Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holding On (to a Dear Friend)

Holding On
Holding On,
originally uploaded by moniq salamander.
This beautiful pic speaks volumes, and it was taken by Moniq Salamander who is a fantastic blogger, a dear friend, a constant support, and one who definitely makes my SL a much better place!! When Moniq  asked me to take this pic with her, I felt so excited, so touched, and so honoured (see Moniq's blog here)!! Thank you Moniq, for just being you!!! MUACHHHHHHHHH!!!

Oh I almost forgot the style notes *LOL*: I'm wearing Starz Acropa Dress from KIM which I bought a few years back, but I think it's still on sale; one of my favourite jewellery sets Ivory Petals from Twisted and Spoiled which was also bought a few years back so I'm not sure if it's still available, and Baby hair from EMO-tions which will be released this Saturday!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love these new Kira scripted wings that come in a few sizes and in several beautiful colour blends with different animations such as open and close, lower and rest, flap and flutter and at varying speeds too! The wings close automatically when my avatar moves and I can open them again either by activating the gesture provided or by hitting the F2 hotkey, which came in handy when SL was laggy and all my gestures couldn't load! Anyway, I'm having so much fun with the wings I think I'll be wearing them for awhile! *hee*

Wild Horses gown (hair, head band and shoes included, worn here without shoulder straps) from Mercy Style--gift (I believe it was a subscriber gift)
Gold Emotion jewellery set from LoveCatz--MM gift
Kira Scripted Wings in Honey from Fancy Fairy--new!
Pose from Reasonable Desires--new!
Pic taken at Enchanted, Elven Realm

Monday, March 28, 2011


I was absolutely thrilled when my friend (also fellow blogger and plurker) Corina Carlberg dropped this pink outfit on me yesterday (she remembered my favourite colour!!), and I got even more excited when I realized it was something she made!!! Way to go, Corina! I love the pretty flower details on the shoulder and sash, and OMG just look at that naughty peek-a-boo butt crack from the low-rise skirt!! My kind of outfit for sure! *hee*

Aggressione Glitter Dress Pink from the Marketplace--free! (Other colours available at only 149L each!)
Hair color sample from Heart Softens--free
Kitty jewellery set from NCparis--group gift
Poses from Annomis Poses and Animations

Crash Central

After the initial excitement and exhilaration of finally being to take pics with shadows without black patches, today I had to deal with countless crashing in SL just to take these two pics!! It was certainly a very frustrating experience, especially when something so simple can become so complicated. I may just have to go back to pics without shadows if it's going to take forever--before it kills my love for blogging. OK end of ranting! *hee* Thank goodness for these new pretty pastel tops from Ayla's--they made me forget my 'troubles' and I had a great time trying them on, removing sculpted parts for a sleeker silhouette and putting them back on for a sweet casual look! I chose my two favourite colours from the fatpack and I hope you all enjoy these pics because they were taken with blood, sweat and tears--um..ok maybe not blood, but sweat and tears for sure! *grin*

Kirsty ofc top (purple--with sculpted sleeves and bottom) from Ayla's Designs--new!
G Jeans (grape) from GCD--new!
Caprice hair from Hair Extreme

Kirsty ofc top (rouche--worn here without sculpted sleeves and bottom) from Ayla's Designs--new!
Tulle skirt from cA at Help Japan
Mimy hair from Heart Softens--new!

Poses from Annomis Poses and Animations--new!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

For My Plurk and Flickr Friends!

I've always appreciated my friends from plurk and flickr since these are now my main channels of communication, but in my recent struggle with SL shadows and technical problems with my graphics card, driver, etc, I've come to appreciate them even more--their prompt responses, their advice, suggestions (and even some funny comments *hehe*) all made me feel so loved. And also many thanks to a fellow blogger and flickr friend Mimi Namiboo (whose photo-taking skills I really admire-see her blog here) because she found the solution to my problem!!! Yay!! So today I dedicate these pics (with shadows, at last!!!) to Mimi and to all my plurk/flickr friends!! Big hugss and kisses to all of you!

