Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and my friends for all your support and love (and especially my dearest Erwin who has always been my biggest 'fan' *grin*)-- May you all have good success in all that you put your hands to this coming 2011 and with that I wish you all a very Happy New Year!! smiley emoticons smiley emoticons smiley emoticons

Dress: from Flowerdreams Creations--Happy New Year gift (thank you Nile)!
Hair: Layla from A&A--previous free voting present
Tiara: Happy New Year 2011 (colour change) from noir*lily--free (thank you Carolin)!

I also wanted to share this song which has touched me deeply, hope you enjoy it too...

Baby Monkey 2011

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to blog this because there are so many fantastic new releases for January 2011 from one of my favourite shoe stores Baby Monkey and I really would have loved to take pics of all of them but time is limited, so here's a quick glance...

Audrey Pumps (Blues and Greens--with texture hud)--these pumps come in three other colour combinations, and there are a few variations of each shade in each combo, as you can see in this Blue/Green example

Domina Boots (Browns, Purples--all with texture hud)--there are so many colour combinations to choose from not just for the boot but also the straps and metal and there are altogether six colour combos in the fatpack. The Browns for example, has a hud that allows you to change the boot and strap colours to nude, latte or chocolate and the metal to gold or silver, and you can mix and match them as you please, same for the Purples!

Left to right:
Ultimate Madden Pumps (with texture hud)--12 colours in all, with custom skin, toe ring and nail colour options
Milana Pumps (with resizer)--in 8 colours
Knit Slouch Boots (with resizer)--in 11 colours

Ultimate Lara Pumps (Reds--with texture hud)--6 different colour groups in all, and the hud allows you to choose from a few shades of reds plus a choice of silver or gold metal as well custom skin tones--just lurrve those spikes and killer heels!

Left to right:
Ultimate Margot (Pinks--with texture hud)--comes in 7 colour groups with custom skin and various shades of the same family
Leg Warmers (Berry--with texture hud)--9 colours in all, with light, dark and patterned options
Slouch Socks (Plum--with texture hud)--in 5 colours, with light, dark and white options

Taxi to Baby Monkey

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Red and Black

My two looks for today are predominantly red and black though I didn't plan it that way, but I liked how they turned out and I hope you'll like them too...

Dress: Heat (includes pink version as well) from Sassy--bought with Christmas gift card
Nails: Dangerous Nails 2010 (includes rose, rings and other attachments) from A&A--Christmas gift
Necklace: Dark Rose (two metal options) from Phoebe
Bracelet with Rose: Dark Rose from Phoebe--free
Hair: Monique from S Town

Dress: Almost Falling Out (two undershirt versions) from Luxcious--bought with Christmas gift card
Capri: from GATO--subscriber gift
Necklace and Earrings: from Pheobe--free
Bracelets: from Glitter--group gift
Brooch: Starbust from Amaranthus--Christmas gift
Hair with Hat: Sonya from Amacci--Christmas group gift
Shoes: Audrey Pumps (Blacks & Reds--with texture hud) from Baby Monkey--new for January 2011

Poses: Purple Poses

Holiday Mix

This holiday season saw a plethora of wonderful gifts from generous and amazing designers all over SL, so much so that I was just not able to blog about them all, but here are two looks I managed to put together, hope you like them...

For some reason I feel a sudden urge to howl... Smiley

Dress: Blue Lagoon from American Bazaar--Lucky Chair gift
Jewellery: Twilight from Eden Beverly--Christmas gift
Hair: Artemis Angel Dust from Exile--Christmas gift
Skin: 2011 from Filthy--group gift

Dress: CutieChrmzMmm from Nspire--gift
Necklace: Devastation from Poison--group gift
Hair: Delicious from LollipopZ--Christmas gift
Skin: Alessa from Filthy--group gift

Poses: Agapee, Izumiya

Monday, December 27, 2010


Immerschoen Fashion has just released a sexy knickerbocker set named 'Cleo', and as in most of Immerschoen's outfits, this one also includes quite a few options such as scarf, gloves, stockings, bracelet, tattoo flowers in front and tattoo Chinese characters behind.. *wow!!*..sure is great value for money!! I also love the textures (you could almost smell the leather *grin*) and little details such as the heart-shaped jewel with tassels hanging at the side of one knee cuff!

