Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More from FM Shoes!!

To be honest, I almost named this post 'Oooh F..... Me!!' But then I thought the better of it. However, that really IS the full name of FM Shoes, if designer Norman Maroon is to be believed! I mean, a goofball like him with an easy-going attitude and with a great sense of humour to boot, I never know WHEN he is serious! But for sure he is just oooooozing with creative energy, I mean I don't think I will ever keep up with him! Just take a look at these über cute boots here:-

Snakecharmer Red Boots
Dress: Night Life Prozente (tie included) from 69Pink Inc--25L
Hair: Estrella from Simply Britnee--1L

Paris Boots
Dress: Chloee from aDIVA--gift
Hair: Leia from kin

Paris Nights White Boots
Dress: Sweet White Dress from Towa--group gift
Necklace and Bracelets: Black Pearl from Avon--free
Hair: Claire from Emo-tions at Hair Only--gift

All footwear from FM Shoes (For my previous post on FM Shoes, see here)
Skin: tokio2 peach from Virtual Diva--free (thanks to Xanthe's Skin List--MUACH Xanthe!)
Eyes: Sparkles In Your Eyes Exclusive from A.S.S.--group gift
Poses: Selene from [doll.]
Location: Summer, Winter and Meadow


  1. Aww man...you do the most fabby posts! And great tips too! Thanks! Hugzzzz

  2. Aww thanks Xanthe, what will I do without your support??? Muach!!!


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