Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lovely Lace

This adorable lace dress was dropped in my inventory just a few hours ago and to think I was about to go buy it! Thank you Mao! I think it's a subscriber gift, so many of you would probably have received it by now. I happened to be shopping at Finesmith when I got this dress, so I bought this 55L jewellery set to go with it. Actually I didn't know there was a back room filled with 55L items by various designers (from past promotions I guess--goodness I AM slow! *hee*) And of course I HAVE to mention my favourite eyelashes once again! 

Dress: Lace Dress (hair accessory included) from RibboN--gift
Jewellery: Parure Elements from Eden Beverly at Finesmith--55L
Hair: Romina from Ali&Ali
Eyelashes: 009 for Viewer 2 from Garage--50L (previously blogged)

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