Thursday, September 30, 2010

New at Victoria Endsleigh!

Wow, looks like one of my favourite designers Victoria Endsleigh has been busy as a bee this past week! She has not only finished remodelling her main store, but has also demonstrated (again) her versatility as a designer by creating so many different designs for various occasions and moods, most of which come complete with skin, hair and shoes, just perfect for someone like me!

Let's start with the freebie! This Pink Vamp Gown which includes a Vamp baby with pose (I don't know why this always makes me smile), gloves, hair, skin and shoes will be free for one week! So hurry!

Next are the 60L items: Enslaved to Beauty (includes hair and shoes), Morning Mist (includes hair, head band and skin; necklace and earrings not included)

Cherie Gown (includes two skirt options, earrings, stockings, bag, skin and hair)--also 60L

And now for the rest of the gorgeous collection:

Bows and Roses (hair with bow, skin and stockings included, necklace and earrings not included, Fifties Floral Dress (includes skin, hair and shoes)

Coral Reef Gown (includes two skirt options, hair with head band and skin; necklace not included)

Gypsy Rosa Gown (includes necklace, skin, hat, two skirt options, Bone Scarpin shoes and Rosa Wedges; hair not included)

Kitten Babydoll (includes skin and hair; necklace and bracelet not included), Iced Latte (includes boots, skin and hair), Desert Flower (includes hair with head piece, shoes and skin)

Earth Child (includes shoes, hair and skin; earrings not included), Eclectic Fall Gown (includes bangle, hat, stockings, hair and skin), White Chocolate Gown (includes hair, skin, stockings and boots; necklace and earrings not included)

Lelfeur Gown (includes hair, hat, stockings and skin), Whipped Cream Gown (includes stockings, shoes, hair and skin; choker, earrings and bracelet not included), Swing Time Dress (includes hair and wedges)

And here's your limo to  Victoria Endsleigh--happy shopping! Smiley

Thank you Victoria! xxxx

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New from niciARTLINE!

Most of you are quite familiar with niciARTLINE by now, a name well-known for its sexy leggings and tattoos, and now lingerie too! Here are just some of Nici's new releases..

niciARTLINE Hollywood Fullbody

niciARTLINE Tattoo Indian Summer Fullbody Box

niciARTLINE Lingerie Beauty Case Queen Black Box

Giselle Box

Monique Box

Limo to niciARTLINE
Poses: Posies

Thank you Nici! xxx

Lazy Bum

This outfit is perfect for lazy bums like me because it comes complete with accessories and footwear! In RL this would probably be the first thing I'd grab from my wardrobe if I were in a hurry--now if only I could change hair and skin with a click in RL too! *hee*

Outfit: Like a Star (boots and accessories included) from [NMD]
Hair with Hat: Arai from Dura
Poses: Olive Juice and Posies

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I know not everyone looks forward to Autumn, especially most college students since it heralds the start of a new school year, but Autumn has always held a special meaning for me because it was during those quiet walks alone amidst falling leaves and in the cool Autumn air that I was able to contemplate deeply, chart a new course, and make some life-changing decisions...

Dress: Sweet Sweater Dress from auTre--subscriber gift
Hair: Nene from HS--lucky board gift
Necklace: Encadenar Necklace from Pink Inc--1L
Shoes and Wristband: HS Stripes Green Dark Stilettos and Wristband from Opium--10L (group members)
Skin: Dollie from CandyDoll--subscriber gift
Pose with leaf and fallen leave ground cover from Olive Juice--Fall group gift
Other poses: nifty gifty from dfo--subscriber gift

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sleepless Night

Have you ever had one of those nights when you just can't sleep no matter what? Well this is one of those nights for me, and this post was actually meant for another day, but I guess I might as well post it now, especially when earlier on in SL I realized that the necklace I was wearing in these pics were nowhere to be found! That's the problem with preparing a post too way in advance, so I hope you will all forgive me. Anyway, I thought I had better go check on the gown as well and was quite relieved to see that the Midnight Mania offer was still available. These pics were taken at a lovely sim named Misty Heights where I saw some quaint little shops selling pretty dresses and skins, and I also had the privilege of meeting one of the designers Etienne Sahara who was really friendly and helpful all the time I was there. Unfortunately, I was struggling with my viewer at that time so I couldn't really look around much, but I sure plan to return soon! Also, my Plurk friend Corina has been hounding me to post something white with lace, or something white at least, so this is for you Corina, hope you're reading this! And talking about Plurk, for some reason I have not been able to access it for the last two days! Maybe that's why I'm having a sleepless night! OK kiiiiiddding!

