Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Weekend News

weekend news 1

Some pretty pastel dresses and specials from Siss Boom this weekend, plus new skin and tattoo layers from Adam n Eve!

weekend news 2

Play Carnation (other colours available) from Siss Boom--new!
Candy hair from Ava-Tare--60L weekends
Pocahontas necklace from Chop Zuey--group gift
Paige Natural skin and lipstick tattoo layer (pretty n pink natural) from Adam n Eve-new!

weekend news 4

weekend news 5

Grey Lace (includes shirt with sculpted bottom and jeans with cuffs) from Siss Boom--100L Daily Specials
Jenova's hair from Dura
Iridescence Choker set from SpiritWeaver--60L weekends
Sense XtremeHeel from N-core--previous group gift
Paige Natural skin and eyeshadow tattoo layer (smokey natural) from Adam n Eve--new!

weekend news 3

Petite from Siss Boom--100L Daily Specials
Cherry Pink hair from S Town--group gift
Paige Natural skin and lipstick tattoo layer (pretty n pink natural)  from Adam n Eve--new!

Another Quick Post

Another quick one today because of  the weekend rush...

Frost-Limited Golden dress from KIM--group gift
Wild Heart Jewelry Collection (comes with earrings and anklets as well, and with a few necklace options) from GCD--new!
Headpiece from LaGyo--gift
Classic hair with chignon from MrS

Naina dress from Mashooka--gift
Twisted Pearl necklace from Virtual Impressions--free
Hair from Kyoko's Hair Shop

Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick Friday Post

graffitiwear 2

Just a quick one today...

graffitiwear 1
Pink Scarf Top and Jean Skirt (sold separately) from Graffitiwear--new!
Briar choker and earrings from Aluinn--new!
Siren hair from Shag

Pink dress from KDee's--1L (with group tag)
Languid hair from MrS
Necklace from Gems & Kisses--29L sale (limited time)
Nails, Rings and Bracelet (part of a set) from WTG--group gift

Cyber R dress from Opium--Lucky Board gift
Arcadia hair from LALA Moon--Lucky Board gift
Ely Black shoes from DK Designs--new!

Keira Tan Babydoll dress from Snowpaws
Faberge earrings from EED--The Whiz Hunt gift
Enma Ai hair from MrS

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Siss Boom Specials (28 April)

Once again, here are two very different but equally lovely styles from Siss Boom!

french damask
Simple, yet classy, the quiet elegance of this dress speaks for itself.

French Damask dress (flower collar included) from Siss Boom--100L Daily Specials
Hair from LALA Moon--VIP group gift

Fun, feminine and bold, is how I'd describe this outfit that includes a jacket with pretty lace sleeves and a lace-up front, a sexy bra top and a pair of jeans with resizeable cuffs.

Sprung outfit from Siss Boom--100L Daily Specials
YKI hair from Liriope
Ultimate Leona Lime shoes from Baby Monkey--new!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me and You and a Pose Named Beu


OK I just couldn't resist that cheesy title and apologies to fans of Lobo, but seriously now, these new poses are named after my lovely (and sometimes crazy) plurk/SL friend Beulah Mills, who, apparently, has been pestering Gidge Uriza of STaTUS  to create poses suitable for long hair and Loli skirts! What a fantastic idea! I've always had a hard time looking for those types of poses! As you can see here, I'm wearing neither long hair nor Loli skirts, but these poses work just as well, and you can get them now in a pack of five at a special Hump Day price! Thanks for the tip, Beu, and do bug Gidge for more! *hee*

beu 2

Liberty top from NCparis--group gift
Mini shorts (includes pasties not worn here) from The Death--1L
Pegasus hair from LALA Moon--free
Mushroom necklace from EED--TEBH gift
Inka bracelets (red) from JD--new!
Amy boots (red) from Baby Monkey--new!
Vivid Eyeshadow teal from a e meth--new!
Beu poses (comes in a pack of 5 assorted poses) from STaTUS--69L (Hump Day)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Siss Boom Specials!

Here are two contrasting styles from Siss Boom today!

raven opera

This is a formal style which comes with a jacket, a pair of stockings, a lovely peacock-feathered head dress that reminds me of the Roaring Twenties and a gorgeous black voluminous skirt which resembles the feathers of a raven!

