Monday, May 31, 2010


After all that's said and done, there's really only one who will love you the way you are, unconditionally, warts and all...

Gown: Bubbles from House of Beningborough--gift
Hair: Marbles from Tekuteku
Jewellery: Stardust White Diamond from Avon + Alpha--gift from Michiko Avon (thanks Michiko! MUACHHH!) There's also a range of Stardust Jewellery sets in other colours (which I had blogged about here) that are on sale at the store.

Location: The Forest

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pretty Petunia!

I had never heard of Petunia until I participated in the Fashion Freaks Hunt, and totally fell in love with the cute swim wear, pants, and other adorable pieces at that quaint little store..even the scenery there was beautiful! That's why even though I don't really enjoy hunts that much, but I do recognize that these hunts are instrumental in helping me discover gems that I might otherwise have overlooked, so kudos to the organizers of hunts! I was also very pleasantly surprised when Nici Sewell of Immerschoen and niciARTLINE sent me a personalized tattoo with my dear Erwin's name on it! It meant sooooooo much to me and I've been wearing that tattoo ever since! Smiley

You're So Pretty Bra and Panties from Petunia--1L

Yellodelic, Big Blue and Kool Koi Bikinis from Petunia--1L for a box of assorted swimsuits

niciARTLINE Tattoo Wish Hearts Erwin from Immerschoen--gift from Nici (thank you Nici! I just lurrrve it! MUACHH)!
Liane Blue Grey hair from Vanity Hair--1L
Flower and Leaf Necklace from Virtual Impressions--free

Dress: Calico Summer Dress (flip flops and belt included) from Petunia--Fashion Freaks Hunt gift
Necklace: Hypnotic Green Mandala from Clocktower Designs--free (for a box of 4)
Hair: Tuli from Hairy Situations--45L

Location: Respite

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Been down with the flu for awhile, so didn't get to post these two days, but now I'm feeling better so I managed to put together whatever I had collected before I got the flu to come up with this relaxed, breezy look...

Gown: Frances Misty Rose Formal Gown (shoes included) from G&N--free
Bags: Granny Bag-Sunflower (hand and shoulder bags) from Pop Feel--group gift
Necklace and Earrings: Rura Set from Garage--group gift
Hair: Mariska from Hairy Situations--45L
Skin: Lily v2 Elm from Exodi--subscriber gift

Location: Morpho

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So In Lurve!

It was more than a year ago that I met Lurve designer Danielle Idigo when I was helping a friend set up a mall. At that time I was very much warmed by Danielle's bubbly personality and bowled over by her beautiful wedding gowns in lovely pastel shades. Today, Danielle is still as friendly and warm as ever and she continues to make these amazing gowns as well as über sexy mini dresses and adorable matching jewellery!

Dress: Diana's Green Mini (choker and earrings included) from Lurve
Bracelet: Uno Diamond of Flower from Avon + Alpha--free
Shoes: Mimi Sparrow Mary Jane Pumps from Baby Monkey--group gift
Hair: Ayame from AMG Boudoir

Gown: Turquoise Floral Gem Formal (necklace and gloves included) from Lurve
Hair: Venus from HCT
Skin: Lily v2 Elm from Exodi--subscriber gift

Thank you Danielle! I just lurrrrve your creations! xxxx

Location: Poco Village

More Avon + Alpha Goodies!

My latest craze has got to be jewellery from Avon + Alpha--they are soooo adorable and very affordable too, with freebies and dollarbies that look a million bucks (I mean...lindens)!! Now they have moved to a new sim way up in the sky and I'm not too sure if it's permanent or just temporal, but hey, doesn't really matter 'coz I'll follow them anywhere! Smiley

Symphony Necklace and Bracelets--free
Dress: Sultry from Heart & Soul
Hair: Tekesha from A&A

Stardust Ruby Set--1L
Gown: Serenity from Victoria Endsleigh--gift
Hair: Autumn from Topaz Square

Stardust Pink Set--1L
Top: Latex Camisk from Deviant Designs--group gift
Hair: Lauren from Hair Solutions

All Jewellery from Avon + Alpha--new location

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have always loved the fact, my very first 'home' in SL was um...a nude beach! *hee* And believe it or not, it was there that I made the most unlikely but enduring friendships! My choice of location for this post, however, was not my favourite nude beach, but still it was a lovely quiet spot that provided some timely respite...

Honor Bright Outfit (free), Magpies Mirage Bracelet (20L), Jingle Anklets (55L for 3 pairs), Blodeuwedd's Scarf Pink (45L) all from Sari's

Dolce Oletta Hot Pink/Green Hair from Vanity Hair--1L

Beach Star Bikini (Blue/Pink) from ICEWERK--free
Beach Bracelet (20L) and Beachcomber Necklace (45L) from Sari's
Love Hair from Hair Solutions

Gleam Bikini from Bubblefish--group gift
Beadifull in Green Necklace and Earrings from Sari's
Tortoiseshell Cuff Bracelet from Petunia--subscriber gift
Madrid Hair from Simply Britnee

Location: Monkey Cove

New FM Shoes Subscriber Gift!

