Friday, November 13, 2009

Mohna Lisa Love

I was exploring the malls today (with poor Erwin in tow *grins*) when I came across all these beautiful, sexy gowns that show off all your womanly curves (this should inspire all of us couch potatoes to hit the gym pronto)!! And thanks to the group gift from Mohna Lisa Couture, I got myself this lovely lilac shimmery gown, just perfect for a romantic time with Erwin (and to reward him for carrying all my shopping bags earlier)!!!

On me:-
Gown: Shimmer Nights (dawn) from Mohna Lisa Couture--group gift
Hair: Calypso (soil) from Karma
Shoes: Melody (rosa) from B&G

On Erwin:-
Outfit: Abrigo from Inedit (sunglasses included)

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