Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hunting Season

I don't know if it's just me, but lately it seems like every corner I turn, there's a hunt going on! I don't usually participate in hunts, but this hunt for free yummy shapes from Curvy Silhouettes is just too good to miss--in fact, I'm already quite late! Besides, I don't want to be accused of putting new skins on an 'old tired shape' again!! (Sure hope Xanthe is reading this)!

Shape: New Sophie Shape from Curvy Silhouettes--JFTG hunt gift
Skin: Michelle Goth from Lara Skin--free (limited time)
Hair: Akane from D!va--group gift
Bikini: Slingshot Bikini from AnaVictoria's Secret--60L

Shape:New Eloise Shape from Curvy Silhouettes-April Showers hunt gift
Skin: Helena from Tik Tok--group gift
Hair: Wakana from D!va--100L
Bikini: OOPS! Pink (also includes a more titillating style option *grin*) from Short & Sweet Designs--150L

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