Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gifts Galore!

I just can't believe the number of gifts I got so far and still counting! But hey, like I said before, I'm not complaining! I'm just thankful to all the generous designers who created such beautiful quality pieces for everyone to enjoy!

Merlin from the House of Beningborough--free
Earrings: Emerald Diamond Earrings from Hudson--free

I just can't get enough of Beningborough dresses, so here's one more! Smiley

Floral--group gift

Trisha Mini from Dawn Design--subscriber gift
Choker: Olympic Choker Silver from Brown Sugar--free

Shorties Jumper from Elymode--subscriber gift
Jewellery: Topaz & Larimar Teardrop set from Eolande--3rd Anniversary gift
Shoes: Circus Lolita Teal from In Her Shoes--free

Short Sweater Teal (opaque and semi-opaque versions) from Elymode--subscriber gift
High Waist Pattern Skirt from Hyper Culture--group gift
Velvet Boots from Aniri's Boutique--lucky board gift

All hair from kin--free (this may not be new, but it sure was new to me and I was so delighted to snag this box of cute assorted hair all for free)!

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