Sally Butterfly outfit (bangles included) from KDee's--MM gift
Bling Bling necklace from LOULOU&CO--DIMH2 gift
Camila hair from Simply Britnee--new!
Gum skin from JeSyLiLo--new!
Selene boots white from Baby Monkey--new!
Poses from Annomis Poses and Animations

Friday, March 25, 2011

All New from EMO-tions!

Look out for these fantastic new releases from EMO-tions TOMORROW (Saturday 26 March)!! Smiley

Marla hair (brown)--new group gift!

Sweet Revenge outfit (includes hair and boots)

Babygirl outfit (chestbelt, socks and heels included) worn here with Babygirl hair (blonde, flames) *hair sold separately

Billie outfit (boots included) worn here with Billie hair (with goggles/black, without goggles/snow) *hair sold separately

Taxi to EMO-tions
Poses from Purple Poses, TuttiFrutti

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hawaii Here I Come!

I love the bright cheerful colours of this Hawaii tattoo and bikini set, and the full body tattoo is so pretty, you don't really need to wear anything else!

Outfit and Tattoos: Bodycult Hawaii Tattoo-Bikini-Pareo Set from Immerschoen Fashion
Hair: Crystal from A&A--free (voting present)
Poses: Annomis Poses and Animations

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lost in the City

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl-Leather 'Jenny' (includes 3 top/shirt versions with waist pants part) from Immerschoen Fashion
Boots: Immerschoen Girl-Ankle Boots Latex 'Laced' from Immerschoen Fashion
Face Tattoo: Bodycult Face Tattoo from Immerschoen Fashion
Hair: DBS.S from Bishwear--free (limited time)
Necklace: Dreams necklace from Phoebe
Nails, Rings and Bracelets: Pack Deluxe Dark from LoveCatz
Poses: Oomph

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Purrfect Weekend Mix

Quick post today because of time...

Sakura top (part of an outfit) from Hasi's--Hasi's Rezzday gift
Low Rider Denim Mini Black skirt from Grumble
Bluebird necklace, earrings and bracelets from MINA Bijoux
Dada hair (head band included) from Adoness
Serenity Lilac Bow Heels from Purrfect 10--75L special price (Lazy Sunday only)
Poses from Ah Flou at PCF

Irish Dancer outfit from Evaki--subscriber gift
Serenity Heels Tiger from Purrfect 10--VIP gift
Poses from Annomis Poses and Animations

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Help Japan

There were so many lovely items at the Help Japan Fundraiser that I had a hard time deciding what to buy. In the end I chose this cute hair named Rin II, then matched it with an adorable ruffled top and pretty tulle skirt. They also go so well with my new bracelets and red heels! Then I had such a pleasant surprise when my sweet blogger friend and pose-maker Annomis dropped her new pack of poses named 'Natural' on me!!! By the way I lurrve her poses, and not just because she's a friend--I had seen her poses in her blog posts and since then I just couldn't wait for her to start selling them! So far I have bought her first two packs named 'Relaxed' and 'Dynamic' which I have used in my previous posts, and to me, they are different, unusual, interesting, and a breath of fresh air!

Flower camisole from Ribbon at Help Japan
Tulle skirt from cA at Help Japan
Flower bracelets from Virtual Impressions--free
Rin II hair from Esk-Imo at Help Japan
Ultimate Ingrid shoes from Baby Monkey--new!
Poses 'Natural'  from Annomis Poses and Animations--new! (Thank you Annomis! xxxx)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Silence is Golden

This Saturday's new releases from EMO-tions include a gorgeous, sexy, luxurious long golden dress (love the name too) with pretty little details on the bodice and gloves and two new hairstyles, one with lovely pearl dangles at the side while the other is cute, short and curly!

Silence is Golden Dress (gloves included)--new!

Adora hair (naturals--hair accessory included)--new!

