Monday, April 30, 2012

Dance to the Moon

Dance to the Moon

Tres Chic Dress from Siss Boom--Lucky Chair item
Cat Hair from PurpleMoon
Vivien Ring Gloves from YV
Mesh Mila Boots LaForte from MishuMishu--new!
Pose from BENT.--group gift

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beautiful Sunday!

Beautiful Sunday!


Rosie Gown from House of Beningborough--recent group gift
Mai Hair from D!va--previous group gift
Springhy Skin from Mojo--new group gift

More at Siss Boom Outlet!

Good news for Siss Boom fans! Thirteen more outfits have been added to the Siss Boom Outlet and all are sold at discounted prices ranging from 50L to 125L! Because of time, I'll just show you two of my favourites:

Devil-May-Care :-)

Devil-May-Care Dress from Siss Boom Outlet-Discounted Items
April Hair from Ali&Ali
Cycle dans la Chocolaterie Necklace and Earrings from PurpleMoon--group gift
Laurie (tea)-Floral Skin from Rozena--2012 gift
Pose from BENT.--group gift

Pale Champagne

Pale Champagne Gown from Siss Boom Outlet-Discounted Items
Carlotta Hair from Ali&Ali
Torc Choker from NCparis
Lovely Free Skin from Revenge Store--group gift
Pose (Crossed) from BENT. at The Retreat--50L (for a pack of 6 poses)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't Give Up...

Don't Give Up...

Loose Blouse Butterfly (mesh-belt included) and Gold Leggings (gift) from ArisAris--new! (also comes in another colour and print)
Amandine Hair (dark red) from EMO-tions--new! (coming this Saturday)
Hair Base/Curls Tattoo (dark red-worn under Amandine Hair) from EMO-tions--new group gift (coming this Saturday)
Sun Necklace and Earrings from Chop Zuey--recent group gifts

Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer (includes bra and shorts not worn here and mesh boots) from Stars Fashion Mall and also on Marketplace--new! (promo now on Marketplace)
How Deep Set (necklace, earrings and bangle) from N@N@--new!
Daniel Hair (dark red-unisex) from EMO-tions--new! (coming this Saturday)
Hair Base/Curls Tattoo from EMO-tions--new group gift (coming this Saturday)



Samaira II

Samaira Dress-Antique Rose (hair jewel and cape included) and Temptation Heels Silver from Glitterati by Sapphire--new! (limited edition of Samaira-only 50 copies, so hurry! Also, the heels are free for the first 20 buyers of Samaira)!
Moran Diamond Collar from Finesmith--group gift
Skye Hair from Ali&Ali
Eyeshadow from elymode
Lips Matte 019 from cStar
Poses from EverGlow

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Have You Been :[strip'd]:???

I was introduced to :[strip'd]: Fashion recently and instantly fell in love with the pretty dresses when I saw the clean lines and lovely vibrant hues! There are also separates, sunglasses and fashion for both men and women, so do drop by to see the whole range! And if (like me), you prefer to shop 'online', there's always Marketplace!


Cadence [Black&White] (mesh-sun hat included) from :[stip'd]: Fashion and also on Marketplace --new! (other colours available)
Crazy Horse hair from Vanity Hair
Slither Jewellery Set (necklace, armband, bracelet, belly jewel, earrings) by JodiLyn Jewell on Marketplace--free


Gia [Magenta] from :[stip'd]: Fashion and also on Marketplace--new! (other colours available)
Giorgia Hair from Pelle


Leigh [Yellow] (mesh) from :[stip'd]: Fashion and also on Marketplace--new! (other colours available-this dress looks like a top-and-skirt outfit but is actually a one-piece, and the prints for the bottom half varies with different tops)
Foxi Hair (with hair base tattoo) from Tameless--new!
Journey Jewelry Set Black (necklace, earrings and bracelets) from Aluinn


Tilly [Purple] (mesh) from :[stip'd]: Fashion and also on Marketplace--new! (other colours available)
Dandy Hair from Exile
Necklace from PurpleMoon--past gift

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sexy Is...?

Sexy Is...

Sexy Is Dress (includes collar and belt) from Siss Boom--new! (100L Special--limited time)
Wynona Hair (modified) from Ali&Ali--MM gift
Earrings from BenS Beauty

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Mother's Love...

A Mother's Love...

