie Jacket and Full Skirt from Snowpaws--free
Vegas Peach Skin from Skintimate--Lucky Board Exclusive
Aquilius Eyes (Ajardo Green) Special Edition from Aphotic Gloom--new!
Pretty Words Hair from Clawtooth--50L (Fifty Linden Fridays)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Siss Boom Specials!

Two different moods with Siss Boom's specials today-one is an elegant pink gown with a fishtail and shoulder attachment while the other is a playful outfit with uneven cuff sizes and sock lengths, at 100L each for one day only!

one wish
One Wish from Siss Boom--100L (24 hours only)
Hair from Plume

Fun (socks included) from Siss Boom--100L (24 hours only)
Hair (with hat) from Me-I--1K members group gift
Vintage Freedom Sneakers from Baby Monkey


I love this new flirty dress from Ashli Designs which comes in a few lovely colours with a pretty sheer skirt layer, a cute bow behind and a pair of matching shoes too!


Sasi Dresses (Red, Electric Blue and Amber-shoes and bows included) from Ashli Designs-new!
Willow Hair (group gift), Vanessa Hair (free) and Frufru Hair all from S Town

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Three Years of Wedded Bliss!

Today (23 August 2011), my dearest Erwin and I celebrate our 3rd anniversary as a couple and we just want to share this happy occasion with all of you! It has certainly been a wonderful ride, and may there be many many more anniversaries to come!!

Three Years

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Erwin dear! Small Emoticons

Monday, August 22, 2011

Immerschoen Glam!

Up the glam factor and turn up the heat in these two new sexy figure-hugging pant suits from Immerschoen Fashion!!

BodyCult Brittany Glamour Set (Gold/Black) from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Hat from Halcali at KDC Mall--Lucky Board gift
Gigi Necklace and Bangle from N@N@--10L
Eroo Hair from Ali&Ali at Four Seasons Plaza--free (voting present)

BodyCult Joelina Glamour Set (Silver/Darkblue-includes tattoo, bangles and piercing) from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Tania Hair from Diorsis--group gift

In all pics:
Dessa Skin from Lara Hurley Skin--10L (Platinum Hunt)
French Nails (assorted colours) from Adoness--500 members group gift
Eternity Dots Edition Heels from N-Core--group gift

Let's All Eat Cake!

Love this cute outfit with a playful name from Siss Boom for today's 100L Special...

eat cake

Eat Cake Outfit from Siss Boom--100L (24 hours only)
This Love Necklace from N@N@
Innocent Hair from SyDS!
French Nails (assorted colours) from Adoness--500 members group gift
Dessa Skin from Lara Hurley Skin--10L (The Platinum Hunt)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fashion Forward with Cilian'gel and More!

Cilian'gel is participating in the Fashion Forward Hunt (now till 7th September 2011) with prizes for both men and women at 10L for each hunt item! The new group gifts are also available now, so don't forget to get yours!

got pandora
Got Pandora? Dress (includes choker and bracelet) from Cilian'gel--10L (Fashion Forward Hunt prize)
Finesse Hair from Vanity Hair--60L (for two styles-Sixty Linden Weekends)

got sunny
Got Sunny! Pink Bikini Set from Cilian'gel--group gift
Got Butterfly? Pink (on nose and shoulder) from Cilian'gel--group gift (blue butterflies available for men too)!
Dizzy Hair (with colour-changeable headband) from Creatives
Choker and Earrings from Chop Zuey--new group gifts


In one of my previous posts I mentioned the three B's (big, bold and beautiful) that I love in jewellery, so when I saw the Audrina 'prototype' that JKtrends creator Jackeline Kronfeld was wearing, I couldn't help going gaga over it (and secretly hoped she will get my hint and let me blog them when they were ready *hehe*)! Thank you Jackeline! xxxxx


audrina close up

Audrina necklace and earrings from JKtrends--new!
Dress from Kaleidoscope Creative at KDC Mall--Lucky Board gift
Lei hair from DrLife
Jackie K Handbag from NCparis--group gift

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Good Ol' Days

This adorable butter yellow vintage dress with bolero takes me back to the good ol' days when the pace of life was much slower...*sigh*


Anja Dress (1950) from Ivalde
Cameo Earrings from NCparis--group gift
Tamara Hair from MrS

Friday, August 19, 2011

New this Saturday!

This Saturday, EMO-tions will be releasing this sexy outfit that comes with body tattoos and an optional cloak plus two new amazing hairstyles!

