Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Weekend

It's the weekend rush again in RL (for me at least), but I managed to find time to snag these two lovely dresses and even got lucky at Avon + Alpha! Also, Zeev of LollipopZ Hairstyles sprung such a wonderful surprise on group members with 21 hair styles FREE on LollipopZ Day!!Thanks Zeev! I think this offer is only for 22 May though and the sim is closed on this day just for members. But above all, I was truly glad to see Pixie of Baby Monkey Shoes back in SL--Welcome back Pixie!! Finally, I'm still experimenting with new shapes and skins, much to the dismay of my dear Erwin who is soooooo attached to my usual look! Smiley

Dress: Belly Dance Dress from Be Happy!--group gift
Hair: Messy Up Do from LollipopZ--free on LollipoZ Day (for group members)
Location: The Garden

Dress: Kaja Tan from Pretty Lady--Fashion Freaks Hunt gift
Jewellery: Due Natural Stone from Avon + Alpha--lucky board gift
Hair: Sugar from LollipopZ--free on LollipopZ Day (for group members)
Shoes: Mimi Sparrow Mary Jane Pumps from Baby Monkey--group gift (good to have you back Pixie)!
Location: The Deck

In all pics:
Shape: Eleanor from Curvy Silhouettes--group gift
Skin: Cristin from Soffy's--group gift (thanks to Xanthe's skin list again)


  1. You look sensational sweetie..realy lovely styling! Hugzzzzzz

  2. Awww thanks Xanthe, you don't know how comforting that is to me! I was beginning to regret having posted this because Erwin said this was my worst post ever LOL!He just absolutely hated the pics! Men! sigh... hehe and hugsss you back!!!!


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