Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interesting Finds from Maritima Inc.

Yesterday, I paid a visit to Maritima Inc., a mall which was new to me, and found some interesting gems, so I just thought I would share some of them here... 

Gown: Maritima Gown from auTre--free
Necklace and Earrings: Basics from Aglaia--1L
Hat: Lola from Lode--free
Hair: Ketty Peacock Pie Hair from Sugarcube
Pose: from Body Talking--free

Dress: SparkleMePurple from auTre--subscriber gift
Earrings: Eve from Virtual Impressions--free
Hair: Sunny from Tekuteku
Hair Accessory: Tsubaki from kik--free (The Circle Project)
Stockings: Thigh-High Pink Fishnets (includes top and garter not shown here) from ONYX Wear--group gift
Shoes: Starstruck Pumps from House of Fox--30L
Pose: Celestia from [doll.]--10L (for 5 poses--Platinum Hunt)

Outfit: Electric Temptation from Mea Culpa--free
Hair: Bo-bang from DrLife--previous group gift
Hat: Hot Ice from Lode--free
Mask: Geisha Mask from Chapeau tres Mignon--free
Shoes: Aqua Splash Sandals from RRS--August group gift

Outfit: Lava Love from Mea Culpa--free
Hair: Sally from A Wild Hair--group gift
Mask and Clogs: Wolf Mask and Clogs both from Chapeau tres Mignon--free

Poses: Cycle Dancer Lite from Posies--group gift

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