Sunday, November 8, 2009

Presents Erwin Bought (for himself) Part 1

I'm really a dress person and I hardly ever wear jeans, but lately my dearest Erwin has been plying me with gifts from xstreet, and these sexy super low-rise jeans are just one of them and he even bought these sexy black lace thong for me to wear them with!!! I shall present the gifts in parts so as not to flood the feeds. But now, looking at the daring cut and design of the jeans and thong, it makes me wonder if Erwin bought them for me or more for himself (LOL), hence the title (which Erwin himself suggested)!!!

These jeans are really versatile too since they come with a few leg options, take a look below:-

I decided to match the KL Super Low Rise Jeans ( and the mini black thong ( with Charm top (black) from Luck Inc, Biatch Hair (Black A) from Magika, Badass Babygirl (black) boots from Minx, Vivien gloves from YV, silver hoop earrings from Basalia's, rosary necklace (comes with hand beads too) from Twisted and Spoiled, and heart chandeliar belly bling from Purple Rose.

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