Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Take on Emerald

When I saw this week's colour for Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge, my first reaction was, "Oh no not green again!" because like I mentioned in my previous post (here), I don't have that many items in that colour. It took me quite awhile before I finally found this gorgeous shimmery dress from Nicky Ree and a pair of lovely satin green shoes from S@SS, both of which were bought more than a year ago (I think). I matched them with this exquisite jewellery set from Zuri's and one of my favourite up-dos with pretty little petal accessories from W&Y, and together, here's my take on emerald!

Dress: Spring Romance Satin from Nicky Ree
Hair: 66 from W&Y
Jewellery: Chantelle's Heart (with texture hud) from Jewelry by Zuri--1000 members group gift
Shoes: Single Colour Bow Footsie-Fern (with texture hud) from S@SS
Poses: Agapee

Lemania's Specials!

Two complete opposites from Lemania today--one is a Victorian-inspired gown with matching shoes and the other a present-day casual pastel blue outfit that includes a pair of pearl earrings and cute clogs! 

Carolina Morn (shoes included) from Lemania--100L (limited time)
Sophia hair (with lace and pearls) from Beautiful Dirty Rich

Naturally Blue (earrings and clogs included) from Lemania--100L (limited time)
SpringFling clutch from auTre--subscriber group gift
Eva hair from Exile--free

In both pics:
Stone Pebbles Necklace from Lemania--50L (weekend special)
Poses: Gesticulate, Marukin

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Entitled to Air

Just love these beautiful light airy dresses from Siss Boom...

Air from Siss Boom
Freya hair from S Town
Monroe necklace set from Alisha's Mall--10L (sale)

Entitled (stockings included) from Siss Boom
Pearl Art Deco choker from Alisha's Mall--20L (sale)
Star-Crossed Lovers Ring from Chop Zuey--group gift
Catherine hair from Beautiful Dirty Rich

Poses: Boutique Giada, Glitterati

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Releases from EMO-tions this Saturday!

Here's a sneak peek of some fantastic new hair and outfit PLUS a new group gift from EMO-tions to be released tomorrow (Saturday, 29 January SLT)! Woot!

Outfit Above: Sonia--this is a gown/huntress outfit that includes a full skirt, half skirt, face-mask, belt, gloves, collar, shoulder cloak and armour on right upper arm
Hair worn (from top): Pamela (dark red), Corinne (blonde), Jason (dark brown)--all new!

Teresa (naturals)--new group gift! (will not be on sale)

Other colours available:

Pamela (black)--new!

Jason (naturals)--new!

Corinne (flames)--new!

Outfit and hair all from EMO-tions!
EMO-tions Mainstore
EMO-tions New Valhal

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shadows Once More

Today I decided to try using shadows again with Viewer 2 to see if I crash as much as I used to. Surprisingly, I hardly crashed this time and although I see some jagged edges round the shadows when I zoom in close, still it was a refreshing change for me. I was also delighted to get this free dress from one of my favourite stores Glitter, and while I was there, this new release named Barbie caught my eye, so I bought that too! If not for time, I think I would have bought a few more items! *hee* And I'm sure most of you would have got this free adorable Lazy Bench from aDORKable by now--my avatar looked so comfy sitting there I swear I almost dozed off in RL!

Pic above:
Barbie (includes belt not worn here) from Glitter--new
Jolynn hair (rustbrown) with hat from Ali&Ali--group gift
Elegant Cuff from NCparis--group gift
Greta Glitter Pumps (texture change) from Baby Monkey--group gift
The Lazy Bench (with poses)  from aDORKable--free

Clodette (choker included) from Glitter--800 members special gift
Brookelle Hair from Raw House
Pose from Gesticulate

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Goodness at Lemania's

Today's specials from Lemania feature two beautiful vintage dresses--one is a flapper dress with a playful fringe skirt, matching shoes and hair that hark back to the Jazz Age of the roaring 20's while the other is a gorgeous gown in rich velvet that comes with hat and lingerie with optional jacket.

Bees Knees (includes hair and shoes)--100L (24 hours only)

Blue Velvet (includes hat, shoes and lingerie)--100L (24 hours only), worn with Madrid hair from Simply Britnee

Blue Velvet again--A different look without the jacket and hat, worn with Loops of Diamonds jewellery set and Elegance hair also from Lemania (all sold separately)

Taxi to Lemania

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Yourself with Siss Boom!

Two cute comfy outfits from Siss Boom today at 100L each for a very limited time, so hurry! Also, do take note of the new LM below!

Free Thinker (includes leg cuffs, frill sleeves and collar)--100L (limited time)

La Grange (includes optional chest strap, collar and sleeve cuffs)--100L (limited time)

Taxi to new Siss Boom

Taupe...and My Take

I've been sitting on this week's colour (see Luna's blog) because the more I shopped for taupe or taupe-like items, the more confused I got! So I decided to look in my inventory instead (now why didn't I do that earlier?) and searched for 'taupe'--but I got something greenish instead! Then I typed 'grey' and came up with this cute dress from Lemania which I bought more than a year ago (I think) and it's pretty close to the colour on Luna's blog too! Yay! Problem is I'm not sure if it's still on sale though, but least it's a decent taupe! Finally! 

