Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cool Mix

Some cool new tops and skirts for today's looks and matched with some amazing new footwear! Smiley

cool mix 1

cool mix 2

Maretch Tops from Ayla's--new!
Leen Skirts from Koketka--new!
Necklace from Milady's--free
Serenity Picnic Heels from Purrfect 10--VIP gift
Cherry Pink Hair from S Town

cool mix 3

Leen Shirt (pink) and Skirt (sand) from Koketka--new! 
Serenity Summer Rose Heels from Purrfect 10--75L (Lazy Sunday)
Peaceful Sakura Choker from Curious Kitties--free
Crystal Hair from Ali&Ali

cool mix 4

Leen Shirt (closed version) and Skirt from Koketka--new!
Persephone Boots Patent Black from Purrfect 10--new!

Pray Hair with Hat from HS--group gift

Smokin' Hot Immerschoen!

When it comes to sexy smokin' hot looks, I can always count on Immerschoen Fashion for its high quality products-from shorts, skirt and pants sets to lingerie, boots and even tattoos!

black fetish

Immerschoen Girl-Latex Panty Set 'Black Fetish' from Immerschoen Fashion--includes latex shorts and two bustier versions (regular and nipple slip) and latex stockings--new!
Hot Topic Latex Gloves (part of outfit) from SD Wears
Natasha hair from BDR
Achilleus Belly Pierce from Gabriel--group gift
NDS bracelets from Ryca
Bat necklace from Alienbear--free
Immerschoen Girl Laced Latex Ankle Boots from Immerschoen Fashion

latex skirt set

Immerschoen Girl-Latex Skirt Set Black #1 from Immerschoen Fashion--includes latex Gilet longarms, laced latex skirt and net underpants stockings--new!
Sasha hair from BDR
Lace Velvet Cameo Steampunk necklace from Seraphim Rhode
Leather Gloves Short Black from Immerschoen Fashion

Each of these two pretty lingerie sets below includes shorty and bra, bra net shirt, stockings with net, sculpted pareo and matching Cube jewellery set (necklace, earrings, bracelet)


Bodycult Lingerie Casual Beauty Case Chantal Green and Chantal Bordo from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Bernice hair from Ali&Ali

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sand & Sun

I love the Sand & Sun Hunt (or was it Sun & Sand? *lol*) because it takes me back to my 'roots' since the very first friends I made in SL were at a beach, and now I have found another great place to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea in the beautiful, serene and lush surroundings of Tonga-Mystic Sands! I had the privilege of meeting the lovely owner Nova, who was kind enough to let me take pics on her amazing island which she has so generously made public to all! She is still in the process of rebuilding the sim though, but to me, it was already perfect!!! Oh and the music was so soothing, I didn't want to leave! *hee*

Rhea Pink Bikini Set from Jazumi--free
Bird Jewelry Set from Boathouse--1L
Victoria hair (part of a complete avatar, modified) from Luci's Freebies--free

Dotty Bikini from Love Zombie--S&SH gift
Achilleus Pierce Set from Gabriel--group gift
Marigold hair from SFBH

Beachy outfit from Eclectic Firefly--S&SH gift
Nyla Jewelry Set from Exodi--S&SH gift
Antoinette hair from S Town

Glossline from Jesylilo--S&SH gift
Isolde skin and Apple Red nails from Exodi--Lucky Chair gifts
Surf Board with poses from Y's A&P--S&SH gift

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fierce and Fab!

So many new and fabulous releases from Fierce Designs this week, but because of time, here's just a taste...

friday night
Friday Night Orange dress from Fierce Designs--Firecracker Hunt gift
Brianna hair from Ali&Ali--previous MM gift
Lucresia Silver Diamond necklace and earrings from Glamorize--1L
Stacked Multi bangles from Baby Monkey--10L
Inspiration Heels from NCparis--was free, but I found out only now that it has just been taken off the shelves, sorry gals Smiley

midnight flower
Midnight Flower dress (flower sash included) from Fierce Designs--MND Hunt gift
Cherylin hair from Ali&Ali--free (voting present)
Mahalo Bangle from Chop Zuey

Atomic Party Dress  (also comes in other colours-dress includes necklace, belly jewel and bangles) from Fierce Designs
Elora hair from Glitter
Milky Way nails and rings from Mandala

Monday, June 27, 2011


Love this casual outfit from L'Abel--soft and comfy in neutral grey, just perfect for summer!


