Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Weekend Finds!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all these free outfits complete with accessories and footwear--maybe they're not new, but they certainly are to me, so I just had to share them with everyone! I also received some gifts along the way, take a look:-

All outfits from SisterHood--free

Wed hair from Miel

From left: Group gifts Esscent (shoes from Sassy outfit) and Sassy (shoes included), Yo Kitty Red (boots, tail, hat, bangles all included--Dark Katz Hunt gift), Breakout Black (necklace and bangles included--Fashion Freaks Hunt gift)--all from KDee's

Lipstick Hair from LollipopZ--MM gift

Outfit (two top options, bag, bracelet, earrings, sandals all included) from Sun Made Fashions--free
Dreadz Evolve II hair from Flavor!--previous group gift

Desire (necklace and bracelets included) from Flavor!--MM gift
Dejavu Extra hair from LollipopZ--group gift

In all pics:
Lily v2 Elm Skin from Exodi--subsriber gift

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