Thursday, September 16, 2010

Black Widow's Last Look at Hair Fair 2010

Actually I'm referring to LacieCake's Black Widow Jewelry Set with Evolve Hud V2! I must say this hud sure makes it so much easier to match the jewellery to whatever I'm wearing--you can change the colours of the metal and gem and turn bling on or off! I also wanted to take one last look at this year's Hair Fair before it ends and I had a really good time picking up dollarbies and gifts, including some non-hair items! Here are just some of my favourites...

Dress: Black Satin Dress (flower ribbon sash included) from Ivanka Akina at Hair Fair 2010--free
Jewellery: Black Widow Set (with Evolve Jewelry Hud V2) from LacieCakes
Hair: EliN from The Strand at Hair Fair 2010--1L
Headband: Black Bow Headband from Fashionably Dead at Hair Fair 2010--free

Dress: Autumn Moon Starlight from RBZ--free (limited time)
Jewellery: Black Widow Set (with Evolve Hud V2) from LacieCakes
Hair: Sadira II from Calico Ingmann at Hair Fair 2010--free
Hairbow: Mitzi Is No Good Hairbow from Ticky Tacky (found in Nushru's Goodie Box) at Hair Fair 2010--1L

Dress: Summer Dress from Vero Modero--free
Necklace: Bloody Lion from JD Design--September gift
Hair: Misty from BishWear at Hair Fair 2010--1L

Dress: Apple Dress from Poised--gift
Necklace: One Heart Necklace from Lua--free
Hair (right): Romarron from BC322 at Hair Fair 2010--1L
Hair (left): Hair Crystalline w/Glow-Violet Petal from Nushru at Hair Fair 2010--1L

In all pics:
Skin: Sophie from Mynerva--Think Pink Hunt gift
Eyelashes: 009 for Viewer 2 from Garage
Poses: Elegance from MiaMai at Hair Fair 2010 (free) and Gossip from aDORKable at Hair Fair 2010 (free)

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