Adora hair (flames--hair accessory included)--new!

Annika hair (dark brown)--new!

Annika hair (naturals)--new!

Taxi: EMO-tions Mainstore, EMO-tions New Valhal
Poses: ExposeurCroire, hate me and eat me

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mercy Style Weekend!

It's the weekend again and here are some cute and sexy styles from Mercy Style, all at 70L each! Smiley

Left to rightDelicate Lingerie (includes shoes and stockings), Fushia Flower Gown (shoes and head band included), I Don't Do Ironing (shoes and wrinkles on dress included) Smiley

Left: Mini Hip Dress (includes hair, head band and shoes)
Right: Vintage Peep Show  (Thanks for the emoticon Corina! xxx)--stockings and shoes included

Taxi to Mercy Style (Thank you Mercy!xxx)
Poses from Exposeur

For the Love of Japan II

More from the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser (PCF)...

Flirtini Twist Dress from Alexohol at Pacific Crisis Fundraiser (PCF)
Sakura necklace and earrings from Avon + Alpha at PCF
Janna hair from Mina--Depraved and Luckless Hunt gift
Cynthia pumps (changeable hardware texture) from Baby Monkey--new!

Taxi to Pacific Crisis Fundraiser
Poses from Annomis Poses and Animations

For the Love of Japan

Words just can't describe the thoughts and emotions that went through me when I watched news feeds on the disaster in Japan, but once again, it's heartwarming to see charitable spirits and unity among SL residents as they get together to bring some hope to the victims in whatever way they can--kudos to the organizers of the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser (PCF) and all who are involved in any way!! As for me, I was so delighted when I was finally able to get into the PCF sim and managed to buy two dresses and some jewellery. But because of time, I will just show you one outfit today. Also, my blogger friend Annomis made some really cute poses and they are on sale now at the marketplace! I didn't even know she made poses till I saw them on her blog!

Aislin Dress Ruby from Zibware at PCF
Asahi necklace from LOULOU&CO at PCF
Guess hair from LollipopZ--group gift
Ultimate Zena Pink shoes (with texture hud) from Baby Monkey

Taxi to Pacific Crisis Fundraiser
Poses from Annomis Poses and Animations

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet Deals at Mercy Style!

Take a look at this week's sweet deals from Mercy Style!! All include hair and accessories, one even comes with shoes too! So if you love complete looks (like me), this is the time to get them, and they are all going for a song at only 70L each!!

Swirls of Ecru (includes shoes, earrings and hair)--Steals and Deals

Zaahir Gown (includes two hairstyles and jewellery)--LOW (Letter of the Week)

Ruby Jewel (hair and top hat included)--LOW

Zahara Gown (pearls and hair included)--LOW

Zoey @ Woodstock (hair and bangles included)--LOW

Taxi to Mercy Style
Poses from Exposeur

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today's Looks

I put together some new releases, group gifts and hunt items to create my looks for today..hope you'll like them!

Dress from LP Design--FA hunt gift
Bodycult Leggings Fishnet Flower 2 from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Ellen hair from A&A--group gift
Necklace Cool Blue and headpiece from JD Design--new!
Elly Spotted Love skin from Pink Fuel--DIMH2 hunt gift
Pose from Diesel Works--DIMH2 hunt gift

Dress from Ali Couture--DIMH2 hunt gift
Bodycult Leggings Fishnet Flower 1 from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Melody hair (with colour changeable head band) from LollipopZ--group gift
Necklace Fantasy pink from JD Design--new!
Elly Spotted Love skin from Pink Fuel--DIMH2 hunt gift
Pose from aDORKable--DIMH2 hunt gift

Cameron Plum gown from Tres Beau--DIMH2 hunt gift
Coeur hair from Heart Softens--Lucky Board gift
Necklace Fantasy from JD Design--new!
Elly Spotted Love skin from Pink Fuel--DIMH2 hunt gift
Pose from Essential Soul--DIMH2 hunt gift