Saturday, March 31, 2012



Intermezzo Mesh Dress (Black/Pink), Stonage Metal Necklace and Rings (turquoise) from [Echo]--new! (dress and jewellery sold separately--other colours available)
Amnesia Hair from EMO-tions
Square Extra Short Rave Nails from Moon Dancer Boutique--new!
Nell Skin from Mother Goose's--Lucky Board gift

Tree of Life...

Tree of Life...

Rig42 Chloe (includes belt, bow and mesh skirt) from ArisAris
Eliza Necklace from A&A Fashion Shop
Esther Hair from Tameless

Friday, March 30, 2012

Starr Blue

Starr Blue

Starr Blue II

Starr Blue from Ashli Designs--new!
Koi Hair (with wisp add-ons not worn here and hud) from Bizarre Hair
Cristina Necklace and Earrings from N@N@
Bomi Skin from Mother Goose's--1L
Poses from Bent!

Double Trouble...

Double Trouble..

Double Trouble.....

Velour (with mesh boots, also includes two tops, two skirts, two frills, two bows for two different looks!) from Stars Fashion Mall--new! (promo now on Marketplace for one week)
Wicked Hair from EMO-tions--group gift
Poses from Bent!--group gifts

Thursday, March 29, 2012

See 'Em Bloom...

See 'Em  Bloom..

Azura Dress and Angelina Hair from EMO-tions--group gifts (will be available from this Friday*)
Pose from Bent!--group gift (in group notices-search for Catherine Fairport and join the Bent! group--I'm so delighted Bent! is back)!!

*There will be a new wall of group gifts at  EMO-tions this Friday!!! Eighteen, to be precise, from hair to dresses and role-play outfits, even a hair for petite avatar!! Smiley

There's A Squirrel In My Hair!!!

There's A Squirrel In My Hair!!!

Cinnamon Hair/Squirrel's Home (with hair base tattoo) from EMO-tions--Crazy Hair Hunt item (starts 31 March)
Emma Gown (includes hat not worn here) from Siss Boom Outlet--previously blogged (all outlet items below 50% off!!!)
Nadine Skin from Mother Goose's--1L

In the Shade



Lolliflower (includes mesh pants, belt and tank top) from ArisAris--new!
Rachel Ombre Hair from EMO-tions--new! (limited edition--will be available from this Friday)
Gypsy Sunglasses from Bizarre Creations
Gypsy Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets and Ring from Maylo Designs
Birkin Handbag from NCparis
BM Ultimate Sirena Leather (with hud) from Baby Monkey--new! (Spring 2012)
Olga Skin from MyDear Skin--group gift

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Introducing Valentina E. Couture!

Check out this gorgeous debut 'Spring Cocktail' Collection of mesh couture from Valentina E. Couture, and to celebrate the opening, there's a special gift for subscribomatic members too! So hurry and see you there!

One Shoulder Bow Dress
V.e. One Shoulder Bow Dress Zebra--debut gift!

Bodice Dress Teal Satin
V.e. Bodice Dress Teal Satin (belt included)

Strapless Gown Floral Lilac
V.e. Strapless Gown Floral Lilac

Silk & Chiffon Dress Olive
V.e. Silk & Chiffon Dress Olive (shoulder clasp included)

Strapless Pleated Dress Raspberry
V.e. Strapless Pleated Dress Raspberry (includes flower attachment)

Taxi to Valentina E. Couture

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Sky (includes checked short shirt, shirt ruffle, jeans and cuffs) from Siss Boom--100L Special (today only--Coffee version is also at 100L Special today)
Macy Hair from Pelle--new group gift
Nadine Patent Pump (with hud) from Baby Monkey--new! (Spring 2012)

My Dear, It's So Bizarre!