Immerschoen Girl 'Cleo' Leather Knickerbocker Set Steel Blue from Immerschoen Fashion

Taxi to Immerschoen Fashion
Poses: Slash Me Poses

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Take on Green!

Wow, this week's green for Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge proved to be quite a challenge indeed because I don't have very many green items in my inventory, but I know my fellow blogger and plurker Moniq Salamander just couldn't wait for this week's challenge since green is her favourite colour and boy did she do a great job with that blog post too! As for me, I dug deep into my inventory and found this previous lucky board gift *yippee!!* from one of my favourite stores ElaCor (I bought the peach version much earlier), so I matched it with all these other wonderful gifts past and present (I must say these green eyes from Ibanez and skin with green eyeshadow from Laq are really timely), and just hope I pass this green challenge!

Dress: Luna3 Verde (flower accessories and glitter all included) from ElaCor--previous lucky board gift, now 80L
Hair: Shyone Misty (honeydew) from Bishwear--previous Hair Fair dollarbie
Shoes: Madden Pump from Baby Monkey--group gift
Eyes: ColorGlow Eyes (Fangorn) from Ibanez--holiday gift
Skin: Vilda from Laq--Christmas gift
Poses: !bang, Glitterati

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Quick post today because of busy RL...Smiley

Dress: Christmas Exclusive Dress from LoveCatz--1L
Necklace: Animal Pattern Giraffe Necklace from Avon + Alpha--Christmas gift
Bangle: Morning Kiss from Chop Zuey--10th Day Christmas gift (for group members)
Hair: Tatum 2 from friday
Pose: Marukin

Reason for the Season

As Christmas Day draws near, I just wanted to take time to give thanks for all the good things that has happened to me, for my dearest Erwin, for this beautiful new house Erwin bought for us, for the little things that made me smile, and to remember the reason for the season in the first place, as this refrain goes...

hark now hear the angels sing
a new king born today
and man will live forevermore
because of christmas day

~from 'Mary's Boy Child (Oh My Lord)' performed by Boney M

Dress: Bandage Dress from Paper Doll--December freebie
Necklace: Pearl Necklace from LoveCatz--group gift
Bangles, Rings and Nails: Deluxe Dark from LoveCatz
Hair: Helena from EMO-tions
Skin: Elora Daphne Edition from Style by Kira--44L (Tip from Spiderweb Second Life--Thank you Pautina)!
Eyes: Rivendell Eyes from Ibanez--holiday gift
Pose: Marukin

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cerise--My Take!

I'm really having fun with Luna Jubilee's Colour Challenge, especially when I now have the excuse to buy new clothes! Actually, this week's colour cerise was quite easy for me because I LOVE the colour! Yes, believe it or not, I'm really a girly girl at heart! I have so many dresses and separates in this colour in my SL inventory and I also have lots of pink tops and dresses in my RL inventory..I mean..wardrobe! But since I had been eyeing this pretty dress from Giovanni  for quite some time now, I thought this would be the perfect occasion to buy it!

Dress: Amber (includes accessories and two skirt options) from Giovanni
Hair: In Space from Curio (old subscriber gift) and Kimberly from Battle Angel (free)
Shoes: Lara Pump (limited edition) from Baby Monkey
Poses: Marukin

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I wasn't going to blog today because of time, but some of these items such as the Candy Cane Glitter Booties and pretty Holiday Ornaments Sweater were so cute that I couldn't resist posting them here. I also had great fun posing as a snowman and as a walking Christmas tree (trust Cilia Shepherd of Cilian'gel to come up with something so absolutely adorable and creative), but I think I scared the pants off someone who wasn't expecting a snowman to get up and move! *grin*

Top: Holiday Ornaments Sweater from Prim & Pixel--new!
Pants: Arina Red Velour Pants from Ivalde--Advent gift 6
Hair with hat: No. 13 from Ivanka Akina
Bracelets: Romance Bracelets in Aqua from Virtual Impressions--Advent 19 gift
Shoes: Candy Cane Glitter Booties from SUSS--group gift

I think I look better than that tree! *hee*
Christmas Tree Outfit Set from Cilian'gel Boutique--Christmas present (under the tree)

I'm a Snowman for a day! Woot!
Snowman Outfit Set from Cilian'gel Boutique--Christmas present (under the tree)

Location: Ivalde
Poses: Purple Poses

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New from Havana Nights!