Gigi Summer Outfit (includes shoulder attachments not worn here) from L'Abel--55L Moody Monday
Monica hair from kik
Surfer jewellery set from Baby Monkey--group gift
Pose from Idea Motus

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Mix

So many gifts this week but here are some of my favourites..thank you so much designers!  Smiley

Brisa Crochet Dress from Snowpaws--free (limited time)
Hair from Vanity Hair
Western loop tie, earrings, bracelet, nails and rings from WTG--June group gifts

blue lips
Blue Lips tank and Stars Jeans from NCparis--free (limited time)
Quor hair with hat from HS--Lucky Board gift
Fruit Silver Bangle from Glamorize--1L (for a pack)
Tribal necklace from Luminotic--free (for a set)

Poppies dress from Jazmyn D--subscriber gift
Yock hair from HS
Joy necklace, earrings and bracelet from Finesmith--3000 members group gift
Amazon nails from LoveCatz

diana noir
Diana Noir gown from House of Beningborough--free
Finesse hair from Vanity Hair
Honour choker from Chop Zuey--group gift

Arabesque from House of Beningborough--free
Finesse hair from Vanity Hair

Poses from Bent!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Salsa Time!

Come salsa the night away with these new gorgeous gowns in jewel tones from Paris Metro! And OMG just look at that sexy plunging backline! Smiley

salsa golden
Salsa Rock Star Gown-Golden from Paris Metro
Finesse hair from Vanity Hair
Parade Pearls from MOOD

salsa blue sea
Salsa Rock Star Gown-Blue Sea from Paris Metro
Raio hair from Heart Softens

salsa red pepper
Salsa Rock Star Gown-Red Pepper from Paris Metro
Mignonette choker and bracelet from Chop Zuey--group gifts
Maya hair from D!va--2nd Anniversary gift

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Friday

Two looks for today, hope you'll like them...

Fresh Bikini Lime from Aggressione--group gift
Set Buttons from JD Jewelry--new!
Gacha hair C (with colour-changeable headband) from AYLinE
Make-up from Huit at Kozmetika--free (previously blogged)

Alaska White Pearls dress from Glitter--2300 members group gift
Kitty hair from DrLife
Glam bangles from Glamorize--1L
Kokeshi Hocs heels (with texture hud) from Opium--group gift

Poses from Annomis Poses and Animations and Posies

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day at the Beach...

...Mambo Beach, to be exact, and it sure was nice to be back there after such a long break to enjoy the great music, chill out at the beach bar, soak in the beautiful sea view...what more can one ask for? Oh and a very Happy Rez Day to my dearest Erwin!!! xxxxxxx

Cochiti Kini from GCD--new!
Bangle Buttons from JD Design--new!
Ying hair from DrLife
Boom-Badoom-Boom eye make-up from Boom at Kozmetika--free
Applecheek blush from a.e.meth at Kozmetika--free
Ooh La La Lips from Glamorize--MM gift

Flutter dress (hair accessory and bracelet included) from Graffitiwear--new!
Carla hair from AE--1L
So Many Rainbows eye make-up from M.O.C.K. at Kozmetika--free
Showers for Flowers necklace (with colour changeable flowers) from Laurelrose Anthony--1L (previously blogged)

Poses from Bent! and agapee
Pics taken at Mambo Beach

Monday, June 20, 2011

Priestess for a Day!

I feel like a Priestess in this lovely gown from Cilian'gel which is a Summer Solstice Hunt gift (now till 15th July), and the hint is 'take it to another level'! You're looking for a sun, by the way! Happy Hunting!


