Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elf Hunt and New Gown at Paris Metro!

There's going to be an Elf Hunt at Paris Metro starting officially on Dec 5 and designer Paris Zsun has prepared some gorgeous hunt gifts for you! She has also created a beautiful new gown complete with cape, just right for the winter season! Take a look below..

Here are the Elf Hunt items!! (Do take note of the different hunt locations)

Emerald Velvet Dress (Hunt location: Paris Metro Couture)

Earth Sweater + Brown Leather Jeans (Hunt Location: Paris Metro Female Tribe Island Paradise)

Lucky Charm Beret + Scarf (knit top not included--Hunt Location: Paris Metro Four Seasons Plaza)

Red Velvet Romance Gown + Cape--new! (Available at all 3 Paris Metro stores)

Poses: Slash Me Poses, Posies

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Pony Boots from FM Shoes!

Norman Maroon of FM Shoes has created a new range of ankle boots which comes in 6 pretty colours with little diamond studs embedded at the side and retailing at 400L each. But thanks to SL, I wasn't able to rez three of the colours in order to take pics of them even after trying for two days, so do drop by at the store to see the rest!

FM Shoes Pony Boots in Rouge, Cyan and Mauve

Taxi to FM Shoes
Poses from Slash Me Poses

My Take on Plum!

I must really be enjoying Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge because I find myself looking out for the colour of the week whenever I go shopping now! *grin* This week's colour plum is one of my favourites, only problem is that after looking at so many shades of plum, I couldn't tell the differences among plum, purple and pink anymore though I still tried to look as 'plummy' as possible! (I even added plum-looking eyes)! Hope it looks ok somehow!

Top: Neglige from The Whore Mansion--50L (previous Fashion Addict special)
Jeans: Thrashed Skinny Jeans from auTre--subscriber gift
Hair: Milla II Plum from EMO-tions--group gift
Sunglasses: Big Pink Sunglasses from Split Pea--1L
Necklace: Blocks Necklace (colour change hud) from Phoebe (previous 60L weekend offer)
Bracelet: Marquessa Diamond Bracelet from EarthStones--group gift
Flats: Madville Flats (colour change hud) from Baby Monkey--MM gift
Skin: Milla from Lara Hurley Skin--10L (With Love Hunt)
Eyes: Stardust Eyes from Tou Fromc--30L (for 4 pairs of eyes)
Eyelashes: 005 for Viewer 2 from Garage
Poses: Slash Me Poses

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fierce Fun!

Fierce Designs has some really cute and fun costumes this Christmas season and I really enjoyed myself taking these pics too, especially with these equally fun poses from Slash Me Poses!

Snow Queen (includes rideable sled pulled by husky dog, animated whip, optional snow, cape, tiara and boots)

Candy Cane (includes stockings and shoes), Christmas in the Bag (with optional bounce animation), Horney Hanukkah (includes socks, shoes, hat, tiara and necklace)

Fraccy's Elf (shoes included), Tinsel Town (includes necklace and shoes), Bad Santa (originally for men but I shrank the outfit *grin*)

Peace On Earth Hunt gift (includes halo, wings and globe), Santa's Little Helper (includes stockings and shoes)

Nordic Wool Dresses (leg warmers and shoes included)

Taxi to Fierce Designs
Poses from Slash Me Poses (Thank you Claire)!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boogie the Night (or Day) Away!


Thanks to SL, some of the things I was supposed to receive got lost, and one of them was a note from Norman Maroon of FM Shoes to tell me that his new range named R&B Boogienights Stilettos was all ready for sale, and to think that the shoes which he sent me quite some time ago have been sitting in my inventory all this time while I was waiting for the green light to blog them! But better late than never, and I must say Norman's shoes are still as amazing as when I first blogged about them (see herehere, here and here--didn't realize I blogged quite a bit about them *grin*), with an even better, even easier to use hud, in 6 gorgeous colours with subtle sheen and 40 nail colours to choose from! The cute bow behind can be hidden if you prefer, PLUS you get customized service such as sound fix for those who like to be heard while walking AND the first 10 customers will get a free gift! Woot! So what are you waiting for?

Boogienights-Electric Blue





Some close ups...

Taxi to FM Shoes
Poses from Purple Poses

What a Feast!

This beautiful new gown from Paris Metro comes with cuffs, collar and belt in rich luxurious lace--what a feast indeed! And I was told that there will be new goodies next weekend, so stay tuned!!

Feast-Sable (choker not included) from Paris Metro

Location: Lost Eden (Changing Room)
Poses: Purple Poses

Thank you Paris! xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Purrfect!

I know I'm kind of late with these gorgeous heels from Purrfect 10 and I know they are all over the feeds by now, but hey, one can't have too much of a good thing right? Not when it's as purrrrrrfect as these amazing shoes! I mean it makes me happy just to wear them! Thank you Ten!

Serenity Heels Paisley--VIP gift (joining fee)

Serenity Heels Denim--group gift (free to join)

They look lovely in gold buckle and chains too!

