Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chloe in QQ!

Quennye Quinnell of QQ Fashion is one designer with a big heart who has been giving out freebies but lovelies for as long as I can remember (check out my previous posts under 'QQ Fashion'), and since I'm still in my 'Chloe' phase, I thought I would dress 'Chloe' in QQ's newest freebies today!

Outfit: Lolu Yellow (belt included) from QQ Fashion--free
Hair: Mari (hat included) from kik
Sunglasses: Optino2 from Kumaki--free
Boots: Cyberia from Deviant Designs

Gown: Stephanie Red (gloves, necklace and belt included) from QQ Fashion--free
Hair: Kanaco from kik

In all pics:
Shape: Chloe Petite from Curvy Silhouettes (@Humby Mall-new satellite store)
Skin: Bitzu Bodyshop gift from Bitzu--group gift

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Latest Gowns from Paris Metro!

Ohhh my word, Paris Metro has got me all excited again with their newest gowns, and I was looking forward to blogging them much earlier but both RL and SL decided to misbehave these two days (though this is the norm for SL *grin*)! Still, better late than never , like I always say, so here are the gorgeous and luxurious gowns that have become synonymous with the Paris Metro name!

Avignon Wedding Gown

Wicker Forest Gown

Sorbet Gown

All gowns from Paris Metro (thank you Paris! xxx)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Chloe Petite!

Here's more of the new Chloe shape from Curvy Silhouettes which is exclusive to the new satellite store at Humby Mall and which I just can't get enough of, except this time it's the petite version of Chloe, still glam and yummy, but with a smaller bum!

Shape: Chloe Petite from Curvy Silhouettes (@Humby Mall-new satellite store) Thank you Xanthe! xxx
Skin: Bitzu Bodyshop gift from Bitzu--group gift
Top: Chalice's Lace Hanky Top from Graffitiwear--Chalice's birthday gift (Thank you and Happy Birthday Chalice)!
Shorts and Bangle: part of Gift for Summer from NCparis--group gift
Hair: Chiharu from D!va--more than 5000 group member celebration gift
Clogs: Kelligan Clogs from Sweeter Than Candy--group gift

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introducing Chloe-New Satellite Store Exclusive!

Xanthe Audeburgh of Curvy Silhouettes has just released a yummy glam shape named Chloe which will be sold exclusively at her new satellite store at Humby Mall! The shape is so versatile that you can tailor it to suit your taste--sweet innocence, sexy siren, or smart sophisticate! Oh, and don't forget to grab your box of group gifts at the new store!

Dress: Sweet Dress Blue from Zenith--lucky board gift
Necklace: Flower of Necklace from Skill Normal
Hair: Hair No5 from Govil--group gift
Hair Accessory: Hair Butterfly from Govil--group gift

Dress: Gold Sequin Minidress from Graffitiwear--group gift
Hair: Glory from LollipopZ
Head Band: Leopard Print Head Band from Baby Monkey--group gift

Dress: Black & White Dress from Poison--free
Earrings: Large Gold Hoop from Poison--free
Bag: Bag Pink from Paradisis--subscriber gift
Hair: Sang from eha

In all pics:
Shape: Chloe from Curvy Silhouettes (@Humby Mall--new satellite store)
Skin: Venus from Nymph Couture

Monday, July 26, 2010

Catwoman For A Day!

Yippee! I finally get to be Catwoman (well...for a day at least)*grin*, thanks to Nici Sewell of Immerschoen, which makes sexy leather and latex outfits for both men and women, plus Nici's own niciARTLINE tattoos! So if you're looking for that drool-worthy and head-turning outfit, look no further than Immerschoen!

Darn, forgot my whip!

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl-Leather Catsuit 'Sharon' (includes leather shirt, pants, bodysuit corsage, gloves and tribal skull hearts tattoo) from Immerschoen *

Thank you Nici! xxxx

*Hair, sunglasses, mask, choker, stockings, shoes and boots not included.

Weekend Collection

Here are all the lovely dresses I had collected over the weekend but didn't have time to blog about till now; I'm also experimenting with some freebie-but-goodie skins (again)...just hope they will turn out alright somehow!

I think this was a subscriber's gift, but whatever it was, it sure made me happy because I love anything from Victoria Endsleigh! I blogged about her 60L dress last week, and today's dress is just as lovely, with soft flowing fabric and delicious off-shoulder top, making me feel all girly and sexy at the same time!

Dress: Warm Regards (hair included) from Victoria Endsleigh--gift
Jewelry: Hearts of Jade from Bliensen--10L
Shoes: Bare Lana from Stiletto Moody--anniversary group gift
Skin: Firefly from Envy--free

I was at DQ to check out the new releases when I came across this cute and colourful freebie dress which reminds me of my mother's beautiful garden!

Dress: Spring Dress from DQ--free
Choker: part of Rumba Jewelry set from PB Collection
Hair: Qiao from DrLife
Shoes: Fuxya from The King of Shoes--1L
Skin: Firefly from Envy--free

How I lurrve Midnight Mania gifts! Sometimes when I click on the MM board, I never know if I will ever get that item since it depends on the target being reached, but just when I least expect it and these MM gifts start pouring in, well... I don't want to sound shallow, or behave like a kid on santa's lap, but for shopaholics like me, the feeling is just...euphoric! (Actually, I was going to say 'orgasmic', but um..I might regret that! *grin*)

Dress: Gidget from Sweet!--MM gift
Glasses: Manon from Donna Flora--free
Jewellery: Purple Strips from PB Collection--1L
Hair: Yuki from eha
Shoes: Aureolin from Clocktower Designs
Skin: NHPaleNormal from Viv.a Skins--free

I think I can safely say that I also love anything from Petunia! I love the cute designs and colours and even the way the shop is built! And of course lazy ol' me always has a soft spot for outfits that come complete with accessories (and preferably with footwear and hair too *hee* but that would be stretching it I know and anyway, this outfit is just too adorable to pass)!

