Wednesday, June 30, 2010


OMG! DarkerSide has just sent out a new group giftbag--a stunning masked skin and a shape to go with it! I'm using only the skin here, and I absolutely lurrve it! The pale skin tone is in stark contrast with the mask and the blood-red lips, and together they exude an aura of mystery...(um...actually the mask also comes in handy on bad eye make-up days especially when the lashes just won't sit right! hee..)

Gown: Fantasy (accessories, gloves and glitter included) from ElaCor
Hair: Sasha from DrLife

Gown: Agnes Summer Gown from Meghindo's--group gift
Jewellery: Aztec Dream set from Jewelry by Zuri
Hair: Cutesie from GuRLyWood--free
Shoes: Parisiennes Sandals from NCparis

Skin in all pics: Masked from DarkerSide--group gift

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Picklefish Fun!

While exploring new sims the other day, I came across Picklefish--an amazing place with lush green meadows, rolling hillocks, beautiful blooms in radiant colours, cute farm animals and interesting things to keep me busy for hours!

A Rembrandt in the making...hee...

Outfit: Lusty Pearl Purple and Tattoo from LilMs Creations
Hair: Pretty Girl from LollipopZ--MM gift
Bracelets: from Ibizarre--free
Shoes: Jezebel Spring Daisy from Clocktower Designs--June Bug hunt gift
Artist Beret, Paintbrush, Color Palette from Picklefish--free

One of my favourite activities--roasting marshmallows..yumm!

Outfit: Smooth Blue from KDee's Designs
Hair: Pretty Girl from LollipopZ--MM gift
Shoes: Jezebel Spring Daisy from Clocktower Designs--June Bug hunt gift
Accessories: Leather Braid n Beaded Choker and Bracelet from Hudson Clothing--*SS* Hunt gift
Marshmallow On Stick from Picklefish--free

This is going to mess up my dress...arrghhh!

Dress: Illusions from Flavor!--free
Hair: Gothic Romance from LollipopZ--MM gift
Shoes: Ultimate Samara Pumps from Baby Monkey--profile pick gift

Yikes! There's even a detention class (see inset)! Sure brings back memories! *shiver*

One last look at the beautiful sim...

Dress: Summer Freebie from B! Fashion
Hair: Messy Updo from LollipopZ
Shoes: Ultimate Ophelia from Baby Monkey--MM gift
Bag: Vanity Bag from Izumiya--free

Location: Picklefish

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's My Day!

Today I went to Poised because I wanted to buy a nice dress with the group gift card that I received, but I ended up with something even better and free too! It was the Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt and I happened to walk right past the hunt box! Wow, Somebody up there loves me! hee... Then I hopped over to the Dominion Fashion District to pick up this cool pair of boots for only 25L! At the same time, Burroughs sent out a notecard about a free necklace, so I popped by there too, and got a gift from the lucky chair as well! It sure is my day today! *grin* And this cute short hair from [kik] is one of their new releases which I had been eyeing, so I bought it to complete the look...

Dress: Midsummer Night's Dream hunt gift (also includes a long skirt not worn here) from Poised
Boots: Stars Suede Boots (with texture hud) from EvA Footwear--25L
Jewellery: Starlight Necklace (free), Shanti Bracelets (lucky chair gift) and Uhura Earrings (free) all from Burroughs (all with texture hud)
Hair: Monica (includes headband with colour hud) from [kik]

Addicted to Paris Metro!

If there is one brand I blog a lot about, it has got to be Paris Metro! I just lurrve the designs, the colours, the soft breezy feel and the way the gowns drape around short, I think I'm addicted! *hee*

Oasis Gown

Night Air Gown

Southhampton-Formal Gown and Cocktail Dress

Elemental Onyx Long Gown and Cocktail Dress

All gowns from Paris Metro

Thank you Rose, you rrrooock!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paris Metro:Art Gallery!

One of my favourite stores, Paris Metro, is celebrating art with these three gorgeous gowns named after three very talented artists, and you can get them free for a limited time, after which they will be sold at the regular prices and half the proceeds will go to these artists in a show of support for them!

JP.Hamelin Gown

Kyrss Holmer Gown

A.Tamatzui Gown

All gowns from Paris Metro:Art Gallery

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Immerschoen's 'Leona' and Erwin's Rez Day!

I wanted to get my dear Erwin a nice new outfit on his second rez day (since he has not bought something new for years! hee), so I took him shopping (and for once he was not complaining since this time it was for him! *grin*)! And after we both agreed on this rather macho, sexy suit from Utopia, I thought the only outfit that would match his would be the equally yummy 'Leona' from Immerscheon!

Competing to see who is more cool here...

