Friday, September 30, 2011

Take A Look At Me Now...

Ariadne Natural Ready


Malwina Outfit (olive violet) from A&A Fashion--new!
Amethyst Earrings from N@N@--free
Ana Hair (with tattoo hair base) from PurpleMoon
Ariadne Natural Ready Skin (bewbs), tattoo eyebrows and Manicure Ready from Adam n Eve--new!

Suede Dreams...

Suede Dreams...

Suede Pumps from Armony--new! (shoe hud included, available in five colours)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Right Here Waiting...

Right Here Waiting...

Euforie Dress from SAS at Four Seasons Plaza--Four Seasons Hunt gift (look for a butterfly)
Summer Hair (with hat) from Yuna's--group gift
Fine Bangles from NCparis--group gift

The Way You Make Me Feel...

Ally Aeon
Artist Series Ally Aeon Sweater Gown (necklace included) from Paris Metro--new!
Pietro Hair from LALA Moon--free

Entwined Gown (Plum) from Paris Metro--new!
Tornado Hair from LALA Moon--group gift

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bella Donna!


Donna-Mini Dress Green&Black from Aggressione--new!
Play Hair from Analog Dog Hair
Kiowa Necklace, Earrings and Bracelets from EED

Monday, September 26, 2011

All Psyched Up!

I love this beautiful midriff-baring long dress by Ashli Designs with flowers at the hips and frills at the neckline--so soft and feminine, makes me feel all womanly! There's also a lovely jewellery set to go with it plus a pretty group gift dress with matching necklace and bracelet to thank all members who helped Ashli Designs reach 600 in membership! Congrats Ashlison! xxx

Psyche Beige Dress (includes flowers and frills) from Ashli Designs--new!
Rumor Hair (with head band) from Pomme d Amour Hair--new!

Psyche Jewellery
Psyche Jewellery Set from Ashli Designs--new!
Tammi Hair from Ali&Ali--free (voting present)
Autumn Moon Eyes from Poetic Colors--free
Lip Gloss from Jesylilo--new!

Effie Dress (includes necklace and bracelet) from Ashli Designs--600 members group gift

Pure Model Poses *Art Student* from CS Shapes--free for Swoon group members (non-members--10L for all 3 poses) Thanks Xanthe! xxxx

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day to Night!

Starry 1

This new release from Stars is so versatile it can be worn in a few ways, from classy to sexy (or both!) and takes you from day to night! Definitely something I'd wear in real life! By the way, it's sold at a promotional price for one week only on the marketplace, so hurry! Also, I just found out that my good friend Xanthe Audeburgh of CS Shapes is now making poses (besides making shapes, jewellery, and I don't know what else she has up her sleeve *LOL*)!! What a multi-talented lady she is! Below are just 3 out of the 4 poses she has made for members of CS Shapes, so join the group and come grab them now!

Pic above:
Starry (worn with jacket and belt with lower jacket) from Stars at Marketplace--new! (promo price for one week only)!
Apple Hair from Pomme d Amour Hair--new!
Neca Glasses from Role Optic--new!
Alissa Shopping Bag from aDiva--subscriber gift

Starry 2
Starry (worn here without top)

Starry 3
Starry (worn here with belt only and without jacket)
Someday Hair from Pomme d Amour Hair--new!
Glam Clutch from NCparis--group gift
Drop of Water Necklace from M's Avon--group gift

Pure Model Poses *Effortless* from CS Shapes--group gift (thank you Xanthe! xxxx)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Earth Child

Floriel Dress (veil included) with Calista Hair (dark brown) from EMO-tions--new! (dress and hair sold separately)

Liloe Hair (brown, includes forehead tattoo) from EMO-tions--new!

Friday, September 23, 2011

One with Nature

Eloina Dress (includes leaf chest attachment) with Alari Hair (flames, includes twigs and leaves) from EMO-tions--to be released this Saturday (dress and hair sold separately)

Nalani Hair (naturals, with braids) from EMO-tions--to be released this Saturday



Janie Casual Set (Coal) and Sneaker Passion Heels (Janie Set) from Glitterati by Sapphire--new! (outfit and heels sold separately)
Denise Hair from Hair Extreme
Lip Gloss from Jesylilo

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Call of the Wild

Feral Love
Feral Love Dress with Tatanka Hair (snow, with optional ivy chest and ivy tattoo) from EMO-tions--to be released this Saturday (outfit and hair sold separately)

Cinnamon Hair (dark red, with hair base tattoo) from EMO-tions --to be released this Saturday

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Climb Every Mountain...

Armonia Mesh Dress(bows included) from ArisAris--new!
Sun Hair from PurpleMoon
Belle Flower Hair Circlet from B!asta--free every stream...

Summer Dress (hat and belt included) from ArisAris--group gift
Melissa Hair from ChiChickie--new!

...follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.

~ from 'The Sound of Music' by Rodgers and Hammerstein

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebrate Fall with L`Abel!

Nona Red Gown from L`Abel--Fall 2011
Exa Hair from PurpleMoon

Mikki Grey Set from L`Abel--Fall 2011
Bo-Bang Hair from DrLife
Bangles from Nikita

Lavinia Black Dress from L`Abel--Fall 2011
Annette Updo from Pocket Mirrors
Drop of Water Earrings from M's Avon--group gift

Cleo Nails and Ring (with texture hud) from ByKay

Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh My Stars!

