Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Magic's Nymph!

Magic's Nymph has a lovely new gown priced at 50L for a limited time (the usual price is 300L I think, or maybe more) and two cute dresses for free! And while you are there, take a look at all the other gowns, they are simply gorgeous! Oh and did I mention shoes too?

Gown: Maahi Gown from Magic's Nymph--50L (limited time)
Jewellery: The Luicee Set from Puarangi Designs
Hair: Hazard Kitty from Biedermanns--free

Dress: Vigilant Dress from Magic's Nymph--free
Necklace: Anthea from Virtual Impressions--free
Shoes: Vermillion from Magic's Nymph--50L
Hair: Tia (ribbons included) from BattleAngel--free

Dress: Midsummer Dress from Magic's Nymph--free
Necklace: GlamPunk from Finesmith--group gift
Bracelet: Bracelet Colourful from P.S. Style--free
Shoes: Skye from Magic's Nymph--50L
Hair: No014 from KMH--lucky board gift


  1. Thank you Lisa, for all of you ladies out there who wants the lovely Maahi dress, just mention to me (Izana Magic)about this blog and you can get it for 50L..winks xD


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