Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New FM Shoes Subscriber Gift!

I have blogged about FM Shoes quite a bit lately (see posts here , here and here--I know that's more than just 'quite a bit'! *hee*), but this one takes the cake--the new subscriber gift at FM Shoes is soooooooo cute and in such lovely shades too, you just have to come see for yourselves!

Boots: Hippychicks from FM Shoes--subscriber gift
Outfit: Softy Kiss from Axe Wear
Necklace and Bracelet: Black Pearl w/ Tiffany Blue Set from Pretty Stick--latest group gift
Hair: Nicole from Glitter


  1. I just loooove them... they're so cute :))) Never heard of FM Shoes before, but they're suddenly my favs :)))

  2. Hey Moniq, glad you love them, I lurrrve them too! lol and I'm sure Norman will be very happy to hear this!!


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