Thursday, April 29, 2010

Over the Moon

Hey look, I'm on the moon! Well actually it's sort of a moon-garden with lots of cushions and places to just stretch my lazy bones *hee*. Talking about lazy, I just love this new dress I bought from Ceriano Designs today--the style, the colour combination, the dots and, most importantly, the fact that it comes with belt and shoes so I don't have to go look for them myself are just perfect for a lazybone like me! Smiley But it would have been more perfect if my laptop had not failed me this past week and I had been able to get this same dress at a discount!! Still I'm pretty happy with my purchase and I'm just um...over the moon with it!Smiley

Dress: Boy Trouble Dress (includes belt and pumps) from Ceriano Designs
Choker: Suade Beaded Choker from Hudson's--group gift
Hair: Addison II from Calico

Location: Garden of Greenburg


  1. Now look at the last picture here, wowwww, baby this is the best pic you have of yourself, look at those pouty lips, almost as your RL, and look at the look..... Ammazing, rare,... beautiful.

    I cropped it for you btw so that you can have it as your blog profile picture..... Mmmmmm... nice!



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