Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pretty Petunia!

I had never heard of Petunia until I participated in the Fashion Freaks Hunt, and totally fell in love with the cute swim wear, pants, and other adorable pieces at that quaint little store..even the scenery there was beautiful! That's why even though I don't really enjoy hunts that much, but I do recognize that these hunts are instrumental in helping me discover gems that I might otherwise have overlooked, so kudos to the organizers of hunts! I was also very pleasantly surprised when Nici Sewell of Immerschoen and niciARTLINE sent me a personalized tattoo with my dear Erwin's name on it! It meant sooooooo much to me and I've been wearing that tattoo ever since! Smiley

You're So Pretty Bra and Panties from Petunia--1L

Yellodelic, Big Blue and Kool Koi Bikinis from Petunia--1L for a box of assorted swimsuits

niciARTLINE Tattoo Wish Hearts Erwin from Immerschoen--gift from Nici (thank you Nici! I just lurrrve it! MUACHH)!
Liane Blue Grey hair from Vanity Hair--1L
Flower and Leaf Necklace from Virtual Impressions--free

Dress: Calico Summer Dress (flip flops and belt included) from Petunia--Fashion Freaks Hunt gift
Necklace: Hypnotic Green Mandala from Clocktower Designs--free (for a box of 4)
Hair: Tuli from Hairy Situations--45L

Location: Respite

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