Monday, May 10, 2010

GG Goodies

Wow, this past weekend has seen a plethora of freebies--what with group gifts, Mother's Day gifts, opening gifts and various other gifts (seems like there's always a reason for gifts, not that I'm complaining Smiley )! I guess for this post I will just show you some lovely freebies I got from GG's Boutique for a start...

Dress: Jewel in Blue--free
Hair: Madrid from Simply Britnee--1L

Outfit: Waitaminute--Mother's Day gift
Hair: Chef 2 from Simply Britnee--1L

Gown: Elaras--group gift
Necklace: Egg Chain from Orage Creations--subscriber gift

Outfit: Ania (includes accessories)--free
Hair: Baby from Posh
Sneakers: from A.D.D Andel!--group gift

All clothing from GG's Boutique
Shape: Florrie from Curvy Silhouettes
Skin: Lizette Cloudberry from Dawn Design--Mother's Day gift


  1. hey, that skin looks better on your avatar than it does on mine, that's not fair :))

  2. LOL Moniq! Actually it looked awful on my usual shape until I used Florrie shape instead!! But thanks for your kind words!hugssss!


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