Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gowns Galore!

There are so many gorgeous gift gowns this season, thanks to the generosity of designers, so if you love gowns, then this is the time to stock up without hurting your pocket!

Gown: Volare from Flowerdreams Creations--free
Necklace: How Many Seas from Bliensen--POE Hunt gift
Hair: End of Sumer from Head Mistress

Gown: Bihter from Flowerdreams Creations--free
Hair: Eve III from EMO-tions

Gown: Lilith from Smexy Town--group gift
Hair: Nagi from AYLinE

Gown: Snow Dream from Lillou's Designs--December group gift
Hair: Florentine (flower included) from Lillou's Designs--free for members

Gown: Teal from Sascha's--POE Hunt gift
Hair: Gracelyn from Damselfly

Poses: Vago, Purple Posesdoll


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