Saturday, January 22, 2011

Come Celebrate with EMO-tions TODAY!!

Mirja Mills of EMO-tions has just rebuilt her store at Valhal and to celebrate the occasion, she has not only released a new cute and short curly hair named Angie, but she has also started a new 99L section and a HUGE 50% sale starting today (Saturday 22 January SLT) on all styles beginning with the letters N or P (only at Valhal)!!!! Woot!! So what are you waiting for??? Oh and not forgetting the freebies too! See pics below!

Angie (brown)--new!

Angie (dark brown)--new!

Below are examples of 99L discounted hair (more at the store)!



Here are examples of hair at 50% off (much more at the store)!




And finally, some examples of the freebies (see more at the store)!

Anita (left-top), Vivien (left-bottom), Big in Japan (middle), Carlotta (right-top), Till (right-bottom)

Left to right: Cybermoon (assorted colours), The Call, Darren (chin goatee)

Taxi to EMO-tions Mainstore and EMO-tions New Valhal

Happy shopping! Dancing penguin


  1. omg dozens of great hair!...i have to visit the store right away...

  2. LOL Annomis, same here, I went to get some of my fav hair too! But I just discovered that the 'freebies' that Mirja wrote on a notecard for me to blog are actually dollarbies and I wrote to her about this! OMG hope she changes the price tags because for those without lindens, free and dollarbies are quite different lol!

  3. Lovely pics! Did you start using shadows?

  4. Thank you Lila! No I have not used shadows for a long time now because they cause me to crash terribly! So I have been relying only on adjusting the sky settings instead--not as good as shadows, but at least I don't crash so much:-))

  5. Baby! such niiice pictures, and obviously you invested so much in trying to perfect them. Each hair style, different clothign to match, different scenary. Very nice, very very nice.

    Well, humm... perhas for that silly Pagoda on your head on the last picture, would you mind taking it off? I think I already told you...


  6. Thank you Erwin dear! But I like my 'pagoda' hair LOL


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