Poses: Purple Poses
Taxi to Purrfect 10

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Deals from Victoria Endsleigh!

Lots of wonderful new deals in store for you at Victoria Endsleigh from this Thursday on! I was especially excited by the new package deal--three lovely dresses which come with three different hair styles all for just 60L!  Then there are also three gorgeous gowns, two of which are just perfect for this Christmas season!

Lots of Choices @ Christmas!--60L (for a pack of three dresses complete with three hair styles)

Christmas Angel (wings, hair and head piece included)--60L

Pink Christmas Gown (hat, feather boa, hair all included)

Purple Haze Gown (includes hair, veil and two skirt options)

All dresses and gowns from Victoria Endsleigh Couture
Poses: Kyoot, CoD, Olive Juice, Posies, Milty
Location: Lost Eden (Fantasy Forest, Lovers' Fantasy)

New from Lestat!

Here are this week's new releases from Lestat--one is a dress named Milk Maid, which is in the colour of...well...milk *grin* and it comes with a beautiful scripted shawl and pretty ruffle skirt; the other is a casual knit outfit with a resizable sculpted top and a cute little button on each pant cuff.

Dress: Siss Boom-Milk Maid from Lestat
Hair: Annie from Smexy Town
Shoes: Simone from Baby Monkey--group gift

Outfit: Siss Boom-Moody Knit from Lestat
Hair: Trinity from Damselfly
Necklace: Animal Tooth Necklace from NCparis--group gift
Shoes: Women's Espadrilles from Duh--free

Poses: Purple Poses

Monday, November 22, 2010


I love this cute pastel periwinkle outfit from Pounce--it has an unusual mix of knit and lace for the top, and lace and denim combo for the bottom which also comes with an eye-popping open zipper! *grin*

Coveted in Lace in Periwinkle (leg warmers included) from Pounce
Hair No. 13 (hat included) from Ivanka Akina
Urban Witch necklace from K&K Designs
Springtime Blue Romance Flats from Rag Dollz--previous subscriber gift
Poses from Juxtapose
Pics taken at Lost Eden (Fishing Hole)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sexy Lingerie from niciARTLINE!

niciARTLINE's new lingerie sets are both girly and sexy at the same time, with string and shorts options and a more transparent version in black too for that extra oomph! I thought it would be most fitting to take my pics at Lost Eden's Grand Hotel Honeymoon Suite which is on one of the adult private sky islands where you can set the room to 'private' to ensure that no one disturbs you and your partner! This suite comes complete with lots of amenities to pamper the couple--there's a massage table, sex bed, sex tub, two fire places with sofas for chilling out (or making out), a little table for two for an intimate candlelight dinner and there's also so much space here that you can probably fit in more than twenty for a bash or two!

Lingerie Sets Janine from niciARTLINE
All hair from Ivanka Akina
Poses from Juxtapose
Pics taken at Lost Eden (Grand Hotel Honeymoon Suite)

Weekend Gifts

Quick post today because of the weekend rush--but I just wanted to show you these two lovely gifts...

Gown: Lucilla (head piece and gloves included) from Lillou's Designs--group gift (500 members)
Hair: Wrapped from DarkerSide--1L
Pose: Glitterati
Location: Lost Eden (Victorian Steampunk Room)

Dress: Raw Silk Cocktail Dress Flowers Red from Paris Metro--free (Female Tribe Exclusive)
Earrings: Large Hoop Earrings from Caroline's--free
Bracelet and rings: Grab Bag Box from Chop Zuey--group gift
Shoes: Outrageous Heels from NCparis
Hair: Lady Sanaby from M&H
Pose: Posies
Location: Lost Eden (Castaway Island)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Goldenrod, At Last!!!

OK I don't know about the rest of you, but this week's colour Goldenrod totally stumped me and I was pulling my hair out over what that shade should look like! So I turned to Pantone for help since it's like the standard used by the fashion world, and I was delighted to find this at Artype:

Yay!! So with this colour guide, I hope my look for today comes close to that shade, with splashes of black though...

Dress: Make It Easy from Badkatz
Jewellery: Monroe from K & K
Shoes: PeepShow from Illicit--Dirty Little Secrets Hunt gift
Hair: Kelani from Damselfly
Pose: Posies
Location: Lost Eden (Xanadu Pleasure Dome)

Get Lucky at Lestat's!

Looks like Lestat is all ready for Christmas, which is my favourite time of the year! Woot! Take a look at these cute lucky chair items...

Dress: All Wrapped Up (candy cane, gloves, tattoo and shoes included)
Hair: Lady Thamyra from M&H

Dress: Oh Christmas Tree (shoes included)
Hair: Sindee from VDI--free

Now how do I convince Santa that I have been good all year....???

Outfit: Vintage Christmas (includes shoes)
Hair: Mayo (ribbon included) from Nodoka--1L

Taxi to Lestat
Poses: Estetica, dfo, !Bang
Pic taken at Lost Eden (Xmas Wonderland)