I'm not sure if Stars is a new label, but it is to me, and I'm already sooooo in love with the designs! Take a look at some of the new releases...

Stars 1
Left to right: Hipnotic (includes prim belt), Treasure Stars (includes belted skirt and bra), Velvety Stars (includes frill collar and two skirt lengths with belt)

Stars 2
Sehra Outfit (boots included) and Exquisitely 

All outfits from Stars Fashion Mall, also sold at Marketplace
Hair from Simply Britnee and W&Y
Peacock necklace from M's Avon
Chloe skin from Belleza--new group gift

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nowhere to Hide

Nowhere to Hide


Queyla Outfit (includes gloves, scarf, boots and stockings not worn here) from Eluzion--MM gift
Sashka Earrings from Eluzion--new subscriber gift
Cat Hair from PurpleMoon
Dune Natural Pale Skin from Gaall Skins--new! (also blogged here)

New from EMO-tions this Saturday!

A beautiful RP outfit for the ladies and two new curly hairstyles from EMO-tions this Saturday!!

Calypso dress with Anele hair (black, with tattoo hair base and texture changeable headband) from EMO-tions--new! (dress and hair sold separately)

Finya hair from EMO-tions--new! (also blogged here)

Taxi to EMO-tions

Friday, September 16, 2011

Never Look Back

Never Look Back

Eliza (mauve) from Ashli Designs--new!
Dune Skin from Gaall Skins--new!
Marlene Hair from Ali&Ali

Blind Faith

Blind Faith

Dream Promenade Dress from B!asta--September gift
Peacock-Jewelry Set and Gold Flat Shoes from +M's Avon+Jewelry Shop--new!
Zoey Ninja hair from Raw House--group gift

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steppin' Out...

...of my comfort zone...

Steppin' Out...

Lacie Capri Set and Sneaker Passion-Polka Dots from Glitterati by Sapphire--new! (outfit and sneakers sold separately)
Languid Hair from MrS

Now All I Need Is A Date...

Now all I need is a date...

Gown from Sweet Antidote--ABBH gift
Elles Hair (with texture changeable headband) from MINA--new HeadQuarters Collection!
Sari Skin from Not Button's--free (previously blogged)
Pose from EverGlow at The Tropicalia Bazaar

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paint Me Baby!

Adeline Full

Adeline Close up

Adeline-Paint-Cappuccino Skin from [-Blue Sky-]--new group gift!
Finya Hair from EMO-tions--new! (to be released this Saturday)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Little Piece of Heaven

My Piece of Heaven

Dress (with bow) from Glitterati by Sapphire--September group gift
Hair (includes texture hud and beret not worn here) from Ali&Ali--Alice's 5th Rez Day Hunt gift
Sari Skin from Not Button's--free

Monday, September 12, 2011



Paradise Halter Dress from Vextra Fashion--new!
Mariella Hair from Simply Britnee
Sonrisa Clogs from Chop Zuey--group gift
Kate Skin from Style by Kira at The Wash--10L
Pose (with butterflies) from Baffle!--free
Pic taken at Baffle!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful...'s because they're looking at you...

~'If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful', music and lyrics by Elliot Willensky, sung by Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson

If you say my eyes are beautiful, it's because they're looking at you...

Skintilicious Skin (Peach) and I Am! Eyeshadows from Skintimate--new! 
Clarus Eyes Special Edition from Aphotic Gloom--new!
Hair from PurpleMoon
Earrings from Eluzion--subscriber gifts

When Night Falls...

When Night Falls..

Unseelie Nightfall Dress from Reality Designs--Twisted Hunt gift
Dax Hair from PurpleMoon
Uva Necklace from WTG--Kiyomizu Autumn Treasure Hunt gift
Uva Earrings, bracelets and nails from WTG--September group gift
Aura Skin from Heartsick at The Wash--10L
A Little Drama Eyeshadow from elymode

Friday, September 9, 2011

New from EMO-tions this Saturday!

Beautiful new dress, two lovely straight hair styles and a crazy group gift from EMO-tions this Saturday!! 

Mera Luna *Crazy* Hair from EMO-tions--new group gift!
Loni Dress from EMO-tions--new!

Maren & Insa
Left: Maren Hair (Natural Red-new tone!) from EMO-tions--new!
Right: Insa Hair (Naturals) from EMO-tions--new!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sun n Sand

Corina Carlberg of Aggressione has just created a sexy red mini dress which you can dress up or down according to your mood, and as you can see here, I'm in a sun n sand vacation mood! 


Kate-Mini Dress Red from Aggressione--new!
Mirabella Hair from Simply Britnee
Mon Cheri Necklace Set and Janie Bracelet from N@N@
Socialite III Mesh Sunglasses (with texture hud) from Role Optic
Sunflower (in mouth) from [EY:NO]--subscriber gift

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Have A Secret...

Ema's Secret 1
Left: ABBH gift
Right: Olivia Gown (available in 4 colours)--new!

Ema's Secret 2
Left: Kat Outfit (available in 2 colours)--new!
Right: Yasmin Outfit (belt included, top available in 4 colours)--new!

All gowns and outfits from Ema's Secret

Out of the Woods...

Out of the Woods


Crsip Daze Dress from Ruxy's Design--group gift
Mirage Necklace Set from Vox
Eri Hair from eha--reopening gift
Amelie Natural-Breeze Skin from Glam Affair at TDR