Gown: Pure Rose from Desiree's Rose--MM gift
Necklace: Going to the Ball Necklace from Magia--free (no longer available)
Hair: Lan from DrLife

Location: Misty Heights

Friday, September 24, 2010

Come Celebrate with Paris Metro!

Join Paris Metro at 12:00 PM SL Time, 24th September, Friday at Paris Academies 119, 94, 21 for the Official Opening of the Carnival in Paris Academies!!!! There will be live music, rides and gifts such as this lovely Matisse gown made in honour of H. Matisse!

Matisse Gown + Jacket

Ravishing Gown

See you at Paris Metro!

Crazy About Victoria Endsleigh!

OMG! Victoria Endsleigh has these six gorgeous dresses and gowns for sale at only 60L this weekend!  I love practically all her creations because they exude sensuality and hug me in ways that accentuate curves I never thought I had! This designer certainly knows what a woman needs! But above all else, I find Victoria to be a very sweet and gentle person as well, as lovely as the beautiful clothes she designs!

This outfit is both urban grunge chic and semi-formal elegance--talk about versatility!
Boho and Chic (includes skin, necklace, stockings, hair with hat)

How I love the sweet, innocent air about this dress!
Sugah (includes skin and hair)

Just love that high slit at the side and the no-nonsense big hair--this is one lady you wouldn't want to mess with! *grin*
Avalon (includes gloves, hair, hip and shoulder flower accessories--wearing Sugah skin)

I couldn't help chuckling again and again over this sexy ensemble because of the baby! Trust Victoria to come up with something unexpected! A Vamp with a baby? I love it!
Vampire Diaries (includes Vampire baby with pose, hair, shoulder and hip flower accessories--wearing Boho skin)

This reminds me of Red Riding Hood except here it's choco and definitely sexier, especially without the cape! And I love the pun-ny name too!
Chocolatte (includes skin, hair, cape, chocolate eggs not shown here)

Ahhh...vintage Victoria Endsleigh--no need for more words....
Shimmer Gown (includes gloves, hair and head band--wearing Boho skin)

All clothing, skin, hair and accessories from Victoria Endsleigh Couture
Poses: HogePodge from Juxtapose

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here I am on this little wooden platform that reminds me of a bridge of some sort, with choppy waters beneath me in the midst of an otherwise tranquil neighbourhood, feeling rather pensive as I recall some of the lyrics of this famous song, which is probably one of the greatest songs of all time, well, for me at least...

When you're weary
Feeling small
When tears are in your eyes
I will dry them all

I'm on your side
When times get rough
And friends just can't be found
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

--Simon And Garfunkel 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'

Top: 99Balloons fom auTre--subscriber gift
Necklace: Sascha from Ganked--subscriber gift
Hair: Baochai from DrLife

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh How I Love Thee Avon + Alpha!

I always look forward to group gifts from Avon + Alpha because designer Michiko sure knows how to make lovely unique pieces, and sometimes they are not necessarily jewellery, as seen in one of the previous gifts (see here) which included an assortment of scarves and sunglasses! So it's no surprise that Avon + Alpha is the one accessory store I blog about most--just do a search for Avon in my blog and you will see why! Oh and about this pic today--it took me like an eternity just to take this one pic! For some reason everything rezzed so slowly for me yesterday, and you see those cute little brown chickens there? Well they were black for more than half hour *sheesh* and my Plurk friend Tarak asked if I had burnt them! Sure gives new meaning to 'burnt offerings'!*hee*

Dress: Star de Malizz from Malizz Yiyuan--group gift
Jewellery: Horseshoe Necklace&Bangles from Avon + Alpha--group gift
Hair: The Affair from Atomic

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Weekend Mix

Just some random mix that I put together for the weekend, hope you will all enjoy it! Smiley

Top: Pleated Tank from Mercie--50L
Skirt: Tiered Miniskirt from Petunia--weekend dollarbie
Hair: Bianca from Exile at Hair Fair 2010--free