Agatha outfit (includes jewelled open skirt, cloak and body tattoo) with Agatha hair (black)--outfit and hair sold separately

Kena hair (dark brown-includes texture changeable bandana), wearing Agatha outfit (without cloak)--hair and outfit sold separately

Outfit and hair from EMO-tions




Dress from Glitterati by Sapphire--August group gift
Margarita necklace from JKtrends
Chorona Bracelet from N@N@--free (limited time)
Hair 24 from Dura
Spartan Leather Black Sandals from NCparis--profile pick gift

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From Paris Metro with Love!

Take a look at these gorgeous new gowns from Paris Metro, a name synonymous with elegance, luxury, art and beauty!! Smiley

universal love
Universal Love Gown

galaxy gowns
Galaxy Gowns (top hats and gloves included--teal and golden)

for the love of dior
For the Love of Dior Gowns-Chrome Diopside, Coral and Chocolate

All gowns from Paris Metro
Poses from agapee
Hair and jewellery not included

My New Friend

Er...hi there!

my new friend

Off-shoulder blouse from Y&R--Lucky Board gift
Kool hair (with texture-changeable bow) from HS--Lucky Board gift
Alanya skin from Not Button's--group gift

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Step of Faith


Burlesque from HL Fashion Design--group gift
Amy hair from Ali&Ali--group gift

Monday, August 15, 2011

Today's Specials!

Two adorable outfits from Siss Boom today at 100L each for 24 hours only, so hurry!

pink pearl
Pink Pearl (scarf and leggings included, with sculpted sleeve cuffs and shirt bottom) from Siss Boom--100L (24 hours only)
Jenna hair from Ali&Ali--free (voting present)
Ingrid necklace from Virtual Impressions--free
Galina skin and French manicure from Natural Beauty--group gifts

union jack
Union Jack (with sculpted shirt bottom, sculpted sleeve and pant cuffs) from Siss Boom--100L (24 hours only)
Sammy hair (hat included) from ChiChickie
Beyond the Time necklace (with texture hud) from WTG--group gift #2
Sneakers--old Christmas gift

Poses from Hullabaloo

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

Re-introducing Sol (which means sun in Latin)--a beautiful gold jewellery set comprising necklace, earrings, a pair of bracelets and rings, all with glorious sun motifs to brighten up any outfit!


Sol (includes necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings) from JKtrends--re-release!
Adi hair (with headband) from A&A
JadisV2 Dark BL 05 from Glam Affair

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy Sunday

Busy Sunday as always, so here's a quick look...

this ain't no disco
This Ain't No Disco (green and yellow) from Siss Boom--100L each (24 hours only--other colours available at regular prices)
Hair 21 from Dura

fresh orange
Fresh Bikini Orange from Aggressione--1L (promo price-limited time only)!
Gigi Hair (with tattoo hair base) from Vanity Hair--60L (for two styles--Sixty Linden Weekends)
Lisa Jewellery Set from Virtual Impressions--group gift

fresh red
Fresh Bikini Red from Aggressione--1L (promo price--limited time only)!
Applonia Hair (with tattoo hair base) from Vanity Hair--60L (for two styles--Sixty Linden Weekends)
Glossy Drop Earrings from CS Shapes--re-opening gift and new landmark!

'Kat' poses from Hullabaloo--new!

Friday, August 12, 2011

New from EMO-tions this Saturday!

Take a look at some fantastic new releases from EMO-tions this Saturday!! Emoticon

Mel dress from EMO-tions--new group gift!
Jenny hair from EMO-tions--new!
4seasons necklace from WTG at Four Seasons Plaza--1st anniversary gift

athena long skirt

athena short skirt

Athena outfit (great for role-play--includes two skirt versions and earrings) from EMO-tions--new!
Louise hair from EMO-tions--new!


Here's another winner from Ashli Designs, a beautiful blue gown with matching blue rose necklace and bracelet and my choice for the night!


Jerica gown (necklace and bracelet included) from Ashli Designs
Hair 19 from Dura

More Country Chic from L'Abel!

Two sweet pastel dresses today from Part 2 of L'Abel's Country Chic Collection...

Ella Dress from L'Abel--new!
Pax Hair from Ali&Ali--free (voting present)

Odrina Dress from L'Abel--new!
Barbara Necklace from Virtual Impressions--free
Lulu Hair from MrS

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Glam Affair Indeed!

Words just can't describe how amazed I am at the beauty of these gorgeous new skins from Glam Affair, so I'll let the pics speak for themselves (hope I did justice to them too *hee*). There are altogether five skin tones (including MedTan and Dark not shown here), each with a clean version and so many different make up combos you'd be spoilt for choice!

No photo editing!

JadisV2 natural
JadisV2 Natural D03

JadisV2 light
JadisV2 Light BL HB 09

JadisV2 tan
JadisV2 Tan D HB 06

All skins from Glam Affair