Friday, May 21, 2010

Beware! Miss Whiplash Is Here!!

Yes, that's right, and whiplash is what the men around you are going to get when you wear Miss Whiplash boots from FM Shoes! With cold steel cuffs hanging from the side of each boot and steel eyelets around the base, Miss Whiplash is 'femdom chic' (in designer Norman Maroon's own words), it's suggestive, it's feminine, and it's deadly...already I felt dangerous when I tried on a pair of these and it felt so goooooood....Honestly though, these boots are so versatile, you can wear them with just about anything, even under your gown for that extra edge (if you're a rebel at heart like me)! Smiley

Miss Whiplash Black

Miss Whiplash Grey

Miss Whiplash Silver

Miss Whiplash Fire Red

Miss Whiplash Wine

Miss Whiplash White

Miss Whiplash Boots are now on sale at FM Shoes (mainstore)!!


  1. Hello it's me erwin,

    And I just wanted to complain,

    That I had to spend so many hours under your boots and inside that cage till you finished snapping so many pictures.

    Next time,.... I might not cooperate... I... I will rebell...


  2. LOL Erwin, full of complaints as usual--well get used to it! And by the way, there's another photoshoot coming up, so be ready! wink


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