And I love it! Smiley

Fields of Gold

Hygeia Skin-Pale 7

Fields of Gold Dress (with flower shoulder attachment) from Victoria Endsleigh Couture
PesCado Hair (dirty blond, with hud and matching hair base tattoo) from Bizarre Hair
Earrings from ((Crystal Line))--group gift
Hygeia Skin-Pale 7 (special for FFL) from MyDear Skin
Liquid Eyes-Moonstone from Ibanez

Grette Skin-Pale #5

CoCooN Hair (Devil Red, with hud, matching hair base tattoo, Tiarra add-on and wisp with hud) from Bizarre Hair
Grette Skin-Pale #5 from MyDear Skin
Liquid Eyes-Basil from Ibanez

Irene Skin-Pale #6

TreeBee Hair (Mocha, with hud, matching hair base tattoo, tree attachment, animated bees and optional bangs not worn here) from Bizarre Hair--The Crazy Hair Hunt item (starts 31 March)
Irene Skin-Pale #6 from MyDear Skin
Liquid Eyes-Glacier from Ibanez

Sunday, March 25, 2012



Redux Black

Redux Black (gloves, collar and boots included) from eXxEsS--new!
Domenica Hair from EMO-tions
Nemesis Earrings from WTG

Friday, March 23, 2012

Today's News in Brief :-)

1901 Nurse

1901 Nurse (includes bow, sculpt apron and cap) from Siss Boom--new!
Deborah Hair (with hud) from MINA, only available at  the My Attic Event at The Deck--new! (My Attic Event is from now till end of March)
Pose (Omni04) from Epiphany--new! (flash sale on Friday and Saturday only)

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice (includes scarf jacket, tank top, leggings and skirt) from Siss Boom
Lolah Hair from Tameless--new!
Pose (Evolution) from Epiphany--group gift (till end of March)

Medieval Charm

Medieval Charm

Medieval Charm..

Martha Dress and Alyssa Hair (with hair base tattoo) from EMO-tions--new! (dress and hair sold separately--both will be available from this Saturday)
Poses from Label Motion--free



Coco Dress from ((Crystal Line))--Lucky Board gift
Valentina Hair (with hair base tattoo) from EMO-tions--new! (will be available from this Saturday)
Celebration Jewellery Set from N@N@--group gift

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look Ma, I Have Rabbit Ears!!!

Look Ma, I Have Rabbit Ears!

Peta Rabbit (ears and socks included) from Victoria Endsleigh  Couture--group gift
Matthew Hair (with hair base tattoo-suitable for girls too!) from EMO-tions--for Menswear Fashion Week (coming soon)
I See The Stars!! and Bubble Gum! from Pelle--group gifts
BaseBall Bat with Poses from Diesel Works--free

Illuminate Me...

Illuminate Me...

Illuminate Me..

Sindi Overal *White (includes bows on the bodice and leg, socks, top and bottom in all layers) from A&A Fashion Shop--new! (other colours available)
Olivia Hair from EMO-tions

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Island Girl

Spice Island


Spice Island Magenta from Siss Boom--100L Special (limited time) * Spice Island Swaying Palm is also at 100L Special today-- other colours are at regular prices
Robin Hair (with texture hud) from EMO-tions at The Deck--My Attic Event (now till end of March)
Katia Jewellery Set from N@N@
Killer Queen-China Rose Nails from Adoness--group gift (previously blogged)

My Book of Spells!

My Book of Spells

Rig37 Glance Top Pale Red (Mesh) from ArisAris--new! (promo now on Marketplace--available in five colours)
Rummage Sale Mesh Maxi-Skirt from Siss Boom--The Best Friend Hunt item
Marcia Set (necklace, earrings, bracelet) from N@N@
Lulu Hair from MrS
P10 Isis Heels Leather Black from Purrfect 10

Love Is Like A Butterfly...


