Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still Crazy

Sometimes, I just can't believe that after more than a year together, Erwin and I are still crazy about one another, and with every passing day, our love just grows stronger....sighs..

On Erwin: Brawler Dark (leather outfit with long coat and several jacket and shirt options, sunglasses, belt and gloves included, shoes not included), all from Inedit by Dans Belgar

On me: Grasie bodysuit from KIM, Springleaf necklace and armband from Shiny Things, Silver Hoop earrrings from Basalia's Baubles and Bangles, Elora hair (black) from Glitter and Single colour Bow Footsie (fern) from S@SS.

Hi handsome, you look familiar:-)

One of my favourite positions....

Busy, do not disturb (winks)...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tres Beau-tiful!!

The moment I saw this dress/gown from Tres Beau, I just had to get it-- I was so captivated by the shimmer, the colours and the subtle way they blend, as well as the details on the bodice and hemline with just a hint of glitter...

Dress/Gown: Brigette from Tres Beau
Hair: Gloss (black) from Tekuteku
Necklace, Earrings and Bangle: Indulge Gold Diamond set from Shine Jewellery
Shoes: Bare Greta (gold patent) from Stiletto Moody

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Gorean Encounter (conclusion)

Here I am again, in the City of Fina (see pic below), standing in the midst of blooming colours and greenery, just opposite the fortified walls, wearing Annabell Gown (white) from Mystic Sky (comes with green cloak option and scripted hood as well)and hair (Endra-dark) from Analog Dog Hair

Here below are the beautiful hemlines of the gown and cloak...

I also had the privilege of meeting the Chief Scribe of Fina, Lady Roc, seen below wearing Arwen's Battle Outfit from Husky, hair (Tamara blonde shades) from Wonderhair@Platinum, and veil (Genevieve Face Veil) from Beyond the Veil.

Well, all good things must come to an end, and it's now time for me to take my leave, may our paths cross again...

One last look at the city walls....

Many thanks to Delightful Demina, Dalan Jinx and Rockin Babii (Lady Roc) for agreeing to have their pics taken and to the City of Fina for the honour of setting foot on her beautiful shores, even if only for a short spell...

A Gorean Encounter (Part 2)

So far so good--the Head Urt of The City of Fina, Delightful Demina, turned out to be truly delightful company indeed and we ended up chatting like old friends at the docks...

On me: Outfit (Tribal F-white) from Ripped, boots from Danika Design, hair (Endra-Dark) from Analog Dog Hair

On Delightful: Hair (Diva) from Bewitched

We were so engrossed in our little conversation that we didn't even notice a dark figure standing near us, till we heard him say, "I gather you ladies are having fun?" He was a stranger to the city and introduced himself as Dalan Jinx...

Outfit on Dalan Jinx from Fallen, cloak and shoulder guard from The Forge

mmm... yummy...-what jinx?

It must have been the weather, or the location, or simply chemistry, coz' the three of us managed to click somehow, and I just had to change into something more feminine for this group pic...

My gown: Annabell gown (white) from Mystic Sky (also comes with white cloak option, with scripted hood, just love it)!!

Here are the hemlines of the cloak and gown with beautiful flowery details... be continued....

A Gorean Encounter (Part 1)

I had heard so much about Gor and its culture, though I have never read the Gor fiction by John Norman, that I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and brave my way through to the distant and foreign land of The City of Fina--probably one of the most beautiful Gor sims in SL.

From the landing point at the docks, I headed for the fortified walls of the city via the drawbridge (which looked quite forbidding), moving purposefully forward till I saw this sign below:-

Hmmm.....think I'm gonna like it here (grins)--Well, my primary objective here was to take pictures of the breathtaking scenery, and anyway, I thought since I was in this Gorean outfit which I chose specially for the occasion, I should be quite safe...

Outfit: Tribal (F outfit, white) from Ripped
Hair: Endra (dark) from Analog Dog Hair

But just in case, no harm carrying a dagger (which, thankfully, came with the outfit), as seen below:-

Then suddenly, there came this pretty little girl (well...a woman actually, and I found out later that she's the Head Urt of The City of Fina-an Urt being a Free Woman who has fallen on hard times...looks like this fictional world is not spared the economic crisis of the real world either)!

I took a good look at her and, of course, at her dress especially--hmmm...nice shade of purple, but, torn and tattered, sure looks like she's in financial hell ( I mean, anytime a girl can't get a decent dress, it's hell on earth--LOL)!