Got Summer Solstice? gown (includes necklace, belt and scepter) from Cilian'gel Boutique--Summer Solstice Hunt gift
Nur hair (with hair accessory) from Ava-Tare

Open the Eyes of My Heart

open the eyes of my heart

Nira dress from Chantkare
Make-up from Huit at Kozmetika--free
Raio hair from HS
Nails and Rings from Finesmith--subscriber gift (previously blogged)
Super necklace and earrings from Glamorize
Bracelets from Virtual Insanity--DSM Hunt gift
Pose from agapee

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Late Post

late post 1

It's way past my bedtime but I just wanted to share this with you before I hit the sack...

late post 2

late post 3

Born to be Alive outfit from Sassy Kitty Designs--Lucky Board gift
Necklace from N@N@--free
Bracelets from Ryca
Nails and Rings from Finesmith--subscriber gift
Maya hair from Exile--free for Glance group members
Gemini Heels Deep Blue Nouveau from Purrfect 10--only 95L for La Venta Eventa (discounted price ends Sunday, so hurry)!
Azalea skin from ChiChickie--free
Pose from Tram

Goodnight!  Smiley

Friday, June 17, 2011

New from EMO-tions!

Here are the new releases from EMO-tions this Saturday!!


magix 2

Enya dress (armbands and choker included) with Magix 2 hair (dress and hair sold separately)

Magix hair

Raya hair

Taxi to EMO-tions


Love LOVE these hot new releases from KoketKa! Many other colours available too! Here's just a sampling...

hot dress
Hot Dress from KoketKa (new), Cleo jewellery set and nails with ring from ByKay (new), hair from Govil (free), eye make-up from CheerNo (new)

mini and denim
Left: Mini Dress from KoketKa (new), Bullet necklace from MB Style (new), Ashley hair from EMO-tions, eye make-up from CheerNo (new)
Right: Denim Sundress from KoketKa (new), Cotton Candy necklace from Chop Zuey (Summer Breeze Hunt gift), A330 hair from Tram (group gift)

julia and june
Left: Julia Dress from KoketKa (new), Neon Flower necklace from Finesmith (VIP gift), earrings from Chop Zuey, Lucy hair from HS (group gift), eye make-up from CheerNo (new)
Right: June Dress from KoketKa (new), Ethnica necklace from Finesmith (group gift), Kaoru hair from Junwave (group gift)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mixed Bouquet

Love this long dress with a high thigh slit, pretty pastel flower motifs and lovely flower attachments at the shoulder and hip!

mixed bouquet

Mixed Bouquet dress (includes bangles and flower attachments on hip and shoulder) from Mercy Style--subscriber gift
Hair from vive 9--free


Inspired by this dress, I paid a visit to one of the greatest engineering feats of all time (if not the greatest)...

tiger dress

Tiger Dress from ORQUIDEA--Silk Road Hunt gift
Golden Torc necklace, earrings and cuffs from NCparis
Kalia hair from ICONIC--free
Pic taken at Great Wall of China

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Dream!

summer dream 1

This new sexy red bikini is just what I need for those hot summer days (thank you Corina!! xxx) and I matched it with this lovely hair which I got from the boards of this shop that my wonderful SL mom Scarlot Verrazzano introduced to me! Thanks mom! xxxxx!

summer dream 2

Summer Dream-Bikini Red from Aggressione--new!
Showers for Flowers Necklace (colour-change flowers) from Laurelrose Anthony--1L
Panda (texture change hat, makes noises too *hee*) from Loka Design--free for LOW group members
Angel E hair from Me-I Humanoidism Hair--Lucky Board gift
Poses from Idea Motus and Tram

Monday, June 13, 2011

Vampiric Maiden


I find myself wearing a lot of black lately even though it's not my favourite colour, or rather, it never used to be, but I guess my tastes have changed over the years...


Vampiric Maiden Gown Set (includes choker, stockings and different skirt options) from TWA--group gift
Sexy Boots from Fierce Designs
Kitty hair from DrLife
Lindsay skin from Mamboo Chic--group gift
Poses from Tram and Bent!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm Going to Hollywood!


There's a new Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt from 11--25 June at Cilian'gel's! Just look for two stars for the men and women's prizes! It's that easy!


Got Clara? dress (includes stockings and tutu) from Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique--Holllywood Walk of Fame hunt prize
Gloves from LOW Industries
Choker from Virtual Insanity
Hair from Tukinowaguma
Sandra MK2 skin from TBS--new!
Showbiz pose from Cilian'gel's past group notices