Raven Opera from Siss Boom--100L Daily Specials (limited time only)
Brooke updo from Pocket Mirrors


This casual style includes both top and jeans with cute little frills at the side!

Daffodil from Siss Boom--100L Daily Specials (limited time only)
Hello Spring hair (with hat) from Tee*fy--Seasons Hunt gift
Inka Blue Bracelets from JD--new!
Bow Long Necklace from Fairy Tail--group gift
Roman Bag (bubble gum) from House of Fox--subscriber gift
Candi Lo-Top Sneakers (candy) from Baby Monkey--new!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pink Moon

pink moon 1

This lovely 1920's lingerie with pretty lace trimmings and cute bloomers will be sold at half price for It's On Sale at Cilian'gel from 25 April to 1 May only! 

pink moon 2

Pink Moon lingerie (head band included) from Cilian'gel--39L (original price 79L)
Que hair from Simply Britnee--1L (Easter Hunt)
Love Struck jewellery set from Chop Zuey--Easter Hunt gift (last day of hunt today, as mentioned in my previous post)


Just a quick Easter Sunday post here...

daisy 1

daisy 2

Daisy gown from Fellini Couture--Easter Hunt gift (from 5 eggs)
Plume Hair from Fellini Couture--Easter Hunt gift (egg #6)
Earrings from Chop Zuey--Easter Hunt gift (Just received notice that this is the last day of hunt, so hurry)!
Easter Bonnet from Chop Zuey--group gift

Happy Easter everyone! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Rez Day to Meeee!!

Today is my 3RD REZ DAY and boy, what a ride it has been! I'm happy to say though that most of it had been pretty good and enriching, from building (un peu) to experimenting with alternative lifestyles (don't ask *wink*) to organizing theme parties to hosting to filling up mall spaces and now to blogging! But the best part of course is having met my dearest Erwin who has always been, and still is, my confidante and pillar of strength (love you dearie)! Unfortunately, Erwin has a very hectic RL schedule which prevents him from coming to SL much, but today he was sweet enough to make time for these pics without complaints, for once! So no credits or SLurls this time, just some fun pics which I hope you will enjoy as much as we enjoyed taking them!

happy rez day to me 1
Relaxing with my dear Erwin who had to lose his hair at the most inopportune moment, as usual...

happy rez day to me 2
Erwin's alter-ego playing his/its usual pranks on me...

happy rez day to me 3
My hero! (Well, most of the time...)

need 1
Some quiet moments together...(oops, forgot to remove the censored bits *hee*)!

And now for the next chapter...

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Releases this Saturday!

Here are this Saturday's new releases from EMO-tions!!

Mariannah dress with Windblown 2 hair (sold separately)


nabu 2
Nabu 2 hair

Tom hair

no mercy
No Mercy! beard--group gift! (wearing Tom hair)

Taxi to EMO-tions
Poses: agapee

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday Goodies!

It's a busy Good Friday for me, but I just had to show you these lovelies...

good friday 1
Crazy Rabbit dress from Allure Mirror--1L
Porcelain Easter hair from Magika--Easter gift
Candice jewellery from Cero Style--group gift

good friday 2
Black Dress (includes bangle) from Ruxy--Easter Egg Hunt gift
Paulina hair from A&A--voting present
Miss Claire necklace and earrings from ByKay--new!

good friday 3

good friday 4
Sexy Summer dress (two skirt options) from Ruxy--Easter Egg Hunt gift
Reed hair from Uw--free
Bella jewellery set from N@N@

good friday 5
Summer Blue dress from Ruxy--Easter Egg Hunt gift
Easter Chicken earrings from Virtual Impressions--free
MRI hair from Liriope

Poses: Izumiya, Still Life, agapee

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Ready for Easter!

