Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I have always loved pastel shades, and pink is one of my favourites (guess I'm still a little girl at heart *grins*)!! So anytime I need some pastel fix, one of my first stops is always Simone which sells plenty of beautiful pastel, gorgeous and versatile formals and smart casuals. Here I'm wearing Brigid gown set from Simone (it has a few top and skirt options plus jeans as well), Brandy hair from Miss Tizzys (FREE!!), shoes from B! Fashion (MM prize), Pink Lady bangle, earrings and ring from Shine Jewellery and pink necklace (September gift) from Fairy Tail. Take a look below:-

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sometimes, in the midst of my daily chores and rush of activities, I find myself craving for solitude- for it is only during such moments that I can reflect on what I cherish most, chart new course in my life and re-prioritize. And there's nothing more fulfilling than spending such quiet times in the comfort of my home, especially with these cute furniture from Chez Moi...

Moon: Balanco na Lua (with sit poses) from Chez Moi--only 10L!!
Picnic Mat: also from Chez Moi (umbrella, cushions with pose balls and fruit basket all included)--FREE!!
Dress: Mod Dress from K&CO--FREE!!
Hair: 18 from Barberyumyum
Booties: Trinkette Booties from Rare Bliss--previously free
Bangle and Ring: Gothic Dream set (includes colour-changing hud, matching necklace, earrings and belly stone) from Vincenca Rosca
Nails: French Manicure (black) from D3--FREE!!

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Erwin's Wet Look!

Erwin has just created another heart-stopping wet-look dress which, again, is NOT something you wear to meet your future mother in-law..LOL!! Hmm....seems to me Erwin is designing more with men in mind--again!! *grins* But still, I sure enjoyed the attention (unwanted or not) while wearing this dress which has a way of clinging to curves I never thought I even had!! Definitely a great dress for women of all shapes!!

Dress: Wet Look from Provocative Clothings
Hair: Naughty from Tekuteku
Bangle and Ring: Perfect diamond set from Shine Jewellery

Erwin's shorts: free from Oahu Hawaii

Erwin the perfectionist photographer...

Yay! A break at last (for me)!! hehe

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spotlight--Pandora Pose!!

When I first received this box for review from Pandora Designs (more information can be found here:
Website:,I thought it would be like any other regular box of poses, and I already have sooooooooooooo many poses in my inventory, most of which I hardly even use!! But after I opened the box, I quickly realized this was unlike most I have seen--this is not just a box of poses, it's also a hud, which you can use to play and organize poses and animations; you can even use it to rezz temporary pose balls and adjust the height of the balls too. But the most fun part was I could use the hud to target Erwin and make him pose and animate according to the menu which I controlled!! Of course he wasn't too amused, as seen in the pics below..LOL!!!

One more thing, the package I got also contained a dizzying array of poses and animations--there are male and female model poses, animations and poses for when you are on the floor, in the water, in flight or fight--just amazing!!!

Dress: La Madam from Ohm Store (hair, hat, gloves, shoes, accessories all included)--MM gift
Shorts Outfit: Cotton Candy ShortZ set from Butterfly Effects
Hair with shorts outfit: Cup Cake from Miss Tizzy--FREE!!
Bandana on the arm and socks: Amaris--FREE!!
White Sneakers: part of pink jeans set from Naughty N Nice

This is the hud which I wear--just click on it and a menu will appear...

These are the model poses...

Here are the fun animations and poses...

... here are the fight animations...and poor Erwin looks so miserable here as he was made to crawl and fly against his wishes!! LOL!!

Beauty and the Beast

Every now and then Erwin likes to unleash his animalistic side (and so do I --hehe), so that's why we thought this amazing, powerful-looking Hybrid Demon Denotaur from Sense would suit him perfectly, but there is nothing like power under control, so this leash and collar sure come in handy :-)) But honestly, we really had fun with this beast avatar, and as for me, I am delighted by simple pleasures, such as this ensemble I'm wearing which cost me next to nothing! And of course I'm always thankful to generous designers who come up with beautifully crafted items to give to group members or to the public for free!

