Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have always loved the fact, my very first 'home' in SL was um...a nude beach! *hee* And believe it or not, it was there that I made the most unlikely but enduring friendships! My choice of location for this post, however, was not my favourite nude beach, but still it was a lovely quiet spot that provided some timely respite...

Honor Bright Outfit (free), Magpies Mirage Bracelet (20L), Jingle Anklets (55L for 3 pairs), Blodeuwedd's Scarf Pink (45L) all from Sari's

Dolce Oletta Hot Pink/Green Hair from Vanity Hair--1L

Beach Star Bikini (Blue/Pink) from ICEWERK--free
Beach Bracelet (20L) and Beachcomber Necklace (45L) from Sari's
Love Hair from Hair Solutions

Gleam Bikini from Bubblefish--group gift
Beadifull in Green Necklace and Earrings from Sari's
Tortoiseshell Cuff Bracelet from Petunia--subscriber gift
Madrid Hair from Simply Britnee

Location: Monkey Cove

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