Sunday, May 2, 2010


I was really touched when my dear friend Xanthe told me that she had created a shape for me for my second rez day, but, of allllll times, my computer had to fail me that very day! So it wasn't till yesterday that I was finally able to enjoy my gift and experiment with different skins, admiring my new shape from all angles and taking pics! And of course I also had to ask my dear Erwin what he thought of my new shape since he's the one who sees me most of the time!Smiley Well, he wasn't too sure what to think since he was so used to my old shape, but as for me, I LUURRVED it!! Anyway, as Xanthe always says, it's good to have a few shapes to play around with 'coz it's more fun that way! So I think that's just what I'm gonna do! Thanks again Xanthe, it's the best rez day gift ever!! MUACHHH!

Shape: by Xanthe Audeburgh of Curvy Sihouettes--my rez day gift
Skin: Elle from Belleza--group gift
Dress: Leeny (earrings, bangle and stockings included) from SLC
Hair: Oh Darling from Posh


  1. Aww thank you 茂恒, glad you like my blog!! (I had to use a translator to understand what you wrote! LOL)But hey, if it's an encouraging comment, I don't mind what language you use! LOL! hugs!

  2. 我愛你的博客,我愛你,我愛歐文是我

  3. LOL Erwin, since when did you learn Mandarin? Awww love you too! mmmmmuuacchh!

  4. two make me giggle*...lolz! Man you look soo delicious Lisa! surprised Erwin has thrown you over his shoulder and carted you away for a wicked time lol! Great pics and fabby styling as always..hugz* xxx

  5. Aww thanks Xanthe! But don't forget you have a hand in this look too! hehe! Can only look as good as the way the shape is made! big hugssssssss (wow , I just realized as a shape maker you can literally make or break a person LOL)!


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