Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paris Metro:Art Gallery!

One of my favourite stores, Paris Metro, is celebrating art with these three gorgeous gowns named after three very talented artists, and you can get them free for a limited time, after which they will be sold at the regular prices and half the proceeds will go to these artists in a show of support for them!

JP.Hamelin Gown

Kyrss Holmer Gown

A.Tamatzui Gown

All gowns from Paris Metro:Art Gallery


  1. Such a lovely scene baby and such lovely dresses, I know the tons of time that you invest in every post like this, finding the right scene, matching the dress to the hair and all accessories, chosing the right pose, snapping hundreds of picture in ultra graphics and crashing over and over again, also playing with all sorts of graphic settings when snapping, then cropping them, improving the picture using gimp, adding the links, publishing... But it worths it because for us readers it's a sheer pleasure to watch.

  2. Thank you dearie, you're my greatest support! Muach!


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