This gorgeous tiered silver gown with glitter at the front and back and comes with a crown as well is new and is yours for just 75L this Sunday only, after which it will be 249L! So hurry! Also, take a look at the pretty luminous new skin line that designer Luna Warcliffe has just released for winter!

Ice Queen Outfit (includes brooch, crown, glitter)--75L (this Sunday only)!!

Winter Natural (includes freckled versions for all tones)

Winter Pale (includes freckled versions for all tones)

Winter Tan (includes freckled versions for all tones)

Poses: doll, Juxtapose, Posies
Taxi to Havana Nights
Thank you Luna!


My RL is getting busier as Christmas draws near, with last minute shopping and all, so this will be a quick post of three looks I put together mostly with gifts from fantastic designers...

Pics above:
Outfits: come in a set that includes dress, tights, babydoll attachments, black and leo versions from KIM Bodysuits--Happy Holidays Hunt 
Jewellery: all from Chop Zuey--Xmas group gifts
Hair: Celine from Ava-Tare and Ricarda (plus hair bow) from EMO-tions (Xmas gifts)
Skin: Milla from Lara Hurley Skin--10L (With Love Hunt) and English Rain from Siss Boom (new)!
Tattoo: Wish Roses In Love Erwin from niciARTLINE--Xmas gift from Nici (Thank you Nici!! I love it!! xxxx)
Pose: Slash Me Poses

Dress: from SLC--December group gift
Necklace: Can't Buy Me Love from Chop Zuey--X'mas group gift
Earrings: Bauble Bliss from Chop Zuey--X'mas group gift
Bracelet: from Chop Zuey--previous gift
Hair: Rumor from Posh
Skin: Prototype III from SR--free (thanks for the tip Xanthe)!
Eyes: Christmas Dreams from Poetic Colors--Christmas freebie (thanks Xanthe)!
Pose: doll

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gowns Galore!

There are so many gorgeous gift gowns this season, thanks to the generosity of designers, so if you love gowns, then this is the time to stock up without hurting your pocket!

Gown: Volare from Flowerdreams Creations--free
Necklace: How Many Seas from Bliensen--POE Hunt gift
Hair: End of Sumer from Head Mistress

Gown: Bihter from Flowerdreams Creations--free
Hair: Eve III from EMO-tions

Gown: Lilith from Smexy Town--group gift
Hair: Nagi from AYLinE

Gown: Snow Dream from Lillou's Designs--December group gift
Hair: Florentine (flower included) from Lillou's Designs--free for members

Gown: Teal from Sascha's--POE Hunt gift
Hair: Gracelyn from Damselfly

Poses: Vago, Purple Posesdoll

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Deals at Cilian'gel!

Cilian'gel Boutique has more sweet offerings for all of you this Christmas! Try your hand at the Christmas Gatcha machine for only 10L each, and you can get one of these three pretty Got North? sets!!

Got North? Purple Set (includes ballet shoes, two skirt options, gingerbread man and hair ornament)

Left: Got North? Pink Set (ballet shoes and hat included)
Right: Got North? Tartan Set (includes ballet shoes, hair ornament and three different skirt additions)

And here's something fun to wear this season--Unwrap (scripted)!! There's a men's version as well, only 25L each!! (I'm only going to show you the female version because I just can't stand how my male avatar looks! Guess I'll have to shop for one for future use!*grin*)

Unwrap (scripted)--women's version

Taxi to Cilian'gel Boutique
Poses: Boutique Giada

A Purrfect Christmas!

Wow!! Purrfect 10 has released some really fantastic new designs and gifts this Christmas! As always, all Purrfect 10 shoes come with a comprehensive easy-to-use hud which offers a wide range of options, including a skinsync function which allows you to match the skin from your previous pair of shoes! What more can a girl ask for?

P10 Florence Heels Autumn Salmon--new!

P10 Florence Heels Leather Cream--new!

P10 Florence Heels Patent Chocolate--new!

P10 Amara Heels--Christmas VIP gift

P10 Serenity--Free Christmas Heels

Taxi to Purrfect 10
Poses: Posey