Just concentrate and stop complaining dear...

A closer look at all the options...

Happy Rez Day Dearie! MUACCCCHHH!!!

On me: Leona Panty Set (includes tattoos, different top, panty and sock options, accessories and boots not included) from Immerschoen--thank you Nici! xxxx

On Erwin: Santiago (sunglasses and shoes not included) from Utopia

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mad Weekend!

Mad weekend rush as usual for me, so a quick post today! Smiley

Dress: Exotica from MB-Designs--10L (limited time)
Jewellery: Fairy Splendor from Ceriano Designs
Shoes: 027a from Angel Alphaville
Hair: June Scripted Hair from Ceriano Designs--10L

Yikes! I forgot to shave my legs! Smiley

Dress: Barcode Dress from Before Sleep--40L (bought with 30L group gift card)
Shoes: Vixen Heels from Clocktower Designs
Hair: Olivia from Mina--update group gift
Skin: Pelu Pelu from CandyDoll--subscriber gift

Oh dear, looks like there's a tree growing on my head! Smiley

Dress: Alba from Arisaris--group gift
Shoes: Ultimate Ophelia from Baby Monkey--MM gift
Skin, Hair and Bangles: Evelin from YS&YS--group gift

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weekday Mix!

Honestly I didn't quite know how to name this post, I mean I enjoyed putting it all together but there simply wasn't a theme, if you know what I mean (and I often don't have a theme), so whenever I am stumped for words, I just call it a 'mix'! *grin*

Guess I'll start with the raincoat--and the first thing I thought of was the rain at Pretty Stick! I don't think there's a better place than this if you want lots of rain and puddles of water! (Thanks Lili! xxxx)!

Outfit: Raincoat (includes footwear) from Kloka--free (treasure hunt)
Umbrella: Carrot Umbrella from LVS & Co.--previous freebie
Hair: Messed Up Black from DarkerSide--group gift
Location: Pretty Stick

I bought this dress below with a store card quite some time ago but just didn't have the right accessories to go with it till now...

Dress: Hot Candy from Badkatz
Necklace: Cora Necklace from Virtual Impressions--free
Shoes: Ultimate Dita Fishnets-Black Suede from Baby Monkey--group gift
Hair: Bo-bang from DrLife--group gift

I just lurrve this sunny, cheery tee with a cute smiley in front and it goes so well with my skirt and shoes too! Oh and I really dig this adorable see-through vinyl bag!

Top: Smile Tee (comes with yellow panties) from Elemiah Design--free
Skirt: Scottish White Skirt from Temptation--group gift
Bangles: Floral Bangles (with texture change hud) from Baby Monkey--10L
Bag: Vinyl Bag Pink from Kloka--free
Shoes: Fatale Heel Aureolin from Clocktower Designs
Hair: Taken All from Fusemelon--free

Finally, this dress is one of two gifts I found at this Elemiah outlet (basically a sort of discount store) and there are many other pretty outfits sold at greatly reduced prices, so do check it out!

A closer look...

Dress: Destock from Elemiah Design--gift B1
Jewellery: Uno Diamond of Flower (with texture hud) from Avon + Alpha--free
Hair: Regina from Hair Solutions

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yay! Free Outfits!

The other day, I had the privilege of meeting the friendly and helpful ALV Rau of AL Vatars Central who really does a great job helping noobs with boxes of free stuff, and though I'm no longer considered noob, I couldn't help grabbing some of those fantastic freebies for myself too! hehe! Also, it's been a long time since I last heard from QQ Fashion (previously blogged here, here and here), so it was nice to see new freebies at the store (which are always of high quality), but because of RL time constraints, I will just show you this lovely pant suit which I was especially drawn to. Lastly, this free and easy shorts outfit in pleasing blue hues with matching bracelet from Nekojita sure makes me long for the weekend again! sigh..

Outfit: Jeansy from AL Vatars Central--free
Sunglasses: Rayban Classic from AL Vatars Central--free (for a box of 7 assorted glasses)
Bracelet: Starlight Bracelet from Burroughs--free
Shoes: Sweet Slipper from NCparis--profile pic gift
Hair: Zorah from Ali&Ali--free

Outfit: Madison from QQ Fashion--free (shoes included)
Hair: Regina from Hair Solutions--bought with 200L store card (which was a group gift)

Outfit: Summer from Nekojita--free (bracelet and belt included)
Necklace: Smile Pendant from NC--group gift
Sunglasses: Rayban 2008 from AL Vatars Central--free (for a box of 7 assorted glasses)
Hair: Lorena from A Wild Hair--subscriber gift

Skin in all pics: from JeSyLiLO--free