Thursday, May 27, 2010

So In Lurve!

It was more than a year ago that I met Lurve designer Danielle Idigo when I was helping a friend set up a mall. At that time I was very much warmed by Danielle's bubbly personality and bowled over by her beautiful wedding gowns in lovely pastel shades. Today, Danielle is still as friendly and warm as ever and she continues to make these amazing gowns as well as über sexy mini dresses and adorable matching jewellery!

Dress: Diana's Green Mini (choker and earrings included) from Lurve
Bracelet: Uno Diamond of Flower from Avon + Alpha--free
Shoes: Mimi Sparrow Mary Jane Pumps from Baby Monkey--group gift
Hair: Ayame from AMG Boudoir

Gown: Turquoise Floral Gem Formal (necklace and gloves included) from Lurve
Hair: Venus from HCT
Skin: Lily v2 Elm from Exodi--subscriber gift

Thank you Danielle! I just lurrrrve your creations! xxxx

Location: Poco Village

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