I have blogged about FM Shoes quite a bit lately (see posts here , here and here--I know that's more than just 'quite a bit'! *hee*), but this one takes the cake--the new subscriber gift at FM Shoes is soooooooo cute and in such lovely shades too, you just have to come see for yourselves!

Boots: Hippychicks from FM Shoes--subscriber gift
Outfit: Softy Kiss from Axe Wear
Necklace and Bracelet: Black Pearl w/ Tiffany Blue Set from Pretty Stick--latest group gift
Hair: Nicole from Glitter

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back in Time

Today I decided to go Steampunk, well...almost, thanks to the notice I got from Rag Dollz that got me all curious, and I found myself quite attracted to the fashion of that era! I even read up a little on Steampunk, its origins and the difference between just pure Victorian fashion and Steampunk! Anyway, I found so many freebies at Rag Dollz--there are free boots, gowns, even a rug, a tub and much more!

Here I am outside the Sheriff's office trying to look busy Smiley

This sure is a huge change from my usual minis and plunging necklines! Smiley

Breathtaking view of the beautiful sim...

Outfit: Daphne McAllen from Rag Dollz--99L sale
Hat: Teagarden Hat from Rag Dollz--free
Glasses: Steampunk Amber Glasses from Rag Dollz-free
Hair: Sasha from DrLife
Location: Amiville, Colorado (thanks to my dear Erwin for showing me this lovely sim! MUACHH dearie)!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hunt Morea Style and More!

I have never owned anything from Morea Style before even though I know the brand has been around in SL for quite awhile, so when I heard about a hunt at the store, I thought this would be a good time to get acquainted... Smiley

Dress: Tess (includes bracelet) from Morea Style--hunt item #3
Necklace and Earrings: Fascination set from Moon Dance Designs--60L weekend
Shoes: Escarpin from Morea Style--hunt item #10
Hair: Jack from Amacci--group gift
Skin: Lily v2 Cherry from Exodi--subscriber gift

Gown: Barbara from Morea Style--hunt item #4
Jewellery: Sorcerous Diamonds set from Zuri's
Hair: Nur from Ava-Tare--60L Weekend
Skin: Lily v2 Dove from Exodi--subscriber gift

Outfit: Christina Red from Morea Style--hunt item #5
Jewellery: Diamond Link from Ceriano Designs
Hair: Sophia from LollipopZ
Boots: Miss Whiplash black from FM Shoes
Skin: Lily v2 Elm from Exodi--subscriber gift

Gown: Georgia from Morea Style--hunt item #6
Hair: Charly from LollipopZ
Skin: Lily v2 Cedar from Exodi--subscriber gift

Coiffe Flower Sculpt and Marissa Outfit from Morea Style--hunt items #2 and #7
Shoes: Laced Short Boots from FM Shoes
Hair: Paris from LollipopZ
Skin: Abla Zinfadel from Dulce Secrets--900 subscriber members gift

Gown: Stephanie Blue from Morea Style--hunt item #8
Hair: 081 from White Well
Jewellery: SQ Tie Jewelry Set from Avon + Alpha--subscriber gift
Skin: Selima Bordeaux from Dulce Secrets--800 subscriber members gift

Outfit: Steycy from Morea Style--hunt item #9
Boots: White Silk Boots from LP Designs--gift 8
Bracelet: No 300 white from Kraftika
Hair: Rehab from LollipopZ
Skin: Selima Bordeaux from Dulce Secrets--800 subscriber members gift

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still In Love With ElaCor!

It's been awhile since I last wrote about ElaCor (which has been one of my favourites from the time I came to SL till now) what with the opening of many new stores and distractions at every turn. In fact, I was so crazy about that brand that I blogged about it extensively (see posts under: Some ElaCor Favourites Part1, Part 2, Part 3, Conclusion and Two Lovely Gowns--told you it was extensive)! Smiley And today that love affair continues--ElaCor designer Emanuela Gaffer still has that magic touch and that keen attention to minute details (as evident in her accessories and shoes) that made me fall in love with her designs in the first place! On top of her lovely casuals at the same affordable prices, now she also has a new line of gorgeous gowns aptly named Elegance, with thoughtful pretty additions to make complete sets (just my kind of designer)!!

Here are the Elegance gowns (accessories and shoes included)...

ElaCor Viola (I just lurrve the pretty jewels at the back of the neck, the plunging neckline *gulp* and the cute little bows behind the shoes)

ElaCor Pessy (the big bow behind and the dangling little black hearts on the pearls are such lovely surprises)

ElaCor Camilla (note the sexy semi-transparent bodice) Smiley

...and the latest casuals (Hairband not included, all other accessories and shoes included):-

ElaCor Prue Pacco (lurrve that impossibly low back)!!

ElaCor Katy Rosso (includes two skirt options--just lurrve the animal prints rawrrr)

Thank you Emanuela and Ketlin! MUACHH!!

Location: Emerald Green