Dress on Delightful Demina (below): Purple She-Urt from City of Laura
Hair: Diva from Bewitched

But wait, what is this shiny thing at her side??? Oh my, it's a dagger! And a real cool looking one too! Might be a good idea to be friends (grins)... the saga continues.....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sexy Sweater Dress

This sweater dress from Vassnia :-
is sexy,
is revealing,
is ultra short,
and should probably be more covered up and worn with some bottom or other to keep the cold out (LOL)!!!
*Sigh* Sometimes, one has to 'suffer' for fashion sake (LOL)!!!

Sweater dress: Addictive Hotttt Sweater from Vassnia
Hair: Fuzzy from Red Queen
Boots: Asuka Boots from League

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vanity Design's latest gem sparkles!

When it comes to shoes, only few do it well, and one of them is Vanity Designs Inc (or VDI for short), and the latest by VDI's designer Odessa Dagostino certainly do not disappoint, with her easy-to-use hud, easy matching skin tones, a wide range of nail colours, not to mention a variety of metals to choose from, etc, the options are just endless!! I don't know how many I have bought from VDI already, they are just so addictive!!!

Shoes: Sole Candy Gold Starry Shoes Silver from VDI
Gown: Dolce from Elacor
Hair: Gloss (black) from Tekuteku
Necklace: Diamond and Champagne Eve from Alyssa Bijoux

Shoes: Sole Candy Gold Starry Shoes Silver from VDI
Dress: Intrigue in Emerald from Simone
Hair: Katey from Truth Hair

New from Glitter!

Here are two new items I just bought from one of my favourite designers Shine Messmer of Glitter, the Lara hair which comes with hat and without, and the white pearl necklace with cross which comes in black pearl as well. Check them out:-

Hair: Lara black (comes with two options, seen here with hat) from Glitter
Choker: white pearl with cross (black version sold separately)from Glitter
Dress: Showdown Black n Purple Dress from Badkatz

Hair: Lara black (comes with two options, seen here without hat) from Glitter
Choker: white pearl with cross (black version sold separately) from Glitter
Dress: Black Flowers from Badkatz

B!old and B!eautiful!

For some reason I just couldn't resist buying this quirky number from B! Fashion-I mean, I know not everyone will take to this dress immediately (my Erwin definitely didn't *grins*), but I just love the unusual silhouette, the sharp contrast between two strong colours and the matching heels!

Dress: Gulp from B! Fashion (shoes included)
Hair: Pop (black A) from Magika
Necklace: Whitney Black Diamond set by Dahlinks

Marianela's-Art in Fashion Indeed!

When I chanced upon this outfit from Marianela's, two thoughts ran through my head-firstly, it reminded me of water nymphs, fairies, elves and all those that belong to the world of fantasy; secondly, the detailed craftsmanship in the outfit sure makes it look like a piece of art! Just look at this beauty below :-

Outfit: Sogni D'Oro Clear from Marianela's (pearl necklace, gold earrings and shoes included)

Hair: 056 (brown) from White Well

Ring: Calla Lily from JCNY

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ballgown in blue (Sascha's)

Everytime I wear one of Sascha's gowns by the talented and bubbly Sascha Frangilli, I will invariably be overcome by a sense of nostalgia, for her designs were some of the first I bought for formal functions, and being quite new then, they were also some of the most affordable and breathtaking, and of course it brings back sweet memories of my romantic evenings with my dearest Erwin...(sigh)* lol*

Ballgown: Madelon (dark blue) from Sascha's (gloves not included)
Gloves: Elegant Basic Long Dress Gloves from Nicky Ree
Hair: Beyonce (gold and dark brown set) from R's Hair Style
Jewellery: Radiance from Alyssa Bijoux (a gift from my beloved Erwin)

New from Mashooka

Aradhana Voight of Mashooka, has always mesmerized me with her intricate details, rich colours and luxurious textures in her Indian fashion line, but now her western creations are also as eye-catching, sexy and classy at the same time, not to mention her beautifully crafted jewellery. I couldn't resist buying her latest (Gilet Dress Charm in metallic blue) and her matching jewellery (Mala naturals in blue), while my shoes are from VDI (Sole Candy Prissy in ocean blue) and hair is from Ali&Ali (Shakira in black), all seen here below:-

Ballgown in blue (Agnes Finney)

Here is another gorgeous blue ballgown, this time from Agnes Finney, in a deep shade of blue and satin.

Ballgown: Vera (Floral Yale Blue) from Agnes Finney
Hair: Bianca (black) from Goldie Locks

Shoes: Exquisite Beauty (silver) from Minx

Necklace and Earrings: Diamond Royalty Kirkstone set from Alyssa Bijoux