Outfit: Skirt Outfit and Bangles from Petunia--20L
Necklace: Star Color Beads from Somapop--55L
Hair: Hedeon Hair from Wasabi Pills (I couldn't believe this was actually sold as men's hair)!
Boots: Grey High Heel Stiletto from Alba--1L

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Elisabeth's Store and Hunt at Zuri's

I have always been a fan of Elisabeth's and Zuri's (quite evident if you just do a search in my archives). In fact, it was not too long ago that I blogged about the Martini Hunt at Elisabeth's, and talking about hunts, if you have not heard of Zuri's by now, then this will be a good time time to get aquainted, starting with a hunt at the store! Your prize?? Four beautiful items from the Joy Pink Opal Set! The store has also been newly decorated, and I loved the scenery so much that I used it as my backdrop for today's post!

Gown: Anouk from Elisabeth's Store--group gift
Jewellery: Joy Pink Opal Set from Zuri's--free (all hunt items)
Hair: Blossom from LollipopZ--previous group gift

Dress: Nicolette from Elisabeth's Store--50L (new release offer)
Jewellery: Purple Rush from Zuri's--25L special price
Hair: Monica (hair band included with texture hud) from kik

Location: Jewelry by Zuri Main Shop

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Balcony

Sometimes it's therapeutic to gaze at passers-by below from the balcony and just let your mind (and eyes) wander freely....

Top: Ibiza from Timmy--gift (thank you Glasz)!
Shorts: Hickory from Mirrors--group gift
Necklace: Flower of Necklace from Skill Normal
Bangles: Mess of Nature Bangles from Ear Candy
Tattoo: Tattoo Wish Heart Erwin from niciARTLINE--custom-made gift from Nici (xxxx Nici)!
Hair: The Upshaw from Analog Dog
Flats: Floral Ballerinas from Indie Rose--subscriber gift

Speaking of Mirrors, here's more... Smiley

Outfit and Bag: Mabare Top, Free Tibet Jeans and Crystal Bag all from Mirrors--group gifts
Shoes: Sofia from Donna Flora--free
Hair: nManMa (hat included) from Dura--summer gift

Dress: Halty Disco Gold from Mirrors--group gift
Hair: River from Kin
Stockings: Ribbon Stockings from Mirrors--group gift
Boots: Bree from Clocktower Designs

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Country Roads "Country roads, take me home to the place I belong...."--John Denver

How I lurrve this song--it always reminds me of a time when I was happy and carefree (um..not that I'm not happy and carefree now, but those days were far better *hee*) and I was living amongst simple country folk who were warm and friendly (so were their pets!) and we all just lived on love and sunshine everyday! Oh and mash potatoes, and corn bread, and, and....well....all my favourite things...*sigh*

Outfit: Country Outfit from Gato--75L
Necklace: Red Beaded Necklace from evie--gift
Bag: Beach Bag from Timmy--free
Doll: (Clown) Katty Lamb Doll from KatatOnik--random gift
Flats: Spring Flats Grecian from Duh--1L
Hair: Uemachi (hat included) from W&Y--free
Skin: Summer Fling from Miss Murder--1L

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Perfect Murder!

I first came across Miss Murder Skins at Freebie Zone (which is now closed, I'm sad to say) and was intrigued by the name at first, but later when I tried the skins I was amazed at how lovely and dewy they were, unlike most freebie skins! Some people even thought I paid a fortune for them! Now Miss Murder skins have a new home where old favourites and newer collections are either free or are being sold at rock bottom prices! *yay* ! Let's see...there are male and female shapes and skins, skins for role-play, Twilight-themed complete avatars, free tattoos, cute accessories, lots (and I mean lots) of free skins, shapes, etc...just perfect for someone looking for a change, or for a linden-less newbie (like I was before) in search of the perfect look! Wow, with such a wide selection, there is bound to be something for everyone!

Introducing Burnt Heart Skin (seen here in the first 4 pics) which will be released by end of this week! Great for rp fans!

Top: part of Touch of Black set from Axe Wear
Shorts: part of Camo Touch set from Axe Wear
Accessories: Fishbone Choker, Spiked Cuffs, Legwraps all from Moloko
Hair: Breakdown from LollipopZ--MM gift

Here below I'm wearing the Japanese Dream Queen Skin from the International Skins Collection--free for a box of 7 skins!

Outfit: Grenei Outfit from CandyMetal--1L
Hair: No011 from KMH
Booties: Ankle Multicolor form N-Core--group gift (previously blogged)
Glasses: Heart Glasses from Miss Murder--4L (for 5 pairs) Thank you Alissa!
Bat: Bat in Mouth from Miss Murder--free

Here I'm wearing Mean Girls Skin which is completely free!

Outfit: Latex Dollarbie Blue (bracelets and belt included) from CandyMetal--1L (for two sets)
Booties: Shoes for Life from CandyMetal--1L
Hair: Raine from kin
Glasses: Heart Glasses from Miss Murder-4L (for 5 pairs)

In this pic I'm wearing Moody Me Skin Shade 3 from the Moody Me Collection which costs only 5L for four shades!

Outfit: Freestyle Red Top and Girl Power Jeans from Eclectique--subscriber gift
Bracelets: Multi Skulls Bracelets from FM Designs--5L
Hair: Lacey Blonde from AMG Boudoir
Shoes: Alice Shoes from Donna Flora--1L

Finally, here is one of my favourites--Summer Fling Skin--1L (previously blogged)

Dress: Stretch Teri Beach Dress from Paris Metro--previous hunt gift

All skins from Miss Murder

Thank you Alissa!