Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Are Not Alone...

...and I'm not talking about aliens here! The recent movement against cyber bullying, the Pink Shirt Day, highlights something that perhaps only a minority (I could be wrong here with the statistics I'm not sure) suffers every now and then, and usually in silence too. But I'm so glad to know that we victims (yes, me too) are not alone, and it's time to stand united against such cowards who hide behind their pseudonyms and the convenient anonymity of the internet to hurt others wilfully. Kudos to the organizers of Pink Shirt Day!!

Top: Stop Bullying Fem Shirt from Poised--free
Skirt: Jean Skirt from Badkatz
Necklace: Chunk Necklace from Ki2--25L (for a set of three colours)
Bracelet: Wide Bracelet from Ki2--20L (for a set of four colours)
Sneakers: Skate Shoe from Baby Monkey--previous group gift
Hair: Passion from Argrace

Top: Pink Plaid from Badkatz--group gift
Skirt: Jean Skirt from Badkatz
Shoes: Pink Shirt Day Espadrille Berry from Duh--free
Bracelet: Augmentation Light-Pink from Mariposa--free
Hair: Elenor (includes hat with texture change hud) from Miss Honeypumkin's Boutique


  1. Nice posts...which skin is it that you wear in most of the posts? Cheers!

  2. Thanks Dagny, I'm glad you like my posts:-)) The skin I wear most often is Adina from Lara Skins, but recently when I was there, I couldn't find Adina anymore:-( Hopefully it was only taken off the shelves temporarily:-)


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