Thursday, May 6, 2010

50L Sale at Ravissant!

I had been eyeing these two dresses from Ravissant for quite awhile now, but couldn't buy them because of budget constraints at that time (actually it was more like 'I-shopped-like-there-was-no-tomorrow-and-burnt-a-big-hole-in-my-pocket-so-now-I-have-to-suffer-for-it' that kind of thing--this doesn't happen to anyone else I 'm sure Smiley ), so when I heard there was a 50L sale at Ravissant, I just had to go grab them!!

First pic:-
Dress: Stripe Floral Dress from Ravissant--50L sale
Jewellery: Forget Me Not from Lois Designs--30L
Shoes: Butterfly from Aniri's Boutique--May gift

Second pic:-
Dress: Sweetheart Floral Dress from Ravissant--50L sale
Jewellery: kdPink from StrAg--group gift
Clutch: Cherry Blossom Clutch from Wanda's--group gift
Shoes: Stella from Deviant Designs--lucky chair gift

In all pics:-
Hair: Rehab from LollipopZ--group gift
Skin: Brigitte from Razzanova Skins--group gift
Shape: from Curvy Silhouettes--gift


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