Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday Goodies!

It's a busy Good Friday for me, but I just had to show you these lovelies...

good friday 1
Crazy Rabbit dress from Allure Mirror--1L
Porcelain Easter hair from Magika--Easter gift
Candice jewellery from Cero Style--group gift

good friday 2
Black Dress (includes bangle) from Ruxy--Easter Egg Hunt gift
Paulina hair from A&A--voting present
Miss Claire necklace and earrings from ByKay--new!

good friday 3

good friday 4
Sexy Summer dress (two skirt options) from Ruxy--Easter Egg Hunt gift
Reed hair from Uw--free
Bella jewellery set from N@N@

good friday 5
Summer Blue dress from Ruxy--Easter Egg Hunt gift
Easter Chicken earrings from Virtual Impressions--free
MRI hair from Liriope

Poses: Izumiya, Still Life, agapee


  1. Wow! How do you do it, Lisa? What is your secret? You are just constantly whipping tons of posts that look incredible! It takes me forever to eventually blog 3 or 5 pics. Sometimes up to 10 hrs! Everything you do seems so effortless, well though-out and gorgeous!

  2. Aww thank you Lila, but there's no secret, it's also a lot of hours of work for me, sometimes literally with sweat and tears *lol* especially when I keep crashing:-))

  3. Crashing has got to be most frustrating. Thankfully, that's not my problem. I think I drive myself nuts with the tiny details, which probably don't matter. *LOL* But, I am always amazed at how blogger such a s yourself have the stamina and inspiration to continuously put out such great work and on time!

  4. You take such gorgeous, dreamy photos..I love them!

  5. Lila--I guess I just happen to love blogging despite the ups and downs, and I'm amazed at your pics too and all the work you put in! Incredible! hugsss

    Aww thank you Evangeline! Glad you like my pics! xxxxx

  6. which probably does not matter*

    I can't believe I wrote, "which probably don't matter". *LOL*


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