Dress: RD Black (gloves included) from Jill--FREE!!
Hat: Dresshat (black stripe) from P/a--FREE!!
Necklace: Flower Necklace (comes with matching bracelet) from Just for You--group gift
Earrings: Silver Earrings from Gems & Kisses
Shoes: Princess Diamond from Heart & Soul--50L SALE!!
Hair: Growing Hair from Wildcat--gift from my dearest Erwin, and as I mentioned in one of my previous entries, this hair 'grows'!! It comes with a hud so you can customize the growth rate, or even turn off the growth--it can be turned into a bun , or a pony tail of any length you desire--cool huh)?
Leash Handle: Xcite Leash Handle from Xcite
Collar: Xcite Leather Strap Collar from Xcite (comes with command menu for the owner--owner can attach a leash, command the wearer to come nearer, to freeze, to have the collar tightened, and even to do push ups--LOL! Very useful indeed)!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Bliss-ful Christmas!

I just love the Christmas season--maybe it's the weather, the exchange of gifts, the long holidays, the meeting up of old friends and relatives, whatever the reason for the season, nothing beats Christmas, and nothing beats dressing up in these beautiful and aptly named gowns from Bliss Couture!!

Here I am at L&S Winter World which I found by accident, wearing Bliss Couture's blue Christmas Eve gown, Simply Pearls set (includes necklace, earrings and bracelets) from Virtual Impressions and Odango hair from Tekuteku.

And here at the town centre, I'm wearing Bliss Couture's pink Snow Queen gown and 081Black Hair from White Well. Don't you just love the giant candy canes and gingerbread man?

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Blooming Starlust!

I can't remember how I got this landmark to Starlust Land in the Floydian Territories, but it sure is worth a visit, especially when most of the shops are in the form of giant blooming flowers or plants of some sort!! There is also a giant hamburger, french fries, and tea cup!!! Sure makes me feel like Gulliver in Brobdingnag!! But boy did I have fun here, unlike poor Gulliver! Maybe it's because the stuff they sell here are in regular sizes!! *whew*

Dress: Prototype Denim (smog paisley) from The Plastik
Bracelets: Assortment from Jill--all FREE!!
Necklace: Leather Necklace from Sole Lily--group gift
Boots: Gold Series (black) from Utopia
Hair: Christy from Bishwear

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Hidden Gangster

I remember when I first watched the Godfather Trilogy, three things intrigued me--first, the haunting theme (which, to me is evergreen); second, the importance of family; and third, the way deals were sealed (most of which were secured by 'wasting' all foes..LOL)!!! Ok ok, so I have fantasized about being in a mafia family...but it's more because I love the weapons!! (Not that I know anything about them, they just look sooooo sexy, don't you think)?

Dress: Mini Disco Dress (purple) from Sassy Kitty--MM gift
Hair: Mya Makes Bank from Posh--new release freebie (hat included)
Necklace and Earrings: Alina Black Set from Donna Flora
Weapon: Uzi from Weapons--free
Shoes: Trouble Fetish Stiletto All Black from Carmen's Shoes (unfortunately at the time of publication, I found out too late that the creator had deleted her account and her shop.)
Gloves: Fingerless Leather Gloves from XTC--FREE!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Relaxing Rendervisions

Lately, I am beginning to appreciate the Emerald screenshots when I log in to SL because I am introduced to new and interesting sims which I wouldn't have heard of otherwise and Rendervisions Isle is one of them. The moment I landed here, I felt as if I had stepped into another dimension--a fantasy world where everything defies convention (just great for a rebel like me *grins*). The serenity of the place, the enveloping mist, the dark and light horse carriages, the quirky architecture (such as a shop in a gigantic flower, a house that sits on legs and a mechanical bee hive!) made it all sooooooooo surreal...

Dress: Iris from A La Folie--FREE!!
Hair: Brandy from Miss Tizzy's--FREE!!
Shoes: Exquisite Beauty (silver) from Minx
Earrings: Ailsa Opal and Silver Earrings from Pen's Gems--subscriber gift
Bangles: Special Stacked Bangles from Pen's Gems--MM gift
Necklace: Ribbon Sphere from Fairy Tail--FREE!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

OMG Another Outfit by Erwin!!

Looks like my dearest Erwin has got hooked on designing women's clothes lately, and his creations are definitely not for the faint-hearted!! I mean, just look at this purple outfit he just made--it's translucent, barely hiding the nipples and the crotch area, the top is barely covering the boobs, and the pants are just skimming the lower half of the butt...mmmm....sure is yummilicious!!!

Oh and one more thing, I have been wanting to help 'spread the word' (as Anatalia Honi, creator of Posies, likes to say), and that is, she has a daily 1L pose from Mondays through Fridays until 8pm SLT, after which the poses can still be purchased at the normal price. So hurry down to Posies Main Store to get you daily pose fix!! I just lurveeeeeeeeee her poses, don't you??? Below are just a few samples....

