Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun Outfits from Me'LanGe!!

These cute outfits from Me'LanGe are just purrrrfect for a relaxed fun-filled day! Smiley

Sexy Camo (shoes included)--1L
Grace White Necklace and Earrings from Temptation--group gift
Egotistical Hair from Posh

Scuffed in Black (includes boots and wounds !!)--1L
Alexis hair from Emo-tions at Hair Only--gift

Stripey (boots with legwarmers, hair with hat, tail all included)--10L

Pink Candy (sneakers included)--1L
Cap&Hair from Izumiya--free

All outfits from Me'LanGe Inc
All poses from Izumiya


  1. Wow, Lisa a surprise that you are such a fan. Thank you so much! I am smiling Big. thank you again and I am glad you enjoy. Appreciated that you're helping me advertise while enjoying urself.

    TeenaMarie Bressig-Me'LanGe-Designer/Owner

  2. Oh yeah I lurrve your clothes! They are fun and cute!!! And it was certainly a great pleasure for me to blog them! hugsss


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