Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pretty Stick Hunts!

I don't know why but there's just something about Pretty Stick that makes me want to go back there for my photo shoots time and again. The owner, Lili Longfall, who is both friendly and funny, has just renovated the place and it looks better than ever!! Also, besides a hair hunt that will be starting soon (I got this news from Lili while I was there), she has two hunts going on at her store right now with cute dresses as hunt gifts like the ones I'm wearing below...

Dress: Licked Bruised Banana Dress from Pretty Stick--free (DIR Hunt)
Necklace: Sunrise Jewels Black Pearl Necklace from Pretty Stick
Hair: Christy from Bishwear
Bangles: Bracers from Paradisis
Boots: Girls' Biker Boots from Xstreet--gift from Erwin (muachh!)

Dress: Corset Dress from Pretty Stick--free (JFTGs Hunt)
Choker: Female Choker from [P/a]--free (Opening Group Gift)
Hair: Fuzzy from red Queen
Shoes: Spiked Prim Foot Stilettos from Vinyl Cafe

Location: Pretty Stick

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