Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy About Badkatz

When I first came to SL, I used to frequent Badkatz because it had everything I needed--dresses, separates, swimsuits, bold and beautiful designs, great prices, etc. But at some point the brand went all quiet so I thought it was gone for good. So I was pleasantly surprised when during the recent Pink Shirt Day, I received a group gift from the designer Yummy Freelunch--a cute pink top (which I had blogged about here) and which, in a way, heralded Badkatz's entry back into the SL fashion scene! Yay!!

This Paris White Babydoll Dress is one of their new releases, priced at 199L but I bought it with the 150L gift card from Badkatz (sent out to all group members), so I only had to pay the difference! What a deal!Smiley

Dress: Paris White Babydoll Dress from Badkatz
Jewellery: Diamond Swirl from Ceriano Designs
Hair: Celine from Ava-Tare
Location: Stars Heaven

And here below are just some of my past purchases which are still sold at Badkatz (the last time I checked):

From left to right:-
Black Flowers, Orange Semifo and Showdown in Black n Purple.

Exhalted Silver Mini and Bedroom Eyes.

In all pics:-

Shape: by Xanthe Audeburgh from Curvy Silhouettes--gift from Xanthe (xxx Xanthe!)
Skin: Spring Fling Collection by Miss Murder from Freebie Zone--free ( I got this tip from Treebee Withnail's Treebee Freebee Information--thanks Treebee!! By the way, if you're interested in cheap or free skins, Xanthe also has her own skin list which you can get regularly by joining her Curvy Silhouettes group or Margaux Dufaux's Freebie Fashionista group)


  1. I love badkatz because their dresses accentuate the feminine curves and the colors, the cuts...

    But I mean with this shape that you are wearing, it's even more, ermm, erotic,... the shape is so full and voluptous and curvy and the breasts are almost spilling out of the dress. Very yummy combination.

    Are you sure men can handle intelligent conversation with your boobs like this infront of their face? Can they concentrate at all?


  2. LOL Erwin, not all men are like you! But thank you for your nice comments dearie! xxxx


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