Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still In Love With ElaCor!

It's been awhile since I last wrote about ElaCor (which has been one of my favourites from the time I came to SL till now) what with the opening of many new stores and distractions at every turn. In fact, I was so crazy about that brand that I blogged about it extensively (see posts under: Some ElaCor Favourites Part1, Part 2, Part 3, Conclusion and Two Lovely Gowns--told you it was extensive)! Smiley And today that love affair continues--ElaCor designer Emanuela Gaffer still has that magic touch and that keen attention to minute details (as evident in her accessories and shoes) that made me fall in love with her designs in the first place! On top of her lovely casuals at the same affordable prices, now she also has a new line of gorgeous gowns aptly named Elegance, with thoughtful pretty additions to make complete sets (just my kind of designer)!!

Here are the Elegance gowns (accessories and shoes included)...

ElaCor Viola (I just lurrve the pretty jewels at the back of the neck, the plunging neckline *gulp* and the cute little bows behind the shoes)

ElaCor Pessy (the big bow behind and the dangling little black hearts on the pearls are such lovely surprises)

ElaCor Camilla (note the sexy semi-transparent bodice) Smiley

...and the latest casuals (Hairband not included, all other accessories and shoes included):-

ElaCor Prue Pacco (lurrve that impossibly low back)!!

ElaCor Katy Rosso (includes two skirt options--just lurrve the animal prints rawrrr)

Thank you Emanuela and Ketlin! MUACHH!!

Location: Emerald Green

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