Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back in Time

Today I decided to go Steampunk, well...almost, thanks to the notice I got from Rag Dollz that got me all curious, and I found myself quite attracted to the fashion of that era! I even read up a little on Steampunk, its origins and the difference between just pure Victorian fashion and Steampunk! Anyway, I found so many freebies at Rag Dollz--there are free boots, gowns, even a rug, a tub and much more!

Here I am outside the Sheriff's office trying to look busy Smiley

This sure is a huge change from my usual minis and plunging necklines! Smiley

Breathtaking view of the beautiful sim...

Outfit: Daphne McAllen from Rag Dollz--99L sale
Hat: Teagarden Hat from Rag Dollz--free
Glasses: Steampunk Amber Glasses from Rag Dollz-free
Hair: Sasha from DrLife
Location: Amiville, Colorado (thanks to my dear Erwin for showing me this lovely sim! MUACHH dearie)!


  1. Woooowwwww!!!

    Such lovely pictures, such a nice dress, and such a lovely place. This is the sheriff office where I spent the night behind bars because I was playing a drunk abusive husband...

    ok ok so I was just explaining to your readers!! Don't look at me that way,


  2. Haha Erwin, how I remember that day! You were quite challenging! Good thing it was just role play!

  3. This is clearly your best blog entry ever!!

    You seem to have mastered the windlight, the colors, ... I can really feel that we are in this victorian era. Absolutely amazing pictorial. You are so gifted, talented, and... well... endowed.


  4. Thank you dearie, I can tell you really um...appreciate this post very much! muach!


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