I'll be celebrating Easter tomorrow and here are my looks for the day and night...

all ready for easter

Off-Shoulder Dress Black from Kazuo--new!
June hair from LollipopZ at Spring Spree--free
Ladies Rope Necklace from DKD--Easter freebie
Frogs Over the Rainbow bracelet (left) from Shine at Spring Spree--free
Black Leather Bangles from DKD (right)--Easter freebie
Ultimate Leona Red from Baby Monkey--new!

all ready for easter 2

Loretta skirt outfit from Zibska at Spring Spree--free
Minka hair from A&A at Spring Spree--free
Cross White bracelet from JD at Spring Spree--free
Sultry Lace Face Tattoo with Eyeliner from Phresh at Spring Spree--free
Ultimate Minuetta Black from Baby Monkey--new!

Spring Spree
Baby Monkey

Poses: Glitterati

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orange Delight

glitterati by sapphire 1

Unfortunately for lack of a better title, I made this sound like some cookbook recipe, but I just wanted to show you this gorgeous burnt orange gown with matching choker which is a celebration gift to group members as Glitterati by Sapphire reaches the 2000 member mark! Congratulations!!!
Champagne Toast

glitterati by sapphire 2b

Gown (choker included) from Glitterati by Sapphire--2000 members group gift
Fairy Hair from MrS
Miss Claire Bracelet, Ring and Nails (with texture hud) from ByKay--new!
Sakura Skin from Glam Affair at TDR
Creme Soda Tasty Lip Gloss from a e meth--new!
Long Lashes (colour change) from LeLutka
Poses from Phresh
Pics taken at Enchanted, Elven Realm

Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm a JeSyLiLo Doll!

dilly dolls 2

I'm lovin' this new dewy skin from JeSyLiLo which comes with various eyeshadow and lip colour tattoo layers and these new releases from Dilly Dolls--beautiful textures, pretty colours and amazing details, as always!

dilly dolls 4
Lola Red Dress from Dilly Dolls--new!
You're Special Jewellery Set from Beertje Beaumont
Alys Updo from Pocket Mirrors

dilly dolls 3
Howie Pink Dress from Dilly Dolls--new!
Ribbon Pearls Necklace and Earrings (with colour changeable ribbons) from Tres Beau at Mimi's Choice--free
Model Hair from W&Y at Mimi's Choice--1L

dilly dolls 1
Jayda Top Blue, Tracky Shorts Pink and Tracky Shorts Waist from Dilly Dolls--new!
Purple Charm Bangle from DKD--free
Super Ladybug Baby Pink Necklace from Gems & Kisses--1000 member group gift
Sneaker Heels (with texture hud) from NCparis--profile pick gift
Languid Hair from MrS

In all pics:
LayLa LightSkin (wearing pink eyeshadow tattoo layer in the first and last pics) from JeSyLiLo--new!
Poses from Reasonable Desires

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Liz 1

I just can't get enough of this black lace dress that Corina Carlberg has just created--it is sheer all round, but it includes a pair of glitch pants for those who prefer a little more coverage below (I prefer just the panties *grin*). I also love little details such as the lovely black bow behind and pretty little lace frills at the sleeves. So sexy, so feminine, so me! And what's more, it's now selling at a promotional price of 99L for a limited time only, so hurry!

liz 2

This is also my first skin purchase from Glam Affair and I think I quite like it-a real change for me, I must say!

liz 3

*Aggressione*-Liz-Lace Dress Black by Corina Carlberg at SLMarketplace--99L (discounted price-limited time only)!
Katia Leggings from Zibska--free
YKI hair from Liriope
Blossom Hat (with texture hud) from Help Japan
Dark Rose necklace from Phoebe
Long lashes from LeLutka
Lime eye make-up from Bounce at Help Japan
Sakura skin from Glam Affair at TDR
Poses from Bent!

Way to go, Corina! xxxx

Friday, April 15, 2011

This Saturday at EMO-tions!

Take a look at these fantastic new releases from EMO-tions which will be available from this Saturday and they include some pretty dresses, cute separates and amazing hairstyles for both men and women!

feel 1
Feel Dress Dots with matching scarf and shoes worn with Eve III hair (hair sold separately)

feel 2b
Feel Skirt Black and Feel Blouse White with Feel Flat Shoes Black and Eve II hair (all sold separately)

feel 3
Poison hair

feel 4
Smith hair (unisex)

feel 5
Weak-Mohawk (unisex)

Taxi: EMO-tions Mainstore
Poses: EverGlow