Dress: Nevada (includes hat, gloves, jewel, stockings and shoes) from Lemania--not sure if it's still available
Hair: Bo-bang from DrLife--previous group gift
Choker: Lunar Beauty from Lolapop! at EaHH
Pose: Hate Me and Eat Me (Pro Posers Hunt gift)

Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm lovin' these new leather pant sets from Immerschoen Girl that accentuate your curves in all the right places (or curves you never thought you had)! Smiley

PantsImmerschoen Girl Leather Pants 'Belt-Wish'--This is a personalized custom belt available with the leather pants and sculpted leg cuffs--I just lurrve having my name on the belt! Thank you Nici! MUACHHH!
VestImmerscheon Girl Leather Vest/Gilet 'laced' (black)
*hair with hat, choker, earrings, bracelets, nails and boots not included

Pants: Immerschoen Girl Leather Pants 'Laced' (black)--comes with regular and sculpted prim cuffs versions
Vest: Immerschoen Girl Leather Vest/Gilet 'Stickers' (black) 1
*hair, earrings, necklace, gloves and boots not included

Immerschoen Girl Leather Set 'Julia' (black/white)--includes leather pants with belt, white casual blouse, option of leather vest/blouse combination or leather vest alone and arm bangle 'zebra'
*hair, hat, earrings, rings, nails and boots not included

Taxi to Immerschoen Fashion
Poses: Agapee

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New from Lurani!

After a short break, Gisele Mubble of Lurani is back with fantastic new releases in her trademark bold, avant-garde silhouettes that are bound to be the talk of the town! 


Bondage Lace Dress

Fan Cream Dress

Ruffle Print Dress

From left: Lace Cut-Out Leggings, Flower Rose Lace Leggings (black and white)

Taxi to Lurani
Hair: Exile
Poses: SyDS, xbordeaux, Swedish Style

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Untold Writing

Two new gorgeous designs from Siss Boom today, both oozing feminine charm with interesting names to boot...

Untold (includes shirt, long skirt, ruffled wrap and sculpted shirt bottom) from Siss Boom
Elegance hair from Lemania

Writing on the Wall (choker and bustle included) from Siss Boom
Vivienne hair from Exile--new!

Poses: Hate Me and Eat Me

Come Celebrate with EMO-tions TODAY!!

Mirja Mills of EMO-tions has just rebuilt her store at Valhal and to celebrate the occasion, she has not only released a new cute and short curly hair named Angie, but she has also started a new 99L section and a HUGE 50% sale starting today (Saturday 22 January SLT) on all styles beginning with the letters N or P (only at Valhal)!!!! Woot!! So what are you waiting for??? Oh and not forgetting the freebies too! See pics below!

Angie (brown)--new!

Angie (dark brown)--new!

Below are examples of 99L discounted hair (more at the store)!



Here are examples of hair at 50% off (much more at the store)!




And finally, some examples of the freebies (see more at the store)!

Anita (left-top), Vivien (left-bottom), Big in Japan (middle), Carlotta (right-top), Till (right-bottom)

Left to right: Cybermoon (assorted colours), The Call, Darren (chin goatee)

Taxi to EMO-tions Mainstore and EMO-tions New Valhal

Happy shopping! Dancing penguin

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Specials from Siss Boom!

Here are the Daily Specials from Siss Boom--one is a smart skirt outfit in earth tones (aptly named 'Earth') which oozes city chic and I added a wide belt for effect while the other is a casual outfit in pastel blue which is just perfect for a walk in the fresh early morning air or a workout at the gym...

Dress: Earth (includes option of two-toned or pink socks) from Siss Boom--100L (24 hours only)
Belt: Waist-Hi Belt V3 (colour change)  from OW--gift
Hair: Ada from Exile
Nails and Rings: BrickRed from Finesmith Designs
Boots: Domina Boots-Browns (with texture hud) from Baby Monkey

Outfit: Fresh (includes waist tie, arm and leg cuffs) from Siss Boom--100L (24 hours only)
Hair: 02 (includes colour changeable bandana) from Dura
Sneakers: Snow Leopard from Baby Monkey--previous group gift

Poses: Gesticulate--subscriber gift

Whimsical Birds

Nothing like bird-watching on a nice warm day for some rest and relaxation and wearing a pretty dress that's covered with cute little bird motifs... Smiley

Dress: Whimsical Birds (includes headband; hair from Garden Party Outfit also from Mercy Style ) from Mercy Style--60L
Pose with birds: Just A Pose (old pose but still one of my favourites--previously 99L)

Thank you Mercy! xxx