Monday, May 3, 2010


I was at Lois Designs looking for the 60L item when I came across this beautiful silver gown which comes with jewellery, shoes and a few skirt options--and the best part?? It was all for free!! 'Twas certainly a tantalising offer indeed! So of course I had to grab it before the price changed since I had no idea how long this offer was going to last!Smiley

Dress/Gown: Tantalising in Silver (includes shoes and jewellery) from Lois Designs--free
Hair: Gardenia from Posh

Location: Enscharys


  1. I was looking at my dicktionary here... 'tantalizing'...hummm....

    It's like so tempting and teasing but yet you can't get your hands on it - right my love?

    *pauses for a long moment, figuring out at his pace...*

    Do you mean that I am tantalizing? are you implying about our incident this morning? When I was tempting and teasing but yet you couldn't get a hold of me? I think you said something about being tempted to strangle me?


  2. hehe Erwin I'll have to talk to you about this later:-)) how about commenting on the clothes, the pics etc? grin

  3. The pics are nice,
    The clothes are too,
    But all I want in my life,
    Is to .... you.

    Good enough?

  4. yes yes very good Erwin dear,thank you, but no more comments on this post now ok? xxxx


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