Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Every now and then Erwin likes to unleash his animalistic side (and so do I --hehe), so that's why we thought this amazing, powerful-looking Hybrid Demon Denotaur from Sense would suit him perfectly, but there is nothing like power under control, so this leash and collar sure come in handy :-)) But honestly, we really had fun with this beast avatar, and as for me, I am delighted by simple pleasures, such as this ensemble I'm wearing which cost me next to nothing! And of course I'm always thankful to generous designers who come up with beautifully crafted items to give to group members or to the public for free!

Dress: RD Black (gloves included) from Jill--FREE!!
Hat: Dresshat (black stripe) from P/a--FREE!!
Necklace: Flower Necklace (comes with matching bracelet) from Just for You--group gift
Earrings: Silver Earrings from Gems & Kisses
Shoes: Princess Diamond from Heart & Soul--50L SALE!!
Hair: Growing Hair from Wildcat--gift from my dearest Erwin, and as I mentioned in one of my previous entries, this hair 'grows'!! It comes with a hud so you can customize the growth rate, or even turn off the growth--it can be turned into a bun , or a pony tail of any length you desire--cool huh)?
Leash Handle: Xcite Leash Handle from Xcite
Collar: Xcite Leather Strap Collar from Xcite (comes with command menu for the owner--owner can attach a leash, command the wearer to come nearer, to freeze, to have the collar tightened, and even to do push ups--LOL! Very useful indeed)!

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