Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend at Lillou's

I had never heard of Lillou's Designs till I got this notecard informing me of the store's new releases and weekend specials, and I must say there is certainly quite a wide selection of lovely dresses and gowns there and at pretty reasonable prices too! Here's what I bought over the weekend:-

Mademoiselle--10L (I just love the cheery yellow colour--it always brightens up my day)!

Spring Blue--60L weekend (Lately I find myself developing a fondness for dresses and gowns that come with matching hats, scarves and gloves--not sure if it's just a passing phase for me though)!

All clothing from Lillou's Designs
Hair in both pics: Lily from Pocket Mirrors--free

Location: Serious Business (this place sells a wide range of beautiful flowers and other essentials for your garden, so do take your time to look around and enjoy the beautiful scenery as well--they sure are serious about this business)! Smiley

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