Outfit: Provocative Clothing Very Low Cut Purple Outfit Pants from Xstreet (

Hair: Growing Hair from Wildcat (can you believe this hair can GROW??? LOL!! Trust Erwin to find something like this for me!! It comes with a hud so you can turn on or off the growth, adjust the speed of growth etc, and when it has reached maximum length, you have to cut it to allow it to grow again! Fun huh)?

Bangles: Thin and Thick Bangles from Topaz Square -- FREE!!! (These bangles even come with a colour hud for endless colour combinations)!!!

Necklace: Dragonfly Necklace from BD--FREE!!!

Shoes: MaryBelle (Mist) from ByKay--FREE!!!

Poses: 1L Daily Pose from Posies--previously 1L, but there are new 1 L poses everyday from Mondays through Fridays!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go for Gold

For a glam night out, there's nothing like gold and more gold to shine, shimmer, and brighten up the night skies, and of course, to get noticed *grins*; just throw on a luxe feather stole for that extra oomph, slip on a pair of ultra sexy gold stilettos, add some diamond encrusted fine gold jewellery and you're all ready to party the night away!!

Dress: Gaba Cocktail Dress (gold) from Aleida (feather stole and belt included)
Shoes: Bare Greta (gold patent) from Stiletto Moody
Earrings, Bangle and Ring: Indulge Gold Set from Shine Jewellery
Hair: W's Hair 001 (sepia black) from Umi Usagi

Erwin's Suit: Business Class Pin-Striped Suit from Savvy Avvy

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I don't usually do very much landscaping or building (especially not when I'm now happily occupied with my blog:-))), but if there is a need, I usually head for one of my favourite stores, Misfits Flower Garden Center. They sell not just flowers but also ground covers, fences, privacy screens, hammocks, stone pavers and much more! And add that together with my new dress from Boom, what could be more fun?

Dress: Skream Mini Dress (doll pink) from Boom
Shoes: MaryBelle (Mist) from ByKay--free (comes with hud for skin and nail options)
Hair: *20/black from Barberyumyum
Bangles: Rhapsody (Daddy's Girl) from Boom
Necklace and Earrings: Amethyst Set from Prinny's Prims--dollarbie (comes with bling/no bling versions)
Nails: French Manicure (pink) from D3--freebie
Shopping Basket: from Lion's Den--freebie

HL Fashion Freebies!

I couldn't resist getting this cheery number from HL Fashion Design, and best part? It's free! There are a few ways to wear this dress--with a sexy mini skirt or as a babydoll dress, with or without belt. Take a look below:-

Dress: Dolce from HL Fashion Design--free (belt included)
Shoes: The Rose (golden) from B! Fashion
Earrings and Bangle: Dingle Dangle from Ear Candy--October dollarbie
Hair: Chelsea from Truth
Nails: SoRea'elle Nails (night shine hot pink) from Topaz Square

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Candy Coloured Dollarbie!

Can you believe this cute candy coloured dress including the matching earrings, belt, bangles and shoes cost only 1L??? In fact, seems like practically everything here is 1L at MPD's shop at Harlow, MPD standing for Multiple Personality Designs--cute name too *grins*

Dress: All About Me (teal) from MPD--1L (earrings, bangles, shoes, belt all included)
Hair: Embrace from Analog
Nails: French Manicure (black) from D3--free

Monday, November 16, 2009

Amazing Alpine

I have always loved the winter season and snow, lots of snow, and Alpine Executive Center was just perfect for me. It also brought back happy memories because that was the place Erwin and I spent our honeymoon, and besides, there's so much to do here, skiing, taking train rides, balloon rides, not to mention the breath-taking winter scenery...

Dress: Jealous Dress from Ali Couture (top comes in a few versions and you can wear it sheer too, but since this sim was PG, I thought it was best to cover up *grins*--sunglasses, belt and scarf all included)
Hair: Katey from Truth
Shoes: Sole Candy Spiked Desire (silver) from VDI
Cuff: Hox Cuff 1 from HOX--free
Bangles: Rhapsody Bangles (Daddy's Girl) from Boom
Ring: Calla Lily from JCNY
Nails: SoRea'elle (glossy cherry red nail enamel) from Topaz Square

From Pictures

Exhilarating!!! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

From Pictures
All covered up (on top at least)!!

From Pictures
Taking a risk here by changing into the sheer top version--note the lovely flower patterns on the nipples and belly button...

From Pictures

From Pictures
What an experience!