Antonia Black Outfit (includes top in all layers, leather pants and  ruffles at the chest and pelvis) from Aggressione--new!
Lumat Headband from LOULOU&CO
Fairy Armband from Magically Aluring
Charming Hair from MrS

Tuesday, March 20, 2012




SAS Piper Plum Gown (includes gloves, hat, open/closed top, undershirt with strap, shoulder attachments, open/closed/empress pants and skirts in various lengths and styles)  from Sascha's Designs--new! (other colours available)
Babette Hair from Vanity Hair
Jewellery from Finesmith--St. Patrick's Day group gift

Monday, March 19, 2012




Curiosity Sepia (belt and boots included) from Stars Fashion Mall--promo now on Marketplace (one week only)!
Yuki Hair from Pelle
Necklace and Gloves from grasp--group gifts
Natalie-Amidala Bronze Skin from Al Vulo--group gift

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Help! I'm a Siss Boom Addict!

I think that's quite obvious by now since I love blogging Siss Boom *hee*! And great news for Siss Boom fans too--this week there's an adorable new group gift in shades of green (perfect for St. Patrick's Day) and a new hunt starting 18 March!

Dainty Clover

Dainty Clover (undershirt and underpants) from Siss Boom--group gift
Yuki Strawberry Hair from eha
Luck O' the Irish Necklace and Earrings from Chop Zuey--group gift
St. Patrick's Lucky Topper and Desire-Muse-Lucky Skin from Heartsick--group gifts

The Best Friend Hunt (18 March--26 March, 24 hunt items from 1L to 50L each, involving five shops on the entire sim)!

*The hunt items below are from Siss Boom (not all are featured here); all hairdos from Ali&Ali

Best Friend Hunt
Sunday Picnic Dress Mesh, Summer Linen, Filigree, Tangerine

Best Friend Hunt II
Feminine, Blue Embroidery, Dainty Playful, Rouge

Happy hunting!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lisamun at The Butterfly Gallery!

Lisamun at The Butterfly Gallery!

Lisamun at The Butterfly Gallery II

When I logged into SL today, I was so surprised and delighted to find these two lovely dresses from Ashlison Aboma of Ashli Designs named after me and in the style that I love too! Such an honour it was, thank you so much Ashli! Also, I had the privilege of visiting a beautiful Butterfly Gallery owned by Michiel Bechir and one of my dearest flickr friends Bloomy Miles! Congrats to both of you!! I missed the Gallery opening (I must have been on another planet as  usual *hee*) but hey, better late than never! The Gallery will be opened for one week, so hurry!

Lisamun Lace and Lisamun Black (both include bow knot at the back and diamond/feather attachment in front) from Ashli Designs--new! (thank youuuuu Ashli! xoxoxo)
Languid Hair from MrS
White Pearls with Cross from Glitter
Lace Short Gloves from LOW Industries
Pics taken at The Butterfly Gallery (pic 1: I'm standing in front of an artwork by the lovely Bloomy Miles; pic 2: artwork by another dear flickr friend Annomis Devaux)



Rig36 Bianca (includes mesh pencil skirt in four sizes, sculpt jacket in two lengths, collar, bra and alpha layer with two options) from Armony--new! (promo now on Marketplace)
Giorgia Hair from Pelle--previously blogged
Rig27 Pump Platforms from Armony--previously blogged

Meet Alma!

Meet Alma!


Complete Female Avatar-Alma from Tameless

This pack includes:
Skin in four tones
Alma shape
Tameless AO
Alma Hair (blacks and whites in four tones, with hud and matching hair base tattoos)
Chunky Boots
Glass Eyes-Misty Green
Knitted arm and hand bracers
Prim Lashes
Piercings (not worn here)
Puff Dress-Skull Black (mesh)
Pearl Choker

Friday, March 16, 2012

Get Lucky with Siss Boom!

These gorgeous dresses and gowns are lucky chair prizes at Siss Boom and there are also a few pant outfits as well. So come down to Siss Boom and see if it's your lucky day!

Get Lucky with Siss Boom
Sundry Dress Dot, Sugardrop, Rose Garden, Posy

Get Lucky with Siss Boom II
Pink Pistachio, Meadow, Gypsy Art, Electric

Get Lucky with Siss Boom III
Denim Gauze, Carnation, Afternoon Romper, Summer Village