"Salsa" Bandage Wrap Dress-Lotus from Vextra Fashion--new!
Heart-Honeycomb Roots Hair from !lamb.--subscriber gift
Tahiti Hair Flower from NCparis--group gift
Corsage Bangles from WTG--past gifts
Animated Bird with Nest and Babies by Sash Silverfall on Marketplace--free
Birds on a Tree by Jordan Giant on Marketplace--free
Venus Mocha 8 Skin, Venus Brows and Venus Deep Green Eyes from Alexandre Skins & Fashion--new!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Beach Bum :-)

Beach Bum -)

Cutie Pie Yellow (includes top and shorts with cuffs) from Siss Boom--new! (Other colours available--Cutie Pie Black is the new group gift)!
Amelie4 Hair from !SyDS!-1L
Trip Sun Mesh Sunglasses from Paris Metro Couture--new!
Earrings from Stuff in Stock--Insanity gift
St. George's Day Cross Bag and Hat Set from Sleeping Koala--free (limited time)
The Photographer Keychain from Virtual Insanity
Orange Bangle from N@N@--free (limited time)
Coco Orange Nails with Ring from ((Crystal Line))--group gift

Monday Blues...?

The Blues..

I'm Blue (includes gloves and stockings) from Siss Boom--Lucky Chair gift (many more lucky chair gifts at the store)!
April Hair from Ali&Ali
Synergy Necklace and Earrings from Finesmith--group gift
French Sky Nails from Finesmith--group gift

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Be Still...

Be Still...

Outfit (includes mesh sweater, leggings and shoes) from ArisAris--new!
Teacher's Pet Hair from Pomme d Amour--new!
Peace Set (necklace and earrings) from N@N@--group gift
Ring Bop from Miasnow--gift

Heaven's Gate...

Heaven's Gate..

Ginza Gown (Pewter) from Paris Metro Couture--new!
Aria Hair (Dark Ash) from eXxEsS--new!
Choker from Alyssa Bijoux

Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Apple A Day...?

An Apple A Day...

Barna Red Dress (mesh) from ArisAris--new! (other colours available)
Saskia 2 Naturals from EMO-tions--new! (coming this Saturday)
India Necklace from BenS Beauty--group gift
Julia Skin-Fudge-C-BLbrows, with hair base and freckles tattoo layers and Hypnotize 1.0 Eyes from MINA Skin--new!
Apple--was from someone who played a prank on me (it gives the victim a terrible tummy ache! *lol*)



Animal Print Corset and I'm Sexy Skirt Jean from EnvyMe at Kawaii Fair 2012--free
Saskia 3 Hair Dark Red (with bow) from EMO-tions--new!
Watermelon Messy Face Tattoo, Watermelon and Furbi from Razzberry at Kawaii Fair 2012--free
Travel Bag from Tentacio at Kawaii Fair 2012--free
Luanna Earrings from Eluzion--subscriber gift
Balloon Ring from HollyWeird at Kawaii Fair 2012--free

Friday, April 20, 2012

This Week at EMO-tions!



Leanne and Amandine


Pic 1:
Maresol Gown (includes gloves, simple black hair/black hair with scarf and comb, extra combs for the top and behind, optional fur and scarf) from EMO-tions--new! (coming this Saturday)

Pics2 to 4 are the EMO-tions donation items for Fantasy Faire which will run from 21st-29th April in support of the American Cancer Society's vision of a world without cancer and to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life.

EMO-tions will be here: Fantasy Faire 2012-Shifting Sands (100% proceeds to Relay for Life)!

Pic 2:
Nightwish (horns, hair black/flames, wings)

Pic 3 and 4:
Leanne Dress (cloak included) with Amandine Fantasy Hair and Risen Fantasy Hair

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alluringly Yours...

Alluringly Yours..

Got Allure? Gown Set Mesh (hair accessory and bolero included) from Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique--1L (Black Widow Hunt prize, from now till 7th May--look for a black widow spider on a skull). *This is a female-only grid-wide hunt!
Saskia Black Hair from EMO-tions--new! (coming this Saturday)
Diamond Heart & Pearl Choker from Luthien Unsung--free
Lace Gloves from LOW Industries
Elegant Animated Cigarette Holder by Mikaela Rasmuson (sorry I got this a few years back and now I can't find the landmark)
Lips Matte 019 from cStar

From a Distance...

From a Distance...