 Top: Gatcha Top Peachy from SYSY's--1L (Nederpoort exclusive)
Skirt: part of Retro Brown Dress from Vidal--free
Bangles: Gold and Teal Bangle from Miss Murder--1L
Hair: Happy Hair from Rock Candy at Hair Fair 2010--1L

Outfit: Madison from WiNK--60L weekend
Earrings: Twisted Earrings from Phoebe--Twisted Hunt gift
Tattoo: wish heart erwin from niciARTLINE--gift
Hair: freehairhf2010 from kin at Hair Fair 2010--free

In all pics:
Skin: Sophie from Mynerva
Eyelashes: 009 for Viewer 2 from Garage
Poses: ANTM Pack from Posies--subscriber gift

What a Weekend!

Weekend rush here as always, but I wanted to show you some wonderful gifts I received, and also I know I mentioned one 'last look' at Hair Fair 2010, but there were so many great freebies and dollarbies to be found there that one post is just not enough...

Dress: White Babydoll from Lillou's Designs--group gift
Jewellery: Gem Flower from ChiChickie at Hair Fair 2010--free
Hair: Queenia from Bliss Couture at Hair Fair 2010--free

Gown: Vichy Sage Gown (shoes included) from La Belle Dame Sans Merci--subscriber gift
Hair: Lady Antonella from Hairoin at Hair Fair 2010--1L
Jewellery: Diamond Link from Ceriano Designs

Dress: GI Dress (includes cap, necklace, legbag, heels, tattoo star) from NCparis--profile pick gift
Hair: Melissa from LOGO at Hair Fair 2010--free

In all pics:
Skin: Sophie from Mynerva
Eyelashes: 009 for Viewer 2 from Garage
Poses: ANTM Pack from Posies--subscriber gift

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lurani Lost and Found

I'm in quite a rush today because of a packed schedule ahead this weekend but I just wanted to show you these tops and outfits from Lurani (which I thought were lost in transition because of some recent inventory problems! *whew*)

Pink Sarcasm Jacket and Black Tote Bag (sold separately); Black Sarcasm Jacket (inset)

Red Cleavage Top (accessories not included)

Venus Tunic Dress and Black Sparkle Tights (both sold separately; shoes and accessories not included)

Blue Marionette Dress (belt included; shoes and other accessories not included)

Limo to Lurani

Thank you Gisele!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Black Widow's Last Look at Hair Fair 2010

Actually I'm referring to LacieCake's Black Widow Jewelry Set with Evolve Hud V2! I must say this hud sure makes it so much easier to match the jewellery to whatever I'm wearing--you can change the colours of the metal and gem and turn bling on or off! I also wanted to take one last look at this year's Hair Fair before it ends and I had a really good time picking up dollarbies and gifts, including some non-hair items! Here are just some of my favourites...

Dress: Black Satin Dress (flower ribbon sash included) from Ivanka Akina at Hair Fair 2010--free
Jewellery: Black Widow Set (with Evolve Jewelry Hud V2) from LacieCakes
Hair: EliN from The Strand at Hair Fair 2010--1L
Headband: Black Bow Headband from Fashionably Dead at Hair Fair 2010--free

Dress: Autumn Moon Starlight from RBZ--free (limited time)
Jewellery: Black Widow Set (with Evolve Hud V2) from LacieCakes
Hair: Sadira II from Calico Ingmann at Hair Fair 2010--free
Hairbow: Mitzi Is No Good Hairbow from Ticky Tacky (found in Nushru's Goodie Box) at Hair Fair 2010--1L

Dress: Summer Dress from Vero Modero--free
Necklace: Bloody Lion from JD Design--September gift
Hair: Misty from BishWear at Hair Fair 2010--1L

Dress: Apple Dress from Poised--gift
Necklace: One Heart Necklace from Lua--free
Hair (right): Romarron from BC322 at Hair Fair 2010--1L
Hair (left): Hair Crystalline w/Glow-Violet Petal from Nushru at Hair Fair 2010--1L

In all pics:
Skin: Sophie from Mynerva--Think Pink Hunt gift
Eyelashes: 009 for Viewer 2 from Garage
Poses: Elegance from MiaMai at Hair Fair 2010 (free) and Gossip from aDORKable at Hair Fair 2010 (free)