Nasrin Dress Peach (partial mesh) from ArisAris--new!
Helios (necklace, earrings and bracelet) from NCparis
Sheena II Hair from Tameless
Patia Skin from MyDear Skin--group gift

A Time to Remember....

A Time to Remember...

Complete Female Avatar-Bonnie from Tameless and also on Marketplace--new! (promo now on Marketplace)!

This package includes:
Tameless AO
Bonnie Hair (browns-4 tones)
4 skin tones
butterfly tattoos
eyebrow shaper
glass eyes-misty blue
Gogo boots black (mesh)
Bonnie shape
Sweater Dress Black (mesh)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's Separates

Today's Separates-Lichi and Ergi

Today's Separates-Inspired

Today's Separates-Immerschoen Girl

Pic 1:
Lichi Top (white) and Ergi Leggings (beige) from A&A Fashion Shop--new! (sold separately--other colours available)
Bianca Hair from Pelle--new!
Vinyl Set (necklace and earrings) from N@N@

Pic 2:
Inspired Complete Outfit (includes two shirts with/without shine, collar, two pocket sizes, shirt sleeve cuffs, ripped pants, bra top, belt and mesh suede ankle boots) from Stars Fashion Mall and also on Marketplace--new! (promo now on Marketplace)!
Ginevra Hair from Pelle--group gift
Bracelets from mE. Jewelry Design
Necklacer 4 from Kelisidina Basevi
Belly Piercing from Six Feet Under

Pic 3:
Immerschoen Girl Outfit (pearls included) from Immerschoen Fashion--group gift
Cresta Hair (unisex-with hair base tattoo) from Pelle--group gift
Leather Gloves from Immerschoen Fashion

When You Say You Love Me...

When You Say You Love Me...

White Linen Halter Burlap Stripe Red from Siss Boom--new! (99L Special--other colours available at regular prices)
Bonnie Hair from Tameless--new!
Fairy Splendor Necklace and Bracelet from Shawna Seetan

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wonderful Tonight...

Wonderful Tonight..

Wonderful Tonight...

Louisa Skirt Outfit with Corset (Turquoise) from Aggressione--new! (other colours available)
Feminine Retro Pulled-Up Hair from Tuty's
Clockwork Collar from Hebenon Vial
Cupid Jewelled Nails from WTG--past gift
Justina Skin-Pale 5HB from MyDear Skin

Absolute Madness!

Absolute Madness!!

Absolute Madness!

Madness Outfit (with mesh jacket and boots, socks included) from Stars Fashion Mall and also on Marketplace--new! (promo now on Marketplace)!
Sorraia Hair (mesh-dark ash) from eXxEsS--new! (also available in many other lovely tones)
Pendant-Silver from R+a
Bracelet from Edge Grafica
Justina Skin-Tan 5HB from MyDear Skin
Poses from BENT.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Flower Girl :-)

Flower Girl -)

Poppet Dress Mesh-So Blue (with flower attachment) from Siss Boom--new! (other colours and designs available--the Doggy one is a group gift)
IceCream Hair (with hat) from LoQ at The Dressing Room Blue
Joie de vivre necklace and earrings from Sunshine Diamonds
Easter Basket from Gocha Merlin--free

Strange Waters...

Strange Waters...

Got Fragrances? Dress from Cilian'gel at the Wear Gray For A Day Market (for more information about this event see official blog here)
Dandy Hair (with headband) from Exile at The Dresssing Room Blue
Erin Necklace from Virtual Impressions--past gift
Justina Skin-Pale 5HB from MyDear Skin

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Something New...

A Star is Born  :-)

Equestrian Sunset


Pic 1:
Forbidden Affair Burlesque Dress from Glitterati by Sapphire--new! This dress comes with garters, g-string, choker, hat, gloves, fishnet stockings, a few corset styles (even a topless one!), modesty cover, sticks and various skirt styles including a mini-ruffled rippable skirt!! So many naughty options in one dress!

Pic 2:
Classical Riding Jodhpurs-Tuscan Red (includes silk hat, riding stick, neck scarf and rolled neck in ivory silk or tuscan red and jacket tail long or short) from Glitterati by Sapphire--new!
Classical Knee Boots-Tuscan red from Glitterati by Sapphire--new!

In pics 1 & 2:
Sunday Delight Hair from Pomme d Amour
High Gloss Lip Colour-Luscious Lips 2-Small-Natural Blush from Glitterati by Sapphire--new! (There's also a wide option for those who prefer fuller-looking lips)
Everyday Eyeshadow Palette-Turquoise from Glitterati by Sapphire--new!
Justina Skin-Pale 3HB from MyDear Skin--new! (already blogged)

Pic 3:
Delicious Set-Fawn (boots included) from Glitterati by Sapphire--new!
Agitha Hair from (love)
Justina Skin-Pale 4HB from MyDear Skin--new!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a Wonderful World...

What a Wonderful World...

Baby Doll Black and Teal Mesh Dress (beret and bows included) from Siss Boom at the April in Paris Hunt (other colours available in the hunt--see my previous posts about this hunt)
Gabina Earrings from Eluzion--subscriber gift
Yuki Strawberry Hair from eha
Secret Love Montmartre Skin from Siss Boom at the April in Paris Hunt

More April in Paris Hunt!

More April in Paris Hunt items from Siss Boom (details about the hunt in my previous post hereSmiley



Secret Love

Pic 1:
Louvre Black (includes top and capris--there's also a red version in the hunt) from Siss Boom--April in Paris Hunt
Monica Hair from kik
Bangles from RYCA
Smiley Face Earrings from Chop Zuey--group gift
Black Mary Janes from Duh!
Secret Love Parisian Skin from Siss Boom--April in Paris Hunt

Pic 2:
Lounger (includes lacey white undershirt and navy leotards with cuffs) from Siss Boom--April in Paris Hunt
Soiree Hair from Tuty's
Regal Leather Necklace from Virtual Impressions--free
Coin Purse from PRISS--free
Parisian Stripe Ballet Flats Silver from Duh!
Secret Love Montmartre Skin from Siss Boom--April in Paris Hunt

Pic 3:
Intimate Apparel Blue (bra and panties--there's also a red version in the hunt) from Siss Boom--April in Paris Hunt
Kitei Hair from eha
Liane Set (necklace, earrings and bracelet) from N@N@
Blue Moon Nails from Sunshine Diamonds
Secret Love Parisian Freckles Skin from Siss Boom--April in Paris Hunt

April in Paris Hunt Landmark
Siss Boom New Mainstore

Friday, April 13, 2012

April in Paris Hunt!

The Mist

My French Look..Almost-)

Siss Boom will be participating in the April in Paris Hunt (14-20 April 2012) and all Siss Boom hunt items will range from 20L-50L--just look for the perfume bottle (in my left hand--see pic 1). Landmarks and some examples of the hunt items below (more to come):

Pic 1:
The Mist Blush from Siss Boom--April in Paris Hunt (other colours available in the hunt)
Melanie Hair from (love)
Rosalinda Set (necklace and earrings) from N@N@
Justina Skin-Pale 5HB from MyDear Skin--new!

Pic 2:
Continental Shorts Ticking from Siss Boom--April in Paris Hunt (other colours available in the hunt)
Perfect French Beret-Red Plaid from Siss Boom--April in Paris Hunt (includes regular loop and fancy loop--other colours available in the hunt)
Tank Top (part of Sugar and Spice Outfit) from Siss Boom
Sweetheart Hair from Pomme d Amour
Justina Skin-Pale 5HB from MyDear Skin--new!

Siss Boom New Mainstore
April in Paris Hunt

Happy hunting!

ArisAris Goes Kawaii!

ArisAris Goes Kawaii!

So In Love...With My New Lamp-)

Pic 1:
Amusing Daisy Outfit (includes mesh top, sculpt skirt, sunglasses, bracelet and shoes) from ArisAris--the top, skirt, shoes and sunglasses are also Kawaii Fair exclusives and sold separately; the sunglasses are a gift at the Fair!
Headphones Ladybug from ArisAris--Kawaii Fair exclusive (bazaar 10L)
Love, Selma Hair from Pomme d Amour--new!
Butterfly Fan, Decorative Radio and Rug from ArisAris--all Kawaii Fair exclusives

Pic 2:
Happy Onion Balloon Dress Mesh from ArisAris--Kawaii Fair exclusive (bazaar 10L)
HippyNess Hair (with hud, wisp add-on and hair base tattoo) from Bizarre Hair
HippyNess Jewellery Set (includes necklace, earrings, bracelets) from Maylo Designs
Lamp from ArisAris--Kawaii Fair exclusive

In both pics:
Justina Skin-Pale 3HB from MyDear Skin--